Peppermint Oranges: A Yummy, Nummy Winter Treat!

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Peppermint Oranges: A Yummy, Nummy Winter Treat! When I was just a wee lass, my grandfather would make this yummy, nummy treat for me during the holidays!

He’d go out himself and buy the vintagy, soft peppermint sticks and the nice juicy oranges and we’d sit and slurp our way through the entire bag of peppermints!

Man. What a guy.

So, I’m passing this tradition on to my own boys and maybe, one day, they will have a granddaughter of their very own to spoil with this nostalgic treat!

All you need is:

  • A juicy orange {this is a naval orange, but I’d normally use a regular, ole orange.  I  tried to find some, but the ones at the grocery store were all weirdo and covered with brown spots!}
  • Soft Peppermint Sticks {I used King Leo brand} {aff link}

peppermint oranges-2 

  • First, you cut a hole in the top of the orange.

peppermint oranges-3

  • Then you pop a peppermint stick in the hole.

peppermint oranges 1

  • You’ll want to squeeeeeeeeeeeze the orange a bit to get the juice flowing.

peppermint oranges-4

That’s part’s easy.  Here comes the work.

You’ve got to suck…

peppermint oranges-5

And suck…

And suck until the acid in the orange starts to eat through the peppermint stick.

peppermint oranges 1-2

Which it will do… you just need to persist!

peppermint oranges 1-3

And, just like anything worth having, it takes work.

But it’s totally worth it.

peppermint oranges

These Peppermint Oranges totally get a thumbs up over here!

Do you have a nostalgic treat you share with your kids every winter?  Let’s chat about it down in the comments!

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  1. I used to do this as a little girl! I forgot all about it. Normally I hate mint flavored things, but a soft peppermint stick is so good. Recently I took a 10 hour trip in the snow (normally a 4 hour trip)…miraculously before I left I had purchased a bag of soft peppermint sticks. I ate the whole bag.

    1. You are the first person who has said that, Karen! I was starting to think I was all alone over here!

      Soft peppermint sticks are wonderful!

  2. So interesting. I love peppermint and citrus but have never combined them. I am totally going to try this!!

  3. Oh my, found this on Pinterest – I have not seen this wonderful trick for years! My grandfather had a small orange grove in his yard when I was a child. He would pick an orange for me and my grandmother would make me this yummy treat!

    1. What a sweet memory, Gaye! I still miss my sweet, sweet Grandfather!!! He was always doing little things like this for us! And now, I get to pass this along to my own boys… 🙂

  4. The school that I attended growing up had an annual Country Fair and would sell Lemon Squeezes (lemon with a peppermint stick) for 25 cents. There was always a long line at the Lemon Squeeze stand and they were my favorite tradition at the Country Fair. I hadn’t thought about those for years; thanks for bringing back a wonderful memory. Now I’m going to have to buy some peppermint sticks. I have an orange and a lemon tree in my backyard. I know my son and I will have great time enjoying both delicious citrus and mint combos 🙂

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