Buh-bye Crayon Stencil. Hello, Cyberspace!

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I really can’t believe I did this.  I’ve loved and loved this Whiteboard Crayon Stenciled Wall.  I loved it even as I was washing it away.

I hated to say goodbye to the Crayon Stencil, but this Cyberspace from @SherwinWilliams is amazing!  And I'm really happy with the update!

But last Friday, I just got this really buzzy bee in my bonnet and when that happens, I’ve got to move or I might end up with a head full of whelps.

So, I started by washing off the stencil.

If you ever want to stencil something temporarily, these whiteboard crayons are you bff. {<= amazon affiliate link}

I tried a few different ways to wash it off and figured out the easiest way to remove it {that required the least amount of elbow grease} was to just fill a bowl with warm, soapy water and wet it first. Wait for just a minute and then it will wipe off with  minimal effort.

breakfast room update 2015-3

I say minimal because you do have to put some grit into it… just not a ten mule team of it.

breakfast room update 2015-2

It’s as if it was never there. I swear, I did get a little misty.

Until I started painting, yo.

If you’re ever going to paint a section that hits a corner, here’s how to do it.

First tape off the opposite wall.  Then paint over the tape with the original color.

breakfast room update 2015-8

It will seal in the tape and then you can paint over the tape with the new color and it will leave a crisp line. It’s the same technique that I used to paint these perfect stenciled stripes.

breakfast room update 2015-10

There were some spots that bled through a little, so you might want to paint over it twice with the original color just to be sure it seals really, really well.

Big difference, eh?

But now that light is really, really bugging me.

breakfast room update 2015-9

I updated the curtain rod, too, for less than a Starbucks Frappacino. I’m going to show you how I did that in a few days.

breakfast room update 2015-14

I’m keeping the white curtains, but I think I might hem them.  I love pooling curtains but these guys get SO dirty, and I hate it.  I think if I hem them then they won’t collect so much grossness at the bottom.  This is Cookie’s favorite sunning place, and there is a metric ton of cat hair just swirling around there.

I took away her really comfy spot because we said goodbye to the Hand-painted Breakfast Table.  {if you go read that post… be prepared.  I was kind of crazy back then}  Half of me was screaming that I was making a BIG mistake, but the other half was sick of it being in the way.  It was really way too big for this small space.

So now, I’m on the hunt for a really small, more modern cafe style table.  A two-seater where I can sit and read blogs and drink tea and not have to squeeze by it to open the pantry. I store my paper towels and stuff in there, and we have a small freezer hiding behind those doors so I’m in and out of it quite a bit.

breakfast room update 2015-12

I think this darker color {Cyberspace by Sherwin Williams} is fantastic.  I used in in my most recent Dining Room Update, and it’s gorgeous.  It’s a really, really dark navy.  It might look black in the photos, but it’s not.

breakfast room update 2015-13

I hope I can find a little table soon. It’s so empty!

What do you think? Should I have left the Crayon Stencil?  Let me know down in the comments!


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    1. Haha! Just reverse engineer it. I’m ALWAYS having to do that!

      Thank you, Gretchen!

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