How to Keep From Drowning in Pet Hair

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Oh, my gosh, y’all.

Sometimes, I fear we’ll drown in a sea of black fur.  It’s so funny, too, because it pools in piles and collects in the same places every stinkin’ time.  It’s like the fur has favorite places to party, and it’s organized a non-stop rave here.

I’m just waiting for the day tiny disco balls and black lights to show up in the mail.

But I simply refuse to drown in it and have come up with some tips and tricks to keep the furry conga line a bay.

Do you have furry pets that shed buckets of fuzzy hair all over creation? Sometimes, I fear we'll drown in a sea of black fur. It's so funny, too, because it pools in piles and collects in the same places every time. It's like the fur has favorite places to party, and it's a non-stop rave at our house! But, I refuse to drown in it and have come up with some tips and tricks to keep the furry conga line a bay.

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Take time to brush your fur baby.

Brushing your pet often will help cut down on the fur that wants to jump off and have a shindig with your floor.  We use a regular ole pet brush like this one and a mitt like this one. It only takes a few minutes a day and your pet will (usually) love it!  Better yet, if you have small children, train them now to brush their pets. (I totally failed at this, but I’m working on it!) They love it when they are little, so get them into the habit now.

Brendan really thinks it’s fun and you can see how happy Hot Shot is!

UPDATE, Y’ALL!  I’ve had several readers comment on the prong collar. We DO NOT keep that thing on him all the time.  I LOVE my dog and we only put it on him when we need to, i.e. some walks and when he’s acting particularly brutish.  He’s an ALPHA male, and occaisionally needs a little bit of containment.  Otherwise, he’d be on a farm in Georgia and not here in Virginia with us. #explantaionover

Do you have furry pets that shed buckets of fuzzy hair all over creation? Sometimes, I fear we'll drown in a sea of black fur. It's so funny, too, because it pools in piles and collects in the same places every time. It's like the fur has favorite places to party, and it's a non-stop rave at our house! But, I refuse to drown in it and have come up with some tips and tricks to keep the furry conga line a bay.

Get a Swiffer or other light weight vac and hit the hot spots where the hair collects everyday.

UPDATE: We just bought this Shark Navigator Liftaway and it’s the best vacuum I’ve ever owned. I almost went for a Dyson, but this guy was so much cheaper, and the liftaway features are crazy-awesome for getting under things and doing stairs.

My worst spots are along the baseboards in the family room where Hot Shot tends to spend most of his time.  It also gets bad around the bottom of the stairs and in the corners of the dining room.

Do you have furry pets that shed buckets of fuzzy hair all over creation? Sometimes, I fear we'll drown in a sea of black fur. It's so funny, too, because it pools in piles and collects in the same places every time. It's like the fur has favorite places to party, and it's a non-stop rave at our house! But, I refuse to drown in it and have come up with some tips and tricks to keep the furry conga line a bay.

That vacuum is a dirt devil and it’s similar to a Swiffer, but it’s corded and a little bit more powerful.  I love my Swiffer for a quick swish around the house, but this new Dirt Devil does just a little better job.

UPDATE: I knocked over this dirt devil and total trashed the canister, so we ended up purchasing this Shark Navigator Life Away DXL and it’s AMAZING! I’ll write up a post about all the things it can do and let you know why it’s may favorite vacuum that I’ve ever owned. But for now, I’ll just say that it makes vacuuming so much easier.

Once a week, do a thorough vacuuming of each room.

If you can’t do the entire house in one day, pick one room each day to vacuum. This will help you keep from getting completely overwhelmed. And don’t forget the closets. The cat loves to crawl in mine and hide from the dog… or Brendan.

Hair everywhere!

forgettable places you need to vacuum-14

forgettable places you need to vacuum-13

Use those vacuum attachments.

That skinny, little wand is great for getting into tight spaces.  I use it where the carpet meets the baseboards because the dog hair loves to collect there wedging itself in tight where the big vacuum can’t reach.

Do you have furry pets that shed buckets of fuzzy hair all over creation? Sometimes, I fear we'll drown in a sea of black fur. It's so funny, too, because it pools in piles and collects in the same places every time. It's like the fur has favorite places to party, and it's a non-stop rave at our house! But, I refuse to drown in it and have come up with some tips and tricks to keep the furry conga line a bay.

And the small brush works amazingly well on the baseboards. In our house, the cat hair in particular just loves to stick to the baseboards.  OY VEY!

Do you have furry pets that shed buckets of fuzzy hair all over creation? Sometimes, I fear we'll drown in a sea of black fur. It's so funny, too, because it pools in piles and collects in the same places every time. It's like the fur has favorite places to party, and it's a non-stop rave at our house! But, I refuse to drown in it and have come up with some tips and tricks to keep the furry conga line a bay.

Check your refrigerator every few days.

With both a cat and a dog, I get hair in the bottom of my fridge.  Sometimes, I’ll be wiping out the first or second shelf and find some.  How does it get there?

Who in Zeus’s name knows, but I have to be on the lookout or it will take over, and that’s so gross.

I use a TON of paper towels to clean the kitchen, but I’m thinking of moving to microfiber cloths like these.  I’m starting to feel bad for the environment.  Somewhere there is probably a landfill with “Gwen’s Paper Towels” on it.

Do you have furry pets that shed buckets of fuzzy hair all over creation? Sometimes, I fear we'll drown in a sea of black fur. It's so funny, too, because it pools in piles and collects in the same places every time. It's like the fur has favorite places to party, and it's a non-stop rave at our house! But, I refuse to drown in it and have come up with some tips and tricks to keep the furry conga line a bay.

