How to Trap Fruit Flies

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Have you ever had a problem with fruit flies? OH. MY. BUZZING. EARS.

I really haven’t until now.  I started home brewing Kombucha, and they came out of nowhere like little invaders from the tiny planet of Drive Me Crazy!

And Kombucha and fruit flies are not a good combintation, so I had to figure out how to trap and get rid of these little, pesky creatures. My skin crawls just thinking about it.

Ever had a fruit fly invasion? Here's the easy way to Trap Fruit flies.

It’s really very easy.  All you need is a bottle, some cardstock, tape and bait.

The best bait is something fruity and vinegary.  I used some smashed up banana and some of my Kombucha.

Just add that to the bottle and then make a small cone out of your cardstock and tape it together.

Smush it down so it will trap those pesky critters.  They will smell the yummy bait and, oblivious to your sneaky trap, fly down in to devour said delicacies and BAM. They can’t get out.

How to Trap Fruit Flies


trap fruit flies-6

trap fruit flies

Set it close to where the flies are partying.  I put it right next to my brewing station.

trap fruit flies-3

I’m still working on getting rid of them.  I’ve banned bananas from the house for now to see if that will help, and I’ve set up an additional and larger trap to trick them.

It’s getting better everyday.

Do you brew your own Kombucha?  I’m addicted in the best way!


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    1. Thanks, Holly! I’ve been catching and releasing them all week, and the invasion seems to be dwindling finally!

      How long have you been brewing? I’m totally obsessed now!

  1. I use a mix of vinegar, syrup and soap to trap those flies. The syrup and vinegar attract them – the soap breaks surface tension so they drown. I know – your way is animal friendly – I just kill the bugs. But it works like a charm..

  2. I’ve found that they are attracted to the colorful gel clings on my kitchen window. I used to put them in the slider for my son to play with when he was little. When I went to change them out for the season, I noticed they were covered with fruit flies. now I put them on the window above the slider where no kids can touch.

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