5 Back to School Organizational Printables

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Are you glad that school has started?

Duh. Stupid question, right?

Well, I do miss my boys, but the quiet it kinda nice. It gives me a chance to get some things organized.

Speaking of organization… here are 5 Organizational Printables so you can have a great {and super-organized} school year!

5 Back to School Organizational Printables to help keep things neat and tidy during the school year!

Teacher Note Template

Sometimes, you just have to send a note in to the teacher… might as well be a cute one, right?

just a note-2

Backpack Name Tag

Just print this cute name tag out and pop it in a luggage tag or laminate it.  Then attach it to your backpack. Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy!

Back to School Backpack Name Tag

Snack Attack Menu Planner

Make sure both you and your kids know what’s on the menu for after school snacks.  Otherwise, you might end up with no food in the fridge at all!  {if you have two trash compactors like I do, that is…}

after school checklist-3

After School Checklist

Make sure everything gets done after school.  Leave no second guessing, yo!

after school checklist


School Info Form

Make sure you have all the information you need right at your fingertips!  No more hunting around for that email or phone number.


I hope all of these school organizational printables will help keep things together this year!

Let me know how it goes by tagging me on Instagram! 🙂

Looking for more great printables?  Here’s a few:


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