Here’s a few rebellious hairs even after I’ve cleaned out the fridge.  Boy are they stubborn!

Do you have furry pets that shed buckets of fuzzy hair all over creation? Sometimes, I fear we'll drown in a sea of black fur. It's so funny, too, because it pools in piles and collects in the same places every time. It's like the fur has favorite places to party, and it's a non-stop rave at our house! But, I refuse to drown in it and have come up with some tips and tricks to keep the furry conga line a bay.

But I championed on and won.  I mean, who wants to have a side of chilled dog hair with dinner? Yuck.

Do a little bit everyday.

If you break it up, it won’t seem so crazy.  And working on it a little at a time will help keep the mounds of furry fluff at bay.  If you are like me, pet hair just goes with loving your anmials.  Of course, you can always get a non-sheddy dog and a hairless cat, but our animals picked us and there’s no going back at this point!

I mean, just look at our kitty.  We found her in a tree, and she wouldn’t leave us!


Yes. She’s here to stay!

cookie-in-the-family-roomAnd we are better for it.

So, those are my top tips and tricks for how to keep from drowning in pet hair. Do you have furry pets that shed buckets of fuzzy hair all over creation?  Do you have any more ideas that work for you?

Let me know down in the comments below!!!


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  1. I, too, am waging the pet hair war. I own a B&B, so it’s a must to keep the hair from taking over, in case someone just walks in. I have a long hair cat named Velcro and a Golden Retriever named Jazz. Whenever we see a ball of fur we say that Jazz had another puppy. I agree with the swiffer idea, also regular brushing. Just the way life is when a cat and dog own you. πŸ™‚

    1. Oh, that is so funny! We have puppies here everyday!

      Thanks for your sweet comment, Laura!

    2. I just finished a cross stitch pattern for my sister that says IN THIS HOUSE, CAT HAIR IS A CONDIMENT.

  2. Great advice I can totally relate to the never ending furrever raves. If I can add to your advice, the greatest investment I made was to buy roomba. I regret not getting it sooner! I would slave away sweeping, moping, dusting… with 3 in door dogs there was no keeping up. Now I programed her to run once a day in the morning and I lock her in the master bedroom for another round. Hope this helps too!!

    1. I’ve always wondered if a Roomba was worth it! I’m glad to hear from someone that has one! Thanks, Brenda!

      1. Love my Roomba. He gets a little confused where he lives at times but the pet version is great. My parents got a non-name brand last year and it works just as well for a bit less money.

    2. Roomba is totally worth the money. Especially good for hair on non-carpeted floors.

    3. I clean a house with dark wood floors and furniture. Used to dread that house as the owners have a Welsh and a cat. Easy, peasy after they bought a Roomba. Can’t believe the difference.

    4. I too finally got a roomba. I keep forgetting to run it daily (my pets do NOT ride on it … too noisey). We have multiple animals and would really benefit from a full size waste receptacle, not the glove box size πŸ˜‰

  3. We have two dogs and four cats and usually have one or more extra dogs in the house as we foster homeless animals so the hair gets crazy!
    The best tip I’ve found is using a rubber glove once a week to go over furniture and carpet – it’s amazing how much hair it picks up right after you’ve vacuumed. We typically do the living room once a week as it’s where the dogs primarily stay and the halls once a month. It works wonders !

    1. Stephanie,
      What do you mean by using a rubber glove to go over furniture and carpet?

      1. Cory, u put on a rubber glove, I have used one on both hands, then rub over the fabric. The rubber gets an almost static cling to it & it pulls the hair right off the surface! It works great, it’s cheap & very fast. Hope this helps.

  4. Love all your ideas!! I also keep a sticky roller in the den and my bedroom for quick pick-ups. Thanks for all your help.

    1. I don’t know if Stephanie means this, however my mom used to put on a rubber glove and use it to run her fingers across the furniture. The cat hair would come off as if the gloves were made of cat/dog hair magnets. I think she may have gotten them a little wet first, but I’m not exactly sure on that last thing

  5. We have 3 dogs and they all shed. I bought a Furminator but the dogs did not really like it. I have tried all types of shampoos and conditioners with no luck. So I did some research and found a Zoom Groom by Kong. It’s a rubber brush and the dogs LOVE it. It’s like getting a massage! Groomers use them also!

    1. We bought one to use on our shelties. I didn’t find that the KONG ZOOM GROOM worked at all for us. Tried the Furminator…it worked a little to good. We apparently used it to much and really thinned out their hair. Now we use a brush that has retractable wire pins that make getting the hair out of the brush so easy. I believe it is called a slicker brush. It came from a Tractor Supply store, however I would believe that pet stores would have them also.

      1. Thank you for your story, Vickie! I’ve never heard of that kind of brush. I’ll have to google it!



  6. We have a 6 year old German Shepherd. And I have to remove pet hair from essentially everything. From floors, clothes, car upholstery to food and water bowls. Thanks for sharing your tips.
    Carpet Cleaning Nottingham

  7. There may be the joke about that is why it is called FURniture, but trying to keep a clean home is much harder with a constantly shedding dog. I have found that sometimes the brush works better for the edges of carpets than the vacuum attachments.

