How to Stencil a Wall Using a Dry Erase Crayon

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Yes.  Yes. You can.

You can stencil a wall with a Whiteboard Crayon.

How to stencil a wall using a dry erase crayon! This stenciled crayon wall is so pretty and you can wash it off!

I did. And I love it.  When people come over, it’s the first thing they notice… next to the wallpapered stairs.

How to stencil a wall using a dry erase crayon:

First, you need a template.

For my stenciled crayon wall,  I used this template from Jones Design Company.

Next, you have to have a Crayola Whiteboard Crayon. I bought a pack of 8 and used the white one.  According to Crayola, the Bright Colors Assorted pack does have a white crayon, but I’ll add a disclaimer and say you might want to find one in person somewhere to double check.  

I started at left edge on the top of the wall and traced the stencil straight down the wall.  For this little nook, I used an entire crayon.  It was a close run at the end, but I made it last!

And let me tell you, if you need to practice patience…

Stenciling the wall

Stencil a wall.

And as you practice paitience…

Start of Stenciled Wall

And practice…

Stenciling Wall

And practice…

Stenciled Wall

And practice some more…

Stenciled Wall 2

You’ll get REALLY good at stenciling…

or you won’t… no guarantees.


It taught me so much more than just making a pretty wall.

It taught me I don’t ever want to stencil a wall again.



Are you seriously patient?  I mean… have you stenciled a wall before?

If you ever wondered how to stencil a wall using a dry erase crayon, now you know!

UPDATE: Umm… well, I guess I didn’t really learn anything because I stenciled a wall here and here… And I realized how spankin’ easy it is to stencil with a Crayon instead of paint!!!  So freaking easy.

UPDATE  #2:  This wall has held up incredibly well.  None of the stenciling has come off!  I’ve even tested a small patch to see if I could wash it off, and it came off beautifully. Now if I could get Crayola to make some Whiteboard crayons with Glitter…

UPDATE #3:  I made some changes recently and painted this wall black.  Well, first I painted it a very dark blue (Cyberspace by Sherwin Williams) then realized it looks weird with my granite countertops and decided to paint it again Tricorn Black by Sherwin Williams.  Change is good, but sometimes I miss my Crayon Stenciled Wall!

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  1. Please tell me that you’re not going to paint inside all of those lines now. That just sounds painful. Or impressive. Or painfully impressive. It looks good as it is! I could maybe possibly fathom that I might actually do a small part of a wall this way.

    1. Um. No. Way.

      I actually started with the crayon to see if I liked it {thinking I would paint it} and got carried away. Now, it’s up there for good!

  2. oh my goodness it looks beautiful, but looks SOOOOO tedious — I would have given up after like 4!!

    1. Ha! I thought about it! But using a crayon wasn’t so bad… no paint mess!

    1. Thanks, Cassie! I’ve been concerned ever since that it looked like a three year old’s art project… that’s why I have never posted it… till now. I thought, who cares?

  3. You did WHAT??? OMG that is dedication. After a couple of rows I’d have resorted to just scribbling all over the walls. Or eating the crayons. Good for you – it looks great.

    1. Yes. I. Did.

      Scribbles sound kinda fun, don’t they???

      Thank you, Helen!

  4. Dude that is so sweet! I’m with Cassie, I love the softness of the lines. Genius yo! Pinning

    1. Yo. Thanks, Bella!

      Like I told Cassie, I’ve been not posting this for EVER b/c I thought it looked like an elementary school kid’s art project! I’m amazed at the response!

    1. Seriously… It was a WhiteBoard Crayon, though, and it did rub off… at first… I’m thinking it’s probably stained the paint underneath by now. But I like it, so it’s staying.

      For now.

      Thanks, girl!

      1. This looks great! What about a regular white crayon? I know when the kids color on the walls its a chore getting it off! so maybe a regular white crayon wont rub off at first and you wouldn’t have to wait for it to settle into the paint?

        1. Hi Emily!

          I think a white crayon would definitely be harder to clean off. That might be what you are looking for, but I was glad the whiteboard crayon came off super easily!


          1. HI Gwen & Emily! Looks like I’m late to this party; but just saw this gorgeous project and have been obsessed for two days. I even bought 3 stencils online & am mentally marking off walls for whiteboard chalk stenciling. (Obsessed. Love the look!!) problem: I cannot find white whiteboard crayons. Even the Crayola package linked in the article does not include white. (Yes, I need white for my projects.) Gwen: can you source the white? Emily: Did you try with regular crayons? I have 4 kids including a 3- year old who might pick at this, so I’m concerned about ‘stay-ability.’ Finally- Any advice on application in a high humidity environment (bathrooms?) thank you!!

            1. That is weird. I know the ones I bought had a white in them! Have you tried your local craft stores? I think they should just sell white all by itself!



  5. Gwen, this is the prettiest stenciling I have seen! Not even kidding…I’ve seen them everywhere lately, and I love the simplicity…wanna come do a wall for me? I don’t have one of those nifty white board crayons, but I think I have a whole box of white Crayola crayons.

    1. Gosh, Thank you, Jess!

      I’ve been holding this back cuz I was thinking it looked like my cat did it!

  6. Looks awesome and unique and worn…which I like better than pow!in your face stenciling.
    I hope your hubby gave you a three hour massage after that job! My shoulders are aching for yours!

