Looking for the Magic with Heather Fillmore

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Here’s a quick look at this episode:

In this episode, we welcome Enneagram 9 and Life Coach Heather Fillmore to talk about Looking for the Magic, or shifting our mindset from seeing the frustrating things to looking for evidence of the good. We chat about how important our thoughts are, and she gives a step-by-step example of how to go from feeling unworthy to truly valuing yourself.

More About Heather:

Heather Filmore from Heather Filmore Coaching.  

And she’s on a mission to help the Peacemakers and People Pleasers of the world to stop sleepwalking through their lives and to start engaging and creating a life that feels much more purposeful. 

Through her work as a Certified Life Coach and through her personal experience having a brain that is wired the same way, She helps her clients to more purposefully navigate conflict and the daily stressors of life. Because let’s face it: the more healthy, present peacemakers there are in the world, the better off it will be.

Featured Quote:

quote from episode 39, looking for the magic with HEather Filmore


Quote from episode 39, I heard the story about how hard my life was, how nobody understands, this is so awful, and I thought that it was true!

Quote from episode 39 of the redefining bold podcast.

"I started just becoming this curious observer of my thoughts and noticing when these little thoughts were popping in that were just not helping me at all and just started questioning them. Heather Fillmore

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