  8. I love all your comments..super helpful.
    There is one very random thing that has helped me. Perhaps it’s more of a fun thing than a solution but it will help πŸ˜‰
    Years ago a cat owner told me that her cat loved being vacuumed, This intrigued me so I introduced the vacuum to my cats, not the beater part haha..but just the suction part, on low, at first .. My Orange Maincoon got addicted right away.. then my silver tabby Pursian as well became addicted. It took only 3 tries with her. . Now they can’t live without their bi-weekly vacuuming. I realize I have created a monster because I can’t vacuum any more without the cats wanting to be a part of it. As soon as I start up my Vacuum the cats are under foot…not kidding! I recently bought a dirt devil pet vac for the furniture ,which I found out later didn’t have good ratings..however I tried it out on the cats and they can’t live without it also..even though it has a small beater brush they love that beater brush and they follow me around when that thing is on!!.I know you likely think I am crazy…but this really happens here! I dare you to try it yourself. My cats are over 10 yrs old now,,that might be key but maybe not.

    1. Our black lab loves to be vacuumed as well. It really does help cutting the hair balls from forming all over the place. Of course we still have some, but nothing like it was before vacuuming him. πŸ™‚

    2. I vacuum my cats also. They love it. It’s like massage therapy for them. I have by accident sucked up a tail once or twice, they don’t like that part. LOL

  9. The dog hair in my house doesn’t seem to have one big party, it’s more like many little salons, where small groups of hairballs converse on different topics in different rooms. I often work from home, which means I spend a lot of time on the phone, and I noticed that I roam around the house while I’m talking, so I’ve started picking up a soft broom and sweeping all of the little dog hair groups together while I’m talking and roaming. I just put on my headset, put my phone in my back pocket, and sweep and meet! No one on the other end knows I’m doing it, and I have a tidier house when I hang up.

    1. I totally agree! With two dogs, one long haired and one short haired, I can even tell who is shedding at the time! And don’t forget to use your vacuum attachment before cleaning the tub! We are shower people so we seldom use the tub and i’ve noticed our terrier (who sleeps in the master bedroom each night) undercoat floats and seems to land in the tub! Weird place for dog hair! The stairs and baseboards are the worst but your tips (and I do brush them when I think of it, about twice a week) will help tame the flighty. It was so much easier in our previous home with hardwood floors, a quick dustmopping in heavily used rooms and I was done. Our new home has wall to wall carpeting everywhere and is seems to grab on to the black hair for dear life!

      1. Barbara,
        Thanks so much for sharing! Keep up the good work. πŸ™‚

  10. We have Great Pyrenees so we have mountains of white hair everywhere- not to mention 2 high shed cats. Brushing helps for sure, but for a decade now we have used a ShopVac to “de-fur” the house every morning- sucking up all the giant clumps and strays all around the house. This has saved our normal vacuum and the power works SO much better as well. We average a full ShopVac of fur every 2-4 weeks depending on the season- that is a LOT of fur!

    1. Our Akbash sheds like a Great Pyr. You could knit sweaters daily from his shedding. I bought a Roomba made for pet households and it was full in less than 2 minutes. I had to keep dumping and cleaning the Roomba to the point it was pretty useless. It did work well at my son’s (he only has 2 cats) but for large shedding dogs, it’s not the answer. The Furminator gets out a lot of hair, but not all of it. When we bathe the dog, it triggers massive shedding events, too. I guess it loosens up all the old hair. I just sweep up what I see and vacuum weekly and call it good.

      1. Ha! I’m glad I’ve never bought a Roomba now!

        Thanks for your comment, Judy!



  11. The dish washing gloves are great for furniture; use a squeegee in the same manner for fur remnants on your carpet.

    1. I have two cats and a dog. Hair us everywhere. I have found a rubber blade run across your floor or carpet really pulls the hair onto a nice pile. Also, a damp sponge pulled across your furniture or comforter draos the hair right up also!

  12. I just wanted to let you know that your cat looks just like the cat we had for 18 years, and your dog looks just like ours. When I read this and saw your cat it was like seeing Sammi again. She died last month and I miss her so much. Thanks

    1. Oh, I’m so sorry to hear that, Annette! We love ours so much, I don’t even want to think about that happening. I know you do miss her!!!

  13. If I didn’t know better, I would say you have our cat. Winkie and your kitty could be twins. Winkie, a complete indoor cat, has an undercoat that sheds and sheds, year ’round. We have another cat that sheds very little. We bought a “Furminator” brush that is great. He gets a brushing every morning and there is always a massive amount of fur. It’s a wonder he’s not bald. And the heat pump return air vent always has cat fur in and around it. We love them,…so we keep “eating” cat fur and brushing them. I have a whole house vacuum that is great, because it has a big canister that collects the hair. I can’t imagine how many times I would have to empty a regular vacuum. I have hardwood floors with two room size rugs that I vacuum with a Shark. The canister has to be emptied after each use. It’s a mid size Shark and it works great.

  14. I have a Rocket sweeper..It works great against the fight on cat hair, We have two cats. It is the best thing I have found.

  15. I feel your pain!!!! We have 3 dogs and it is a CONSTANT battle to keep up with the fur!!!! I try to sweep my ENTIRE house every 2 days; although that doesn’t always happen!! I am still on the hunt for a fantastic stick vac that would suck up everything in about 5 minutes flat!!!!!!!! I have hardwood floors so it would obviously have to be gentle on them. If anyone out there knows of a great, powerful stick vac, PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!!!!!! I WILL BE FOREVER GRATEFUL!!!!!

  16. Don’t forget about the Scotch Brand lint/pet hair sticky rollers. Sometimes, if our doggy is having a heavy shedding day, even if I vacuum there can be that one corner the couch he nestles on that has a few stray hairs. These rollers are so great for a quick clean up right before guests walk n. I also leave one in the guest bathroom, in case someone else snuggles our puppy and doesn’t want to take the hair home. We have one in every car, as well. They get used, and I love them. Got a 5 pack at Costco and it was great deal, well worth it in my book.