    1. Thank you, Tina! I have to admit, it’s grown on me…

      But a massage sounds fantastic!!!

  7. WOW! That is a lot of work! Yikies! You are braver than I. It looks AMAZING though 🙂

  8. no, haven’t done this ever popular activity yet. I have a feeling there would be a lot of swearing involved if I did 🙂 I do love the look you’ve given your wall though…how long did this take you?

    1. There was some swearing involved… Not a ton, but a bit under my breath…

      I’d say it took probably two or three hours… not too bad. I didn’t have messy paint to deal with, so it seemed really easy…

  9. Tedious? Yes, but this looks like something I could actually do! The painted ones I’ve seen, and love, look like I could mess ’em up pretty well. Might take me days…weeks….but I’d get it done. Thanks! Seriously! Where’d you get that pattern?

    1. You tots could do this, Imklvr!!!

      I got the pattern from Jones Design Company. I think there is a link up there in my post. I’ll double check!

  10. Slap on the Medal of Patience on your chest. I will not be stenciling a wall, but it does look really cool. I would end up with a half stenciled wall because I can not slap on that award.


    1. Hahaha… Everyone says I’m a patient person, but I think I must hide it well… I don’t feel very patient!!!

      And as you can see, I only did that little corner of the house, yo.

  11. I’ve got no patients – that’s why I’m not a doctor!!!!

    But really, my patience is limited but the outcome of your wall seems like it may have been worth it!

    1. Woka, woka, woka…

      I think it’s worth it…I mean, what do we go through for a beautiful home???

    1. Thanks, Holly! It was actually pretty easy with the crayon… Painting it would have given me grayer hair than I already have!

  12. I have stenciled walls before and it does take the patience of a saint…which you are my dear! It looks marvelous.

  13. I love your wall. I too love the soft lines as everybody and their sister has already commented. I’ve never stenciled a wall … I did think about it once but it made me tired so I stopped. Earlier this summer I covered a Styrofoam wreath form with yarn & I will never do THAT again! I love my wreath, I really really do but I will never yarn a wreath again. Ever!
    When you get tired of looking at your gorgeous stenciled wall you can see my yarned forever wreath here:

  14. I’m not sure I could ever get myself to finish the whole wall! It does look so very lovely though 🙂

  15. Awesome!! Hmm…do you think this would work using a colored crayon on white walls? I wonder if it would stain? I would love to do this in my rental as a temporary thing that I could just wash off, but I don’t want to have to repaint if it stains!

    1. Hi Ellen! I actually tried using the black crayon on my orange dining room wall {before I painted it white} and it seemed to work fine. I left it on for a month or two and then it washed right off with a damp rag.

      I would test it out and see first before doing an entire wall. Just to be safe!

  16. Just came across this post on Pinterest and am blown away! Quick question on removal – if I live in a rental, does it come off well enough for me use it? I can’t paint and my walls are so sad. 🙁

  17. Love it! Love it! Love it!

    One quick question…how did you achieve the “double line” effect or is that just where the tracings meet? Looks so evenly spaced, thought there must be some trick or tip to achieve. Wanting to give it a try so need every detail. Thanks!

  18. Your wall is inspirational…I’ve had it “pinned” for a while and now I’m ready to give it a try! Question, what’s the difference between using one of my kids crayons and a dry erase crayon??

    1. Thank you, Kelly!

      The dry erase crayon is made to erase while the kid’s crayon isn’t. You probaly won’t be able to wipe away the kid’s crayon like you can a Dry Erase!

  19. Did you trace it twice? Or did you use a large and small template? I love it and am thinking of doing it in the laundry room on one wall!

  20. I love this idea and I actually just started this on my bedroom wall! My walls are a a light tan color so the white crayon doesn’t show up as well. Any suggestions on how to brighten it up and stand out a little more?

    1. Hi Alaine!

      The only thing I can think of is to go over the white a couple of times. I hope that helps!


  21. BEAUTIFUL!!!! I am seriously trying this in my new apartment in a couple of days!!!! But before I do; what was your technique for washing it off?

    1. I used a damp rag and sometimes a Magic Eraser, but I found the rag worked best!

      Thanks, Mak!

  22. My oldest dd wants to redo her room and the thought of painting again doesn’t appeal to me at all. I’m thinking this may be a better solution to do an accent wall. Thanks for sharing!

  23. This looks awesome!!!!
    I’m a student on a budget and this would be a great way to brighten up a small wall in my apartment?!
    Question though: Would I be able to use regular crayon on my wall? ( I wanna use a light blue/mint crayon on a matte eggshell wall). The whiteboard crayons arent available in my country!

    1. Thanks so much, Areen! I don’t think it will erase if you use a regular crayon, though, so be careful!

  24. I would love to do an accent wall near the front door. I’m just wondering if it would rub off if people rub against it since it would be a high traffic area.

    1. Mine stayed on pretty well, Anita. I had to use a sponge and water to actually remove it!

  25. Totally going to do this to my laundry room. Or front bathroom. Either way, a room with tiny walls. Or maybe I’ll do your gold Sharpie idea. You have inspired me something crazy.

  26. How long had it been on when you were still able to take it off with soap and water? I’m thinking this would be good for a rental, if it could come off when it’s time to move out.

    1. Hi Alex! I think it had been up for about 3 years. There was a tiny bit of ghosting but it was hardly noticeable!



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