DIY Fridge Deodorizer

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Hey guys!  We’re rocking along with The Naturally Fresh Home series.  Have you seen all the cool tips so far?

Today, I’m back with a very simple DIY to help keep your fridge smelling fresh!

Here's a simple little DIY to help keep your fridge smelling fresh!  Use my All Natural Basic Deodorizer and you've got a winner!

Now, normally, you might just buy a thing of Baking Soda and pop it in the fridge, but that really wastes a ton of money!  You don’t need that whole box and it’s really not very cute, right?

So, after Valentine’s Day, I just stole these cute little plastic hearts that formerly held Skittles and made one that is, indeed, very cute.

How to make a DIY Fridge Deodorizer

diy fridge deodorizer-2

To make your own, just drill some holes in the top of one of the candy things.

diy fridge deodorizer-3

diy fridge deodorizer-4

Then spoon in some of the All Natural Basic Deodorizer that smells amazing!

diy fridge deodorizer-6

Close it up and pop it in your fridge!

diy fridge deodorizer-7

A quick and easy DIY that smells good and looks cute.  Can’t beat that, can you?

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