  17. pull out the bottom drawer of your oven. I pulled mine all the way out when something got kicked under, and there was a giant ball of hair! We have 2 goldens and lots of hair! The Shark vacuum works great on picking up hair, too!

  18. Investing in an actual pet vaccuum with attachments has been a HUGE help! I have one and 1 of the attachments is a rubber/brush combo and vacuum works on all floor types. Makes things super easy & quick!! I have two cats and a massive cat gym with carpeted-like material that I must vacuum (with the rubberized tool) at least weekly, or it gets out of hand. I also have asthma, so keeping things tidy is important,and so far this has helped a lot. Being able to use on hard-surface flooring keeps the hair at bay and also helps with the “gritty” feeling. I hate actually sweeping, and with this vacuum type, I will never have to sweep again! I just vacuum, then go over it with a “Swiffer” type mop after. It’s definitely worth the cost in the long run!!

  19. I have so much dog hair, it clogs up the vacuum. I try to sweep the bathroom, kitchen and the carpet edges before vacuuming. I have a really good vacuum so that is not the problem. Both dogs are brushed. It is work but you can keep on top of it. My biggest problem is dog smell. My lab makes my house smell like a dog kennel. Bathing seems to make it worse. My friends selling the scented stuff are making a mint off of me. Any suggestion SO.

    1. Hi Anita!

      I’m not sure about that, but maybe someone reading the comments will have some advice! Have you tried any natural dog shampoos?


    2. Have you brought him into the vet recently? Dog smell isn’t normal. He may have yeasty skin, some kind of dermatitis, even internal diseases can cause odor, or it could just be nothing and he is a funky smelling dog. Hopefully it’s the last and I recommend baking soda hidden around the home to absorb the smell. Just make sure curious dogs can’t get to them! There are also odor absorbing candles. Since your on Pinterest try to find make you own Febreze and candles. Good luck at the vet!

      1. Yes we have, Amanda. His smell is just regular doggy smell… not anything too bad! Thanks so much!

        1. We have 2 Pomeranians, a pom-austrailian Shepard mix, and a large long hair cat, It is crazy how much fur and smell can happen in a short amount of time. We have tried washing/grooming and deodorizing our dogs at home, but it is never as good as the pro-groomers for getting out the smell plus the mess after! Ugh! We save up to get them groomed every couple of months (ideally once a month) and they come home smelling like they are portable air fresheners! Plus they are super happy well worth the cost – we know when they start acting itchy and smelling its past time to take them in.

          1. I love having HotShot groomed too! It’s so much easier than doing it myself, but it’s a rare treat when we get to do that!

            Thanks for your comment, Summer!



    3. I got a plugin purifier from Lowe’s. It was a little under $16 & it took the smell of our dogs away!! We have 2 great danes & a misc dog so lots of smells!! It has a little fan that runs.

        1. Try Odoban (I get it from SAMs). I get the concentrate…you can mix and use it for everything. Odor eliminator (like fabreeze but works much better) and I add to their laundry when washing their bedding and fuzzy toys. I could not live without my Odoban. I have 2 Great Danes.

          1. I’ve never heard to Odoban, Laurie! I’ll have to check out Sams!



    4. HI Anita, we have a lab too & experienced exactly the same thing. We tried rinsing him with white vinegar (1/4 cup vinegar to 1 gallon water and leave on, though we sometimes used more vinegar as we felt it was not strong enough but not too much because we didn’t want to irritate his skin.) The odor of the vinegar will dissipate leaving the dog smelling fresh for a while but it wasn’t until we put him on a prescription low allergen diet from the vet (for crystals in his urine) that we truly realized how good he could smell. He has no odor now at all. Doggy odor especially wet dog odor isn’t always normal. Just a thought. Could be as simple as a food allergy. Good luck finding a solution.

  20. Never thought someone would write an article about my bane of existence that is managing dog hair! haha

    We have a Golden Retriever, Lucy. She’s the love of our life and we wouldn’t have her any other way but my gosh she is a hair machine! She seems to have decided that shaking is an inside thing to do and will even do it at the door before she goes outside. I try to get my husband to shed her once a week, but its more like once a month…

    My top tips are to getting a shedding tool, a swiffer type broom – I have a Norwex one which is great and use it for the quick sweep when I’m in a hurry and we also have a Neato robotic vac that is for pet hair. The vac has been lifesaver. We’ve got a dyson pet hair upright vac but its heavy and takes too long to want to do it often, so the robotic is turned on most days and just does its thing when we’re not home. I have to tell you from horrid experience though, if there is any chance you have a pet in the house that may have an accident, don’t leave the robotic vac on its own or your whole house will be covered!

    Great suggestions though, you’re so right about the vac attachments for the crevices, they make all the difference.

  21. I have the Dyson Animal vacuum that comes with a Furminator type attachment which my two Goldens love! I don’t use it enough. It will get a grocery bag of fur out of each dog every time I use it. People ask, “Oh it must be shedding season?” “No, everyday is shedding season!” I can fill a Grocery bag every two days by vacuuming an 8 by 10 rug. My car is a disaster! I bought one of those blankets that attaches to the headrest in front and in back they crawl under it. Fur flies out my windows when I drive down the highway. I have almost given up on the car, except that I saw where you can use a spray bottle and a shower squeegee to remove pet hair from car upholstery, so I am going to try that!!!

