How to Get Your House Ready for Unexpected Company in 8 Minutes!

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Do you ever just wish you could close your eyes and wish your house cleaner? It’s no secret that dust-bunnies and fur-balls are an ever challenging state of normalcy over here.

But last night, we had to have my son’s Boy Scout Merit Badge Counsellor over at the sort-of last minute and, although I try to tame things here on a daily basis, sometimes the applesauce helicopter tops and the thirty pairs of tennis shoes pile up! (not to mention the accumulating pile of glasses that are, apparently, one-time-use only and promptly abandoned on the counter).

In the past, these last minute visitors used to mildly freak me out.  But no more! Not with Courtenay Hartford’s 8 Minute Ninja Cleaning Method.

It’s a super quick way to get your home presentable for those welcome, albeit, surprise visits.

Do you just hate surprise guests because your house is a mess? Use this method to get your house ready for unexpected company in 8 minutes! It'll take the stress out of those last minute visitors!

Download the pdf here.

My absolute favorite tip? Throw the dirty dishes in a soapy sink to make it look like you’re working on them. BRILLZ, baby!

The Cleaning Ninja is a new book from my friend, Courtenay Hartford of The Creek Line House!  She is a whiz at quick and easy cleaning and has a massive collection of easy-peasy tips in her book. I’ve followed Courtenay for years and am always inspired, entertained and thoroughly delighted by her sage (and witty) advice and easy-going, and “smarter, not harder” attitude towards home-making.

I’m going through the book a little bit every day and, as I said earlier, I’m a big fan of her 8 Minute Method.  It absolutely works and takes the OMG out of last minute visitors!

How to Become a Cleaning Ninja! Get your house company ready in 8 minutes flat! Filled with loads of tips to work SMARTER not Harder!

You can grab the book on Amazon right here! 

In the book she covers everything from setting up an efficient cleaning panty to lightening-fast laundry to daily and monthly checklists to make sure you keep that Ninja Cleaning a recurring habit.

I hope you’ll check out her new book and share it with your friends.




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