Campin’ out for Cassie’s Package…

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A few LONG weeks ago, Cassie of
was the recipient of a gift from

{well, to be technical…it was a sweet little zipper pouch for her exuberant daughter, Emmy}

She was so moved by this sweet gesture, that she, herself, decided to keep it going and Pay it Forward.  I thought that was so sweet of her and never in a million years thought that she would choose me…I mean…it’s me we’re talking about…ME.

Well, I got an email soon thereafter where she told me that I was going to be the recipient of her Pay it Forward.

Needless to say, I was stupefied….stunned…freaking-out-giddy-overwhelmed…


As the days drug by, I became anxious….worried she had changed her mind…

Just kidding…she kept me up to date on her progress…so I gave her some grace…cuz I’m good like that….


Well, last week…she emailed me.  And it was on it’s way.  WHOOPEE!!!

Oba-Kaybe…Those are Whopee Pies…but they make me say “Whoopee” too…

I couldn’t stand it…I told her I was gonna camp out on the front porch and wait for it…

Sleeping on the Swing

Well…that swing is pretty hard…

Sleeping with Fred

But I managed…


A girl’s gotta have some snacks…


And some refreshment…

Drinking Gingerale

But I didn’t have to go it alone…

Brendan and I
{This is no-makeup Gwen…oh, and didn’t fix her hair Gwen…}
Yo.  I’m Fred.  Whaaaazuuuuuuup?

Brendan eating Pringles

After all, I did have the Pringles…
And don’t you know it, just when I had to go relieve myself, the mail lady came…dernit if I didn’t want to get a picture of her giving me that stinkin’ package…boo.

Well, it made it here just the same.

Package in Mailbox

Yup.  It’s really sitting there.

Getting package out

Can you feel my heart beating…do you understand?

Payment Enclosed

Ooooo….that’s not a bad thing to get in the mail, either, my bleepies…


Even Monster Dog wanted in on the action…

And now, brought to you by Primitive and Proper…but NOT Pringles and Canada Dry Cranberry Ginger ale…

Cassie’s Gift.


Ummm…Andi?  I laughed my patootie off…You know me too well…

Cassie's BoxIsn’t this vintage, HANDPAINTED by Cassie box just DIVINE?

Inside Box

And, blingity-bling-bling!  SHAZAM!


And her sweet owl…her trademark fowl…her spirit animal…

If she were at Hogwarts, I undoubtedly believe it would be her Patronus.

You can go to the DIY Club and check out the behind the scenes and get the low down on how Cassie so shazamingly shazammed this shazamalicious gift!

So, I thank you, my Cassie…in the only way I know how…

Box and Owl1

Now to figure out how to Pay it Forward…dang.  This is hard!

P.S,  Thank you to all of my amazing friends who left sweet comments over at Cassie’s.  I feel so undeserving of this gift and am humbled by your kind thoughts and words.  
Today just might be the day. 
But, you’ll never know if you don’t get out there and
Thank you for reading my blog.

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  1. Lovely box and lovely idea of passing on the generosity!

    I admit that I stopped at the Cranberry Ginger Ale! We don't have ginger ale here and I miss it, but Cranberry ginger ale?! when did they come out with that?!

  2. It's lovely!! How fun to get a gift that you saw the behind the scenes dish on — extra lovely!

  3. you are hilarious! emmy watched the video with me and she said "that was awesome!" haha!!! i LOVE all the pictures of your camp out- you kill me!!!! so glad it went to you and that you are my friend! to many more adventures! 🙂

  4. wa ha!! Love the photos! You know why she picked you… cause you are awesome, and gracious, and funny! I didn't know about the owl. Cool!

  5. those camp out photos amazing (cranberry ginger ale?! who knew!). what a gorgeous box + the pay it forward idea is really sweet. 🙂

  6. Aww how sweet!!! I love your gifts from Cassie! Too funny about your camp out and owl patronus! I eat the pringles crumbs the same way. 🙂

  7. HA! I had hoped you would read my comment 🙂 Awesome post, I LOVE that pic of Cassie as a wizard, HILARIOUS! And you my friend are so deserving!

  8. Oh Gwen, you are too funny! I so love your enthusiastic approach to life! And yes, Cassie is a real sweetheart!

  9. The best part: Cassie as a Hogwarts student! HILARIOUS!

  10. AHA! You tried to blame me for giving you the sniffles after camping out on a porch swing with only Pringles to protect you from the elements????? The box and owl were worth braving the great outdoors but I do want to know where you found a picture of me when I don't pluck my upper lip?

  11. You lucky girl! That's one cool box you got there 🙂 Love that you have videos on your blog…gonna have to try that myself (thanks for the tips!)

  12. I love your videos! "You're not getting my reaction" 🙂 too cute.

    And what an adorable box and I heart the owl…big time!

  13. HA! I am just laughing! Your are one hilarious chick! Great blog! Glad I found it!

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