  22. These are some great tips! I really need to invest in a lightweight vacuum so that I can get after the dog hair more regularly. I have back pain problems, so dragging out the big vacuum isn’t really an option unless my husband can help me. A smaller vacuum would be a great option!

    One tool I’ve found helpful is a rubber carpet brush designed for dealing with pet hair. They’re small and very easy to use: you just swipe the brush over the carpet and it starts balling up and sticking to the brush! I find this most useful for our carpeted stairs, which can be annoying to tackle with an actual vacuum. This isn’t the same brand that I have, but it’s very similar, if you want to see what I’m talking about:

    Anyway, thanks for the helpful tips!

    1. I use a (hand-held) natural floor scrubber brush and rubber gloves to remove the more stubbornly embedded hair from carpet fibers by concentrating on areas the dogs spend most of their time. Once the brush has filled up with hair, I wipe it off with a rubber glove and into a garbage bag before starting to do the vacuuming.

      Now that it’s springtime, I routinely take them outside to do their brushing and combing. I’ve observed several different species of songbirds scavenging dog hair for their nests. Its sometimes a challenge for them to fly with the furry blobs, but they seem to actively seek any remaining tufts! Once the leaves drop from the trees and bushes during the fall, it’s easy to see how many nests contain the soft, golden retriever fluff!

  23. I’m not sure how this works because I haven’t tried it but just read a tip to wipe your pet down daily with baby wipes. I can see how that might help. I’ve often wished that it wouldn’t hurt them to use a little hairspray on em….Ill bet that would keep that hair where it belongs?

  24. Oh I just love this article. I have 4 dogs and 2 cats and it’s an endless war with the hair. It makes me feel better that other pet owners also have this same issue LOL

  25. I have 2 labs and 8 cats.. HELP.. I do the floors 3 times a week. I use a swifter mostly but have to vac them up at least 2 times a week also. I have covers on the furniture and rugs that can be washed. I love them all, they are worth the extra 2 hrs. a day to keep the floors clean and dust whatever is covered, ha ha..

    1. Gail,

      It is work to have pets but totally worth it in the end.


    1. It’s the 360 Reach, Kena. But it’s a little top heavy and fell and it broke the canister, so now I have a Shark Navigator Power Lift Away and I love it!

  26. We have one white cat, which I brush often. She must have friends in when we are gone, other white cats. The best thing I have found for getting hair off furniture is a rubber glove, like a platex for doing dishes. Get it damp and wipe away, good for getting in crevices of furniture too. Good luck.

  27. I’ve heard that the dryer sheets work well to keep the dust & hair from collecting around the baseboards.. I’ve tried it d it does seem to help, plus it also makes it shine.

  28. Pet Hair…the reason why The Shop Vac is a fixed ornament in the front room! There’s hair in the freezer, the cabinets, the powder room sink! Even My daughters dorm room! Years ago we had a chow-retriever mix. Orang hair balls everywhere. I wanted to invent a toe kick, under cabinet vacuum that would just suck everything in. But I had a toddler at the time and the image of the baby stuck against the cabinet by vacuum force was a bit daunting. But the “baby” is 17 now, I should re-think the vacuum idea.

  29. I do vacuum everyday but I should brush them. I don’t dust everyday either. I have 2 dogs and 3 cats. Here’s my little tip: Some of my fur kids sleep with me on top of my comforter. So I put my comforter in the dryer everyday. All the hair comes off. At least there’s no hair til I fall to sleep. πŸ˜€

    1. The dryer trick works for pillows, curtains and all other removable fabric items. I just turn the dryer setting to “fluff” or whatever the no-heat setting is, throw the stuff in with a dryer sheet and let it work its magic. If only I could fit the sofa in it!

  30. For those who have tried lint rollers, vacuuming and much more for your upholstery and linens try using a pair of surgical gloves and gently rub the fur right off. (We are battling the furry/feathered household- 5 cats [2 long hair] and German Shepard and a bird)

  31. Oh my gracious! I have never laughed so hard on an article before, but yours had me rolling so much that I forgot about my Psoriatic Arthritis pain for awhile! Thanks I needed that.

    I practically think I am the one shedding around here there is so much black hair everywhere in every way possible. But I will not give up my sweet little Princess Pepper Pud Paws even though I am allergic to her!

    1. Karen- I know how you feel. Our animals are part of the family! Thanks for sharing and I’m glad I was good for a laugh!

  32. We have a Pomeranian and a Newfy, both ends of the spectrum and tons of hair!! I have no carpet just a few area rugs and lots of hardwood. The stairs are the worst but I have a secret weapon in the war against pet hair! I just got a robot vacuum!! OMG!!! My whole life is better, it’s not as fantastic as Rosie from the Jetson’s but definitely close! I got a Groupon alert a few weeks ago that I could get a refurbished “Neato” for $199.99, What the heck is a “Neato” you ask? It’s a less expensive alternative to the “Roomba” that most of us have heard of. I checked out the reviews, watched a few youtube videos and decided to take the plunge. I am soooo thrilled with my robot vacuum! Now each evening I start at the top of my stairs and sweep everything down to the first floor and leave it there to be vacuumed up while I sleep. Each night at 1:30am the vacuum turns on and cleans up the fur and dust. It’s so much cleaner at my house that hubby “Tinker-Papa” even noticed! I am not a rep for the “Neato” and I’m sure that any of the robot vacuums would work wonders, I just wanted to share my experience!

