Declutter Checklist: 10 weeks to a Cleaner Home

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10 week declutter checklist

In 10 weeks you could have a cleaner, more organized home. Use this declutter checklist to easily make it happen!

Looking around and seeing a bunch of stuff piled around can be very overwhelming. If you get easily overwhelmed like I do, I got you. 

When I started The Bold Abode, I really just wanted to show my friends and family the fun updates I was making to our new home.

Overtime, the blog grew and I wanted to turn it into something really helpful for people like me who love having a clean home, but have a hard time making it happen

What I found over the years is that if I break my really big task down into bite-size pieces, I do so much better. So when I think of decluttering, that falls into a really big task!

So I created a 10 week plan where you only have to Declutter one area per week. This Declutter checklist will help you get your home under control and just under three months. I recommend doing one area per week, you can break that even down smaller to help you accomplish a big goal of decluttering your home.

First though let’s talk about some things to know before we get to the checklist.

What is decluttering? 

Decluttering, as you probably know, it’s just a term for getting rid of excess junk. It’s definitely become a buzz word and there’s a lot of information online about it. But let’s think about it in a different way: releasing the chaos.

To me clutter is simply that, chaos! Flylady describes it as “Can’t Have Anyone Over Syndrome” and boy is that accurate!

When we live with things piled around us, we really live in a chaotic state. I have come to look at the state of my home as a reflection of my inner being.

If my home starts to get crazy and messy cluttered, it’s time to do an internal check in.

Am I stressed? Am I lonely? Or maybe angry? Or sad?

If you are struggling with keeping your home clean, chances are there’s really something more going on inside. Really take a moment to peek behind the curtain and do a check in with yourself. If it helps, contact a professional to dig deeper. Yes, therapy can be really challenging, but the work is worth it!

How Often Should You Declutter?

Once you complete this 10 weeks series, keep going! Add some new areas to the list, and start over. If you were always decluttering your home, releasing things as you bring new ones in, you will keep your home in a manageable state.

If you need to take a break for a week or two, by all means do that. But consider adopting a decluttering routine as a way of life. This Declutter Checklist should help!

Quick Tips As You Go Through Your Declutter CheckList

As you go through this checklist for decluttering your home in 10 weeks, here are some quick tips.

  1. Set Clear Goals
  2. Start Small
  3. Create Sorting Categories
  4. Plan the Time
  5. Stay Focused
  6. Be Honest with Yourself
  7. Avoid Guilt
  8. Set Limits 
  9. Create a System
  10. Involve Others (if possible)
  11. Take Breaks
  12. Reward Yourself
  13. Dispose Responsibly

Basic Supplies to Declutter Your Home

Before you start checking off the areas on your Decluttering Checklist, make sure you have some of these basic supplies.

  1. Boxes or Bins – to sort into donation vs discard piles
  2. Trash Bags 
  3. Cleaning Supplies
  4. Labels and Marker – to help label storage containers you use
  5. Storage Containers
  6. Drawer Organizers
  7. Hangers
  8. Filing System – we still have paper files. Alot of our stuff is in the cloud now, but there are some things we still have, like certain contracts and information that we keep a hard copy of.
  9. Decluttering Checklist or Planner – I use my phone for lots of things, but I love my bullet journal more honestly. 
  10. Timer or Clock – i always always use a timer when I’m decluttering. I work better in spurts. But honestly, if I set my timer for 30 minutes and know I can take a break if I need to, I often am energized and can just keep working. It’s a mental trick that helps get me started!
  11. Music or Podcasts – I love using music and podcasts to help pass the time!

Now let’s get to the program!

Declutter Checklist

Here is the plan – 10 areas to Put on your list. Do one area per week and no more! 

  1. Closets: Go through your clothes, shoes, purses, scafs, belts and other accessories to determine what you no longer wear or need. Donate or sell items that are in good condition but are rarely used. Fold your blankets and sheets.
  2. Kitchen Cabinets and Drawers: Remove expired food and spices, duplicate utensils, and kitchen gadgets you rarely use. Go through your dishes and coffee mugs, candles, vases, pots and pans. Organize the remaining items to make cooking and meal preparation more efficient.
  3. Pantry: Check your pantry for expired or unused items. Group similar items together and use storage containers to keep everything tidy.
  4. Refrigerator: Dispose of expired or spoiled food. Pull everything out and wipe everything down really well. Wash your drawers and wipe down your shelves.
  5. Bathroom: Get rid of empty or expired shampoo, gross makeup brushes and old beauty products. Organize your bathroom essentials in containers or drawers. Go through your medication and organize your medicine cabinet. Organize your hair accessories like hair ties and bobby pins. Assess your towels and throw away any old, torn or stained ones.
  6. Home Office/Desk: Declutter your desk by sorting through papers, files, and office supplies. Keep only the items you frequently use and find a proper storage system for important documents. Check your pens and pencils and check your paper supplies and ink levels in your printer.
  7. Living Room: Grab all the clutter from coffee tables, shelves, and entertainment centers. See if there is any furniture, decor or figurines you can take to a donation center and recycle. 
  8. Bedroom Nightstands: Clear off your nightstands and keep only essential items like books, a lamp, and maybe a glass of water. Put away and jewelry or small items floating around in your junk drawer. 
  9. Children’s Toys: Involve your kids in decluttering their toys. Maybe get some bins and put half their toys away for a few months. Then get it out and rotate them so they think they have some new things to play with.
  10. Garage or Storage Room: Go through and get rid of broken or unusable items. Organize your tools and equipment. Can you get rid of anything or maybe sell some of your stuff online?

Take before and after pictures and put them in a folder in your photos ap so you can remember what a great job you did.

I know I was conditioned not to be too proud or boast, but I’ve learned that by cheering myself on in my own head, it really helps me mentally!

Hopefully, this article has helped encourage you to get started with your decluttering. I just finished in my home office and that’s why I’m able to be working on this website again. It’s given me the peace I needed to sit down and write. 

Now that’s a win and a really good feeling!



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