You’re an adventurous and colorful person.

It’s time to show it.

I mean, who cares what the neighbors think.  Their houses are all beige.

And seriously, if you paint your door bright blue, giving directions will be so much simpler.

So what if you might have to sell it? For now, you’re the head honcho and you get to call the shots.

What do I really believe?

I believe your home shouldn’t just reflect who you are, it should stand at the edge of the steepest cliff and scream it at the top of it’s lungs.

You see, builder beige might be great for builders, but I believe you’re worth more than stock paint.

So, if you’re living in a cookie-cutter house, time to grab the sprinkles have a party.

Let’s pull all the stops and go for BOLD.

And Bold?  It’s unequivocally yours to define.


All about Gwen, aka This Bold Girl

  • Life for creative girl began in Memphis, TN just a few short years ago… in my mind.
  • I grew up.  I played incessantly with Barbies. I cut their hair and made their clothes.
  • In fact, while other girls were starting to kiss the boys, I was sitting in my room, dressing my dolls and playing pretend. Maybe that’s why I still feel 18.
  • I’d watch the Muppet Show every Saturday night with my grandfather.  Then we’d watch The Love Boat and Fantasy Island. Maybe that’s why I’m a hopeless romantic.
  • I went to Ole Miss and studied Opera, which I promptly put behind me when I fell madly in love with a tall, ginger-haired Latin geek.
  • We married.  We moved all over the world.  We had two boys…who both love the muppets. But not Barbies. Go figure.
  • I dance everyday that I’m on my two feet and ever since I fell head-first down my lovely, wallpapered stairs, I take each day as a divine gift.
  • I’ve found great peace living in the present.  It’s all there really is.
  • I seek truth and beauty and offer it to you in great, big heaping loads of abundance.
  • So enough about me.  Drop me a line and tell me about you.
  • I’m always looking for a few more BOLD friends.

P.S.  In between my DIY posts, I share my favorite recipes and cleaning tips, a printable or two and sometimes, if I’m feeling so moved, a heart-felt inspirational post.

I hope you’ll come back for some or all of the above.