  33. I’m so glad to know my fridge is not the only one that collects hair to keep warm. With 3 dogs and 2 cats, the fur is everywhere. I have 3 Hunter air purifiers and the 2 downstairs suck it right in. Seems like everyday there is that puddle of fur surrounding them. And the corners where baby gates are seem to attract it also. The black lab mix contributes most of it. Her shortest hair is 2″ and the longest around the backs of her legs is about 6″ long. We had a dog when I was little that loved to be vacuumed. He would flop down in front of it, making it impossible to go further until he had been thoroughly vacuumed.

  34. To help with your baseboards try using dryer sheets to wipe them down. Pet hair will not stick to them….kinda like magic. lol

  35. I know I’m a little late to the party but I had to add my two cents. We invested in the Dyson rechargeable stick vac. It has been a Godsend!! No cord to lug around and it’s super powerful. It is perfect for hardwood floors. Just zip around where they have their fur parties and poof…it’s gone. It only lasts about 20 minutes but if you are just doing a quick clean up it is brilliant. You can use it on carpet but it takes a lot of power so the charge doesn’t last as long. I try to do a quick vac each night before I go to bed. (notice I said “try”) I love my little purple Dyson!

  36. My daughter’s dogs (4 of them – 2 mini Australian shepherd, chocolate lab and sheep dog) would shed grocery bag full each a day. The vet recommend feeding them a gluten free diet . It helped a lot now only a handful from all total in a day when brushed.

    1. Now that is interesting, Terry! I honestly think Hot Shot did better when he was on gluten free food. I may have to bite the bullet and try that again!

  37. Great article. I have standard long hair dachshunds and am an in home dog groomer. So hair is a condiment. Besides brushing frequently, there are de shedding shampoos and conditioners that contribute significantly to removing the shed hair. Best Shot Ultra Max shampoo and conditioner are my duo of choice. The majority of hair comes off in the tub when rinsing out the conditioner. Using a garden sprayer attachment helps a lot to lift the dead hair/undercoat out.

    As for smelly dogs, I use unscented all natural baby wipes for mine. Of course avoid eyes and genital area. Just a quick swipe of paws, their chest/tummy and over the back and most all the “smell” is gone. If it’s a yeasty smell then you have other problems that a vet needs to address.

    Essential oils diffused in your home also helps, but I don’t care about doggy smell. It’s the humans that have bathed in the nasty perfumes that I can’t stand.

    Air purifiers and candles and the like just put chemicals in the air and do nothing to actually clean the air. They’re also highly irritating to your dogs sensitive nose.

    To the gal that want to use hairspray on your dog, please do not. It’s highly toxic and with their sensitive noses it’s not fair or healthy for them.

  38. When one of our pugs died, the vet recommended poodles, because they don’t shed. We got two toy poodles. Either the vet lied, or we have poodle parties every single night! Even brushing doesn’t help, and they get brushed every other day.

    I also have a pug, and Mr. B. sheds non-stop. I use baby wipes on him every day, and they seem to be helping. He gets brushed every day too.

    I use a Swiffer Sweeper every day, and the Swiffer Wet-Jet twice a week. Our vacuum died, so we’re looking into getting either a Dyson or a Bissell.

    The lower shelves in the freezer and refrigerator get a wipe out every week. (How DOES dog fur get in there!)

    1. You just gotta love dogs, fur and all, right?!
      Thanks for sharing, Denise.

  39. Dog hair! Dog hair! Dog hair! It’s everywhere!! I love my Black Lab soooooo much and wouldn’t trade him for anything but the hair drives me batty and I get embarrassed when company shows up. I just tell them, ” sorry my dog sheds like you wouldn’t believe!” So I clean, dust, vacuum, etc and it’s still there. At least when it’s Halloween time I can tell my friends and neighbors, ” it’s my Halloween decorations.” πŸ™‚ Anyhoo, my Lab also has a yeasty smell, and a good friend who use to work in a vets office told me to do the following; wipe my dog down with alcohol and baby wipes. She said do it several times a day everyday. Now trust me, MY DOG HATES IT!!! But if it’s going to help him ( and our house from smelling) then that’s what i’ll keep doing. Hope this helps someone. Have a great day! πŸ™‚

  40. Every time I groom my dog. I’m really tired of it shed very much. I have to clean up a very clean because my child is allergic to dog hair. Since there is a shark vacuum in the house, I did not have to worry about it anymore. Thank shark vacuum.

  41. 5 Sweet pit bulls and 1 troublemaking chihuahua make a lot of stray fur…behind doors, under furniture and in the corner of every step on the staircase. And it drives me nuts to have it on the couch. Because it just gets on your clothes and it’s a never ending battle. The BEST tip that I have to share is that I accidentally discovered that my rubber shower squeegee works amazing on the couch and all of my upholstered furniture. You use it the same way you would use it to wipe water off of the shower. Even the squeegee that you use on your car windshield works. As you scrape along, the hair gathers and starts to roll up in clumps and is then even easier to suck up into the vac. The rubber glove works the same way [I saw a reader question how to use a rubber glove]. I got a kick out of reading your post and the comments.

  42. if you can afford pet food where the #1 ingredient is meat, I find a lot less cat/dog hair. Our pets are not designed to eat grains. I also put oil and garlic in their food, it seems to help as well. Even with tons of pet hair, I still love my fur babies!

  43. Thank you soooo much for your transparency!!! I thought I was the only one with this dirty little secret!! I always wonder, as well, how in the world does hair get in the fridge!!! I can relax now, knowing that I’m not the only one with fur balls!!!

