DIY Gold Foil Cubed Curtain Rod: An update on the cheap.

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Oh my word. Did you see my glamorous new breakfast room?  Ok. Maybe that’s taking it a little bit far.  It can’t quite be called glamorous when there not even a table in there yet. But I guess redefining the word might work in this situation.

Glamorou – almost glamorous but not quite all the way done enough to use all the letters in the entire word.

But this curtain rod certainly took hold of the word and added the ‘s’ back to it, right?

If you are stuck with ugly old curtain rods and want to update but don't have the cash, here's an awesome way to get a brand new look without breaking the bank!

Leeet’s just take a little peak at the before.  Hold on to your tightie-whities.

gold foil curtain rod update 2015-6

OH WHAT IS THAT?  It’s an daylily giving birth to a chicken egg. And I guess I thought that painting it would hide that tiny fact.

Speaking of chickens, aren’t these SO cute?

Go ahead and click that link.  Aren’t you curious?  I’ll be here when you get back.

{where can i get one of those?}

Ok.  Enough of the fluffy chickens. Let’s get back to this SUPER CHEAP curtain rod update.

<disclaimer>Before we go any further, I have to tell you that this post may contain affiliate links. If I don’t tell you that, and I sneak my affiliate links to amazon in so I can make an extra $3.75 this month, then I might be taken away in a good-old-fashioned paddy wagon.}</disclaimer>

How to Make a DIY Gold Foil Cubed Curtain Rod

First, you need an old rod with finial thingies that unscrew.  At least that’s what I had and that’s what I’m going to teach you how to do.. how to use?  How to update.  There we go.  {such a queen of the English language am i}

This is all you need:

  • Some paint or Gold Foil – gold foil is a bit expensive, but I found mine at Michaels.  25 sheets for 9.99.  Use a coupon and it will be totally reasonable and you’ll have tons left over.  I only used a couple of sheets for this project.
  • 2 wooden cubes – I found mine at Michael’s for a dollar each
  • Two Hanger Bolts – only a couple of dollars
  • An old curtain rod – free to me

gold foil curtain rod update 2015-2

First, first, first.  You MUST take your curtain rod to the hardware store to be sure you get hanger bolts that fit.  Yes.  Just carry that ugly old rod right up into Home Depot or where ever.  They are totally used to it and won’t think a single think about it.  I’m sure upon sure that they’ve seen crazier things than a crazy lady carrying a chicken egg of a curtain rod through the store.

These Hanger Bolts are screws that are screwy on both ends.  That way the can thread right up into your wooden cube and right back down into the rod formerly known as ugly.

Next, mark the center of your cube and drill a pilot hole.

gold foil curtain rod update 2015-3

gold foil curtain rod update 2015-4

Take your precious hanger bolt and give it a start into your block.

gold foil curtain rod update 2015-5

Then turn and turn until it goes as far as it can into the curtain rod.  The bolt will stop and then you can screw the cube down onto the bold. { i meant bolt, but let’s just leave that there, shall we?} It’s just easier that way. I tired using a wrench to get it to go into the wood before screwing it into the rod, but there was no liftoff.  I didn’t even get any smoke and fire.

Now it’s time to make it purdy.  I suggest paint or gold leaf.  I started out painting it but it wasn’t zinging like I wanted it to.  So I moved over to the Gold Leaf aisle where the party goes all night long.

First I gave both cubes a coat of Americana Multi Surface Cottonball.

gold foil curtain rod update 2015-8

Then I taped them off at an angle because I’m like a triangle.  There’s always three sides to me.

I just realized that kinda makes no sense, but I’m not going to delete it.  Maybe you can come up with a philosophical explanation of it for me down in the comments.

gold foil curtain rod update 2015-9

I’m sure a few more coats would have been fine, but let’s just move on.

gold foil curtain rod update 2015-10

Gold Foiling is really pretty simple.  Just brush with gilding adhesive and lay on the gold foil.

gold foil curtain rod update 2015-14

Then lay the paper sheet on top and rub around and around.

gold foil curtain rod update 2015-23

Then take a dry brush and brush off the excess.

gold foil curtain rod update 2015-15TADA!


Oh, I almost forgot!  Before you pull off the tape, make sure to score along the tape line or you might pull up your paint or foil.  I just used the sharp edge of my seam ripper, but you could use any sharp weapony like blade you might have stashed away within arms reach.

{DON’T TOUCH MY CRICUT OR I’LL CUT YOU – said no one ever.}

gold foil curtain rod update 2015-22

Now, it’s time to screw those babies in tight and hang the new and improved rod up where it goes.

breakfast room update 2015-13

So, so much better.  Like I landed in the valley of the gold foil lovers on planet Moxie.

Now I gotta deal with that boob light on steroids.   I wonder what that design process was.

Boob light, check.  Hmmm, it’s missing something.  Oh, maybe it needs some wings or, EVEN BETTER, let’s put it on a pedestal so we can worship it’s boob-ness.  Yeah.  That’s what we need. Ommmm.

If you are stuck with ugly old curtain rods and want to update but don't have the cash, here's an awesome way to get a brand new look without breaking the bank!

What do you think?  Let me know in the comments if you’d ever like to live with a fluffy chicken!

Wait. I meant, Let me know if you like my rod.  Geeze. Who wouldn’t want a fluffy chicken as a bff? Duh.


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