Chalkboard Door, baby!

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Sometimes doors open and sometimes they close…

That’s life, right?

And sometimes, {well… quite often over here…}

They get dirty.


And hells bells, here in VA that red clay just gets everywhere.  It’s like a crazy-eyed stalker that won’t leave me be!

So, the white door?  It HAD to go.

I mean, G-O.



And I thought bringing in a little fun might help detract from this mess:


‘Cuz I just keep day-dreaming that it grows a brain and straightens itself out, yo.

Well, I had a ton of leftover Chalkboard paint from my Chalkboard Desk…so much better than leftover meatloaf, right?

Anyway… I painted it.

I was super excited about having a Chalkboard Door…Like all tingly and light-headed!

And then I primed with Chalk because that’s what I’ve heard you are supposed to do so that’s what I did. 🙂  I’m a rule follower.

{insert laughter here}



I’m sure it won’t stay like this for long…


My funky little monkeys haven’t found the chalk yet…


But when they do… you can bet there will be some interesting things drawn on there.

I wonder if I’ll be wishing I just had red clay to deal with!

Do you have a deadly combination of a teenager and a big chalkboard door anywhere?  Yikes!

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  1. Great idea,love it! I wonder how it would hold up on an outside door on a covered porch…hmmm

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