    1. Haha! Omgsh. I have pet hair all over! I cleaned and cleaned the kitchen today and was still wiping it up! AAAARRRRGGGHHHH!!!


  44. Good post and I have 4 fur babies with three being cats!! I usually do most of these, but I will have to try the vacuum brush on the baseboards! Thanks! –Lynn

    1. I love my brush for the baseboards! I just did this all over the house today! Gotta keep it in check, kwim?

  45. Not only did I love the article but all the wonderful comments, so l’ll share what I read a quite some time ago. It was an article on home decorating that interviewed several famous designers, one of which had several Italian greyhounds. He said if you’re going to live with animals then 1) don’t own any furniture that you absolutely can’t stand to see destroyed, and 2) invest in a lot of cotton spreads that you can stylishly drape over your furniture. I believe his reasoning was not only for hair but for paw prints too. I didn’t go the route of spreads, but with that in mind, when I upgraded my furniture I did so in leather, because it’s easy to wipe down, and I made loosely fitted cotton covers, easy to whisk off and wash, and easy to put back on. Bonus, you can make different ones for different seasons.

    PS: really appreciate all the info on the small vacuums. I have a canister Dyson but it’s just too big to pull out everyday.

    1. Those are great tips, Rain! I’ll definitely be investing in some spreads to help cover my new sofa! I can NOT have the dog destroying this one!



  46. We have a Dyson animal. Which is used one a week. We also have a eureka vac that is a corded $20 vacuum I use daily to keep the house in check. I had a swiffer vac once. It could not keep up and would die before doing the house. I keep a small extension cord on my vac and it does the whole house from one plug. We purchased twin blankets that match our sofas exactly. We keep them on the bottom cushions. We have a throw blanket on the one they lie on most. I throw them into the dryer on air only to remove hair before washing every two weeks when we also vacuum the furnishings. I also put my small throw rugs into the dryer first to remove a lot of hair. Keeps it from logging the washer. Sometimes all they need is a run thru the dryer. I’ve noticed hair all over my kitchen counters and fridge, etc. I figured out it was coming off of my hubby after playing or lounging with the dogs. So I now make him shake off his clothing before going into the kitchen and that has helped a lot. He is required to change or strip to his boxers before getting in bed. I tend to use a lint roller on myself before bed and on the bedding as needed. I don’t often allow my boys in our bed. But when I do, I put down a sheet or throw blanket first. Which then goes into the dryer after. I tried one of the very first Roomba vacs and it could not handle our hair. So I returned it and have not tried again with that. My biggest tip is to use the small vac daily. It really helps.

    1. I agree about the small vac daily, Lisa! We just bought a Shark Lift-away and it’s amazing!

      Thanks so much for your tips, Lisa!



  47. Don’t have time to read all of the comments so I apologize it this tip has been posted. I’ve had cats for the better part of 3 decades. The best way I’ve found to keep cat hair off my furniture is to wet a vinyl or rubber glove and simply rub the fur off the cushions. Free, takes a few minutes a day, and works better than using a vacuum/brush/roller. Simply rinse off the glove when finished after throwing out the mountain of cat hair. Don’t know if it works with dog hair, but it doesn’t cost anything so give it a try.

  48. Does anyone have suggestions for de-furring microfiber furniture? I’ve used Dyson pet hair attachments, lint rollers, rubber gloves, but nothing really seems to get it ALL. That microfiber just grabs on to the dog and cat hair sometimes!

  49. I have four small dogs that like to be everywhere. I have found that on carpet it is very difficult to really get up the hair, even with my Dyson. What I do now is mix a solution of water and fabric softner in a spray bottle (Usually 6 to 1) and mist my carpets, furniture and etc.. 15 minutes before I vacuum. It seems to pick up a lot more of the hair and leaves your house smelling great.

  50. Great Tips!! I’ve got 5 golden retrievers, so I deal with a lot of hair. And you’re right the hair seems to collect in the same area every time, I’ve got fuzz puppies all over the house.

    1. Oh, my!!! I bet you have fuzz puppies everywhere!

      But it’s worth it. LOVE those puppies!



  51. I don’t have pets, but clean for people who do. I use a damp cloth to get cat hair off fabric couches. It works great!

  52. With my DH being a K-9 cop and working dog trainer we 4 have big hairy constantly shedding working dogs.I use the Shark rotator lift away and love it!! I still haven’t settled on a stick vac but have been thinking of getting the shark rocket power head since it has a swappable brush roller specifically for hardwood floors. On a side note ,what’s with the pinch collar? They are intended for use during training only ( not to be worn at all times ) and for dogs with very high pain titration.

    1. I love the Shark LIft Away! I got one not too long ago, Angie.

      And, man, I should have taken off that collar for the pictures. We don’t let him wear it all the time. He’s a handful, though, so sometimes it’s on for walks.



  53. I have a Extra large dog as she is a mountain dog with extra large amounts of fur, the roomba robot would die with her fur and she killed my Dyson. It takes me three to four days to brush her, so I vacuum everyday and I still find the tumbleweeds as I call them. I don’t know how her fur gets upstairs because she does not go there, I figure the cats must bring the fur or we do on the bottom of our shoes. I reuse my dryer sheets to go over my hardwood floors and baseboards. I have now brought the Shark and use every attachment, it seems like a very daunting chore but I break my rooms up over days as well as her brushing and then to add to my mix is three cats and another small dog.

