How to Polish a Stainless Steel Sink

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Dirty sinks can take a hike down the Blue-Ridge trail with all the other dirty appliances.  They should all trek there in their grime and grease and just camp out far, far away from the human race.

Clean sinks? Clean sinks got game.

I talked about how to clean a stainless steel sink in this post, but even though it looked clean and smelled clean, it just didn’t have that sparkly shine to it that I reeeeeallly wanted.

How to Polish a Stainless Steel Sink so it shines like the sun, moon and stars from

What a conundrum!  No.  No, it’s not. I have the answer.  Hold my hand and close your eyes. No, wait.  Don’t close your eyes; you need them to read this life-rocking tip.

The answer is {fantastically tremulous drum-roll, please}…  Isopropyl Alcohol.

–streams of confetti pouring from the sky–

How to Polish a Stainless Steel Sink

First, clean your sink and dry it thoroughly.

polish a stainless steel sink-2

Then, grab a soft cloth and some Isopropyl Alcohol.

polish a stainless steel sink-3

Pour a bit of the alcohol onto your cloth…

polish a stainless steel sink-5

and rub it all over your sink. Wonder if that’s what coined the name, “rubbing alcohol”…


The alcohol really shines it up good. You might need to wear some shades.

polish a stainless steel sink-9

These photos don’t even do it justice or liberty or the first amendment.

It’s so super shiny… like a new car, straight-off-the-assembly-line good.

polish a stainless steel sink-10

And your kitchen will smell the cleanest-est in all the neighborhood. That’s something to brag about, huh? {maybe if you’re an attention seeking, affirmation needing home blogger, that is.}

But I’m only sharing it with my very, very best friends in the world.  So, give me a hug down in the comments, my bff.

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  1. awesome tips! i had no idea alcohol worked. but i have never poured alcohol down the drain either… ba dum bum!

  2. Alcohol also works wonders on windows and mirrors – use paper towels – and wet 2 or 3 with alcohol- wipe-on – and quickly dry with towel so there won’t be any spots. You can also clean chandelier, work fast to dry with the towel not the air so you will have a diamond shine in no time. Happy Cleaning in NO TIME!

  3. Comet removes rust from sinks. Like magic. Just have to rinse really well or you will be left with a filmy residue. It rinses easily, just need to make sure you do it thoroughly.

  4. Thanks! Never thought about alcohol cleaning my sink. Fixing to go give it a try. I have used it tho to clean mirrors and I use newspaper to wipe the mirrors with. Leaves no streaks.

    1. I have heard about using it for windows. I’ll have to give that a try!

      Thanks, Michelle!

  5. I love alcohol for cleaning everything from mirrors and windows to stainless steel and even my granite countertops..I find that baking soda mixed with lemon juice to form a paste and allowed to sit really gets rid of stains. Perhaps it would work on rust also?

  6. I am going to try this sink shining tip! Have a rental cabin and have been using an oil based product which makes it sparkle, but it doesn’t last, plus, its oily, have to watch how much I use. Thank you for the sink shining tip

    1. Hi Judy,

      I’m glad you liked my tip. I hope it works great in your rental cabin.


  7. Thanks for the tip my wife also use alcohol to clean our microfiber sofas . They came out like brand new .

  8. Be careful using lemon juice and baking soda — lemon juice is acidic and could damage some surfaces.

  9. Excellent tip. Any hacks that can lessen the time cleaning get my vote.
    I truly appreciate those that go before and pave a path to simplicity in cleaning.

  10. I use alcohol to clean the controls on myJennAir stove top. The controls are in the middle and have a lot of grooves where grease can collect; so, I spray it with alcohol and then use an old toothbrush to scrub all those tiny unreachable places. Magic and it really glistens.

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