How to Remove Sharpie from Wood Surfaces

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I love my boys… like UH-LAWT.

But, to speak frankly… sometimes, I’m not so in love with their “behavior” or their “actions”…

Like when they use Sharpie to mark a piece of string for a Science experiment… Without putting a piece of scrap paper underneath?

{No, the dog liking to eat paper is not an excuse, yo}


Yes, Dad.  That is Sharpie on the table that you so lovingly handcrafted…



Here it is all up close and personal.


What’s a girl to do?

You could fume and gnash your teeth until they crack OR you could…

Grab a little Isopropyl Alcohol and a q-tip, baby!



Just dip the q-tip in a little Isopropyl Alcohol and gently rub in a circular motion…

As opposed to a rectangular one… woka, woka.

It doesn’t take much…


I tested it out for you.


There was a faint shadow still there… very faint.  Like a gently-corseted-Scarlett-Ohara faint.

So now you know how to remove sharpie from wood surfaces!

Will this work on huge Sharpie Wall Portraits by your gifted and talented three year old?

Not. Sure.  And if you read this post, you’ll see why I’m a little hesitant to say go try it out.

And if you visit Courtenay, you’ll see where else not to try this little tip. 

But for small marks on Wood Surfaces, it’s awesome-sauce, baby!

Do you hide the Sharpies?  Thinking that might be a good idea.

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  1. love the description of faint! and YAY so good to know because i have some chairs that my daughter and her friend decided needed their names on them.

    1. Haha! Me, too! {I mean, see you, of course! I see myself everyday whether I want to or not..}

      Yur da shiz, baby!

    1. It was so fun meeting you, too, Daune! I’ve had a great summer, for sure. It’s gone by so fast…as usual!

      Thanks so much for popping over, girlie!

  2. Great tip! Who hasn’t had a little Sharpie incident around the house now and then? I’m super curious to know what kind of finish he used on the lovingly handcrafted table. I did a post on sorta the same subject a few months ago, but I always thought that rubbing alcohol would remove the finish off of wood, maybe it’s just certain finishes though. It’s a mystery!

    1. He used poly. In my research, I never saw any information that would suggest it removes the finish. I’ll have to dig a little deeper!

  3. This works really well if the wood is finished but not on unfinished wood. At my son’s day care they taped paper on the bottom of the tables and drew pictures with their feet. Unfortunately he tried this at home with a Sharpie but without the paper. At least its’ on the bottom of the the table where no one can see.

    However, I can say that Sharpie can come off walls with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser and water. I don’t know how much of this makes a difference but we have Graham’s paint on our walls. It was recommended by our painter. It has a ceramic base and is therefore not only washable but scrub-able.

    1. Oh, no! I’m glad it wasn’t on top of the table!

      But that’s really kinda cute, ya know…

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