    1. Susan,
      Sounds like you have a full house! Good luck and thanks for sharing!

  54. I’ve got 6 dogs, 5 Chinese Crested’s and a Doxie. All of them shed at one time or the other and they all sleep on the top of the couches. I’ve found 2 items that have really helped picking up the hair that collects on the furniture is Duct tape and rubber gloves. The duct tape I roll around my hand with the sticky part on the outside and use it on the pillows and blankets. The rubber gloves I use on the furniture and slip them on and wipe down the couches. The hair rolls right off the couches! Another suggestion to keep the kennel smell from invading my house I wash all the throws and dog bedding weekly in hot water. During the summer I line dry the bedding and it gives it that “sunshine” smell. I hope some of my suggestions help!

    1. Wow! That’s quite a crew, Sheri! Thanks so much for your tips!



  55. Omg, your blog is hilarious! The way you describe everything had me dying! I have the same problem and to make matters worse we have a dirt backyard. So we sweep everyday and vacuum as much as possible.

  56. I wipe down my base boards with a dryer sheet every week and that keeps less fur from collecting there. Great article though thanks for sharing!

  57. I have a huge Manx cat named “Bob”…he’s in the house most of the time and only goes out to potty outside. I use dryer cloths when drying my clothes and when done, I use my cloths to dust around the house to pick up the cat hair… Sometimes I use them instead of stiffer cloths and it saves lots of money and does the same thing.. Just my idea.

  58. Try using rubber gloves on upholstered furniture to wipe the hair off cushions, etc.

  59. If you have tiled or wood floors, wash them once in a while. The dirt holds onto the hair and won’t let it be swept up. With the dog going outside and bringing in muddy paws, the floor gets dirty fast.

  60. We have 3 dogs, and one cat and recently we add my mother in laws little yorkie, and soon we will have a visiting cat for 2 weeks. Didn’t start out to have so many, but a rescue here a rescue there, volunteering till dad in law gets well or just the occsional child visit, brings them all home. Anyway I start my day with a dust mop every day, in every room! We have only stained concrete floors and only a few throw rug inside doors and bathrooms. Vacuuming the area rug should be everyday, but every other is still good. Keeping air conditioner filter clean is a monthly must and cleaning ceiling fans too is a must. I have to admit I don’t brush them like I should, but I try. ,

  61. Yes! I do! I have cats and one shedding dog we rescued from our street last August. He sheds worse than the cats! I love your advice! Thank you!

  62. Our dog Penny sheds everywhere but I love her.l had a hard to clean rug and I used a damp cloth and rubbed over in one direction. Worked wonders. Also I have a piece of sponge and use dry. My husband rubs his shoes like thongs over the carpet.

  63. We have three beloved cats and I agree with all of your tips!! I have one additional tip: buy a lint roller for any beds the animals sleep on, whether theirs or yours!! I lint roller our duvet cover every time I make the bed. It makes a world of difference and doesn’t take me but a couple of extra minutes!

  64. Please, please don’t buy/use microfibre towels. They’re made from plastic and every time they are washed or become wet, they slough off tiny bits of plastic, which then get washed down the drain and contaminate water systems, become ingested by animals and ultimately make their way into our own bodies through the foods we eat. They are the equivalent of microbeads. An old cotton kitchen towel works far better, is environmentally conscious and zero waste. πŸ™‚

  65. You mentioned moving to microfiber clothes for cleaning which I highly recommend but I have also learned while they are great for picking up the hair they are more reluctant to give it up when you wash them. I recently learned a new trick for cleaning them. After use spray on vinegar, until damp and through in the cloths. The majority of the hair will come off in the dryer vent. Then when I do a load of cleaning cloths in the laundry I only use vinegar in the rinse cycle and then dry. You would be amazed at how much cleaner they end up. Also I’m very thrifty or cheap so I never buy swifter cloths instead I use socks that have lots their mate, tights that have lost their elastic, etc. That way my microfiber cloths can designated as kitchen cleaning only

  66. Tip:
    Get your pets professionally groomed regularly! The baths and grooming helps to decrease extra shedding! Brush them out really good daily/weekly. It will help keep hair at bay along with the above tips in the article. From a professional dog groomer πŸ™‚

  67. Gwen, we also have had a problem with hairball tumbleweeds! In addition to the great tips above we have found another little easy shortcut to help with this problem. We ckd with our vet to make sure it was pet safe beforehand.
    We had picked up some baby wipes for our grandson. One day I didn’t have a paper towel handy & spotted the wipes, so I grabbed one of those to clean a spot in our cat’s room. Once I cleaned it I noticed that it had picked up some hair. So I proceeded to grab a cpl more and began to wipe it over the cat tree. I was amazed at how much it picked up plus making the room smell great! It was so easy. I also use them to wipe down my cats coats after brushing to pick up any stray hairs left behind after brushing. They smell good & the room smells good so everyone is happy!

  68. MANY essential oils are toxic to cats AND dogs. Pinterest has lists of these, and you can also do an Internet search for lists. I bought a diffuser and some oils and was very excited to use EO’s for several things, including controlling spiders. (We live on a lake, and I think spiders consider lake living like a recreational resort!). However, I heard about dogs and cats having severe reactions to the oils, so I did some research. Hope this helps others avoid possibly harming their fur babiesπŸ™‚

  69. I have a VERY hairy and fluffy husky thatbsheds a lot. I will try to do yhese things and let you know!

  70. Good Day,
    Some people just don’t understand that big dogs need to be restraind. I see that you have a pretty good size Labrador retriever. They are extremely strong. Don’t even get me started on the dog hair. Our Lab went through a molting stage twice a year. The hair would fall off in handfuls. So needless to say I was always vaccuming.

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