5 More Ways to Tackle Pet Hair

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A while ago, I wrote a post called How to Keep from Drowning in Pet Hair, and needless to say, it was quite the popular post.

Apparantly, I wasn’t the only one dealing with the menace of Shed-orama and many of you deal with how to clean pet hair on a daily basis.

Now, I’m not one to say that I have all the answers or even know all the questions.  In fact, there were so many great suggestions in the comments of that post, that I had to write an entirely new post just so I could pay it forward.

How to Clean Pet Hair: Are you drowning in Pet Hair? Here are 5 great way to help keep the pet hair under control. Great advice from readers of The Bold Abode! #pets #dogs #cats #cleaning #cleaningtips

(Side note, our gianormous furry friend, HotShot is no longer with us.  He became so crippled that when he tried to get up one day last October (the 24th to be exact) he hurt his one good leg and we had to do the horrific, but kind, thing and send him into the great dog park in the sky.

I cried for three days straight.  Ugly crying… in the floor, knees to my chest, head on the ground, U-G-L-Y cries.

Here are some pics of our beloved HotShot:

This was the day he hurt his leg.  The day I cursed having wood floors.

Here he is at the vet after a mega does of pain meds.

He seemed back to his normal self, except for the fact that he still couldn’t walk. 😭😭😭

Gosh it’s still hard to look at those photos!  Our vet, Dr. Taylor, and her assistant were so kind and sensitive throughout the entire process. I just can’t say enough about Gentle Care Animal Hospital.  They let us stay with him in this room all day to love on him and give him treats. Morgan had to go buy one last giant bone, and we let him lick straight from a full jar of peanut butter.

Glad you can’t see me as I write this.  It’s not pretty!

Anyway, just two months before his departure, we lovingly took in two feral kittens, (whom he loved to love on) so our pet hair conundrum continues!

They were are bright light through our loss of HotShot.  God works in mysterious ways sometimes.

Here we are picking the kitties up from our friend who saved them. They were born under her house and she was able to catch them once the momma started teaching them to hunt.

Sylvie (short for Quick Silver) is the solid grey one, and Agi (for Ag, which stands for Silver on the period table), is the striped kitty.

Fortunately, after just a couple of weeks, our resident cat, Cookie, took to them like a little momma.  I was seriously worried about it for a few days, but now, they are all fast friends.

Aren’t they adorable!

Ok. Enough about our animal situation.  On to the awesome reader tips!

5 great ways to clean pet hair!

Tip #1

Brenda says:

Great advice I can totally relate to the never ending furrever raves. If I can add to your advice, the greatest investment I made was to buy roomba. I regret not getting it sooner! I would slave away sweeping, moping, dusting… with 3 in door dogs there was no keeping up. Now I programed her to run once a day in the morning and I lock her in the master bedroom for another round. Hope this helps too!!

Funny thing? There are several comments about the roomba!  I was shocked!

You can grab a pet hair friendly roomba here on Amazon. This one works with Alexa!

Tips #2

Stephanie says:

We have two dogs and four cats and usually have one or more extra dogs in the house as we foster homeless animals so the hair gets crazy!

The best tip I’ve found is using a rubber glove once a week to go over furniture and carpet – it’s amazing how much hair it picks up right after you’ve vacuumed. We typically do the living room once a week as it’s where the dogs primarily stay and the halls once a month. It works wonders !

A couple of readers commented on this tip as well.

Tip #3

Carolyn says:

Love all your ideas!! I also keep a sticky roller in the den and my bedroom for quick pick-ups. Thanks for all your help.

What a great idea!  I use one to get cat hair off my clothes. Never thought to use it on the couch!

Tip #4

Rhonda says:

We have 3 dogs and they all shed. I bought a Furminator but the dogs did not really like it. I have tried all types of shampoos and conditioners with no luck. So I did some research and found a Zoom Groom by Kong. It’s a rubber brush and the dogs LOVE it. It’s like getting a massage! Groomers use them also!

You can grab the Zoom Groom on Amazon here. Worth a try!

Sandi says:

I love all your comments..super helpful. There is one very random thing that has helped me. Perhaps it’s more of a fun thing than a solution but it will help 😉

Years ago a cat owner told me that her cat loved being vacuumed, This intrigued me so I introduced the vacuum to my cats, not the beater part haha..but just the suction part, on low, at first .. My Orange Maincoon got addicted right away.. then my silver tabby Pursian as well became addicted. It took only 3 tries with her. . Now they can’t live without their bi-weekly vacuuming. I realize I have created a monster because I can’t vacuum any more without the cats wanting to be a part of it. As soon as I start up my Vacuum the cats are under foot…not kidding! I recently bought a dirt devil pet vac for the furniture ,which I found out later didn’t have good ratings..however I tried it out on the cats and they can’t live without it also..even though it has a small beater brush they love that beater brush and they follow me around when that thing is on!!.I know you likely think I am crazy…but this really happens here! I dare you to try it yourself. My cats are over 10 yrs old now, that might be key but maybe not.

It’s crazy how many comments there are on the original post about vacuuming their animals!  My kitties are scared to death of the vacuum.  I can’t imaging doing this, but it would be awesome if they’d let me!

How about you? Have you ever tried to vacuum your fur baby?

Have any other tips that we didn’t cover in this or the original post?  Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. I tried the Shark Handheld Pet vac but my little (BabyGirl), Beagle-Terrier mix was afraid of it. So I brush her 2 or 3 times a day. As far as the carpet and furniture go…. I discovered a neat trick. I also have the Shark Navigator upright and try to vacuum every day…sometimes I don’t. I’ve tried the rubber glove and the Lint Roller but didn’t have much luck. My NEAT TRICK is a “De-Shedding tool, the one that has tiny rows of little spikes that are retractable for cleaning. Any way I used it on the carpet…. WOW. You wouldn’t believe how much hair this gadget got up even after vacuuming. So I tried it on the furniture. WOW again !!!! So I bought another one (Amazon). Now I have one for BabyGirl and one for me !!!! When I use it, especially on the carpet, I don’t even have to vacuum everyday. It is FANTASTIC. It is now part of my cleaning stuff. Try it you will BE AMAZED !!

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