Back to School Teacher Note Template

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Waaay back in the day, there was this thing called handwriting.

It was where we had to take a smooth wooden stick that had some graphite embedded in the middle of it, was super sharp on one end and a rubber tip on the other end that was used for correcting mistakes.

And we’d have to physically use your hands to make shapes with this thing called a “pencil” to communicate with each other.

Weird, huh?

Ok. So, duh.  You so very obviously know what it means to write a note. {but will our great-great-great-grandchildren?}

Occasionally, I have to send a note in to the boys teacher, and this year, I’m going to use this Teacher Note Template.

Super Cute Teacher Note Template for when you have to actaully write a note to your teachers!

Or it would be fun just to send a hand written note via snail mail. The slow way. The way that really, really means something more than just a quick, digitized message that takes zero effort.

just a note-2
just a note

It’s good to get things in the mail. Especially nice things. Especially when most of our mail these days is from people who expect us to send them valuable pieces of green paper.

Except, that’s pretty much all electronic, too, now, isn’t it?

To download and print this pdf printable, just click here. 

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