Christmas Stockings Gone Bold!

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Christmas Stockings Gone Bold! I have to warn you. These stockings have gone BOLD!

I mean, more than once I’ve come into the den and caught these fellas jammin’ out to Imagine Dragons and  I’ve had to pull them down off the top of the mantel and put their shirts back on.

Regardless, I’m still super excited to show you how I made these crazy-pants Christmas Stockings.

But somehow, I didn’t take all the detailed photos I needed for a detailed tutorial, so I’ll give you my tips and if you want to make your own, you can try out this Christmas Stocking Pattern from Simplicity.  It’s very similar.

Or you can just trace a stocking you already have like Courtenay did.

So, to start, you need some BOLD fabric!  Here’s what I used for mine.

You’ll need some lining fabric and some batting, too.

Christmas Stockings Gone Bold!

The first thing you’ll do is sew on the toe piece.

Christmas Stockings Gone Bold!

You’ll want to zig-zag or run a decorative stitch down the straight side, too.

Then… here’s the big trick!  You layer your pieces like this below:

Christmas Stockings Gone Bold!

Start from the bottom, it goes:

  • Outsides of stocking, right sides together.
  • 1 layer of batting
  • Both layers of lining
  • Last layer of batting.

Then you sew a 1/2″ seam around the stocking, leaving the top open.

That’s mega important, yo.  How else is Santa gonna stuff that sucker?

Then, you’ll make the bib part and sew it on wrong sides together so you can flip it over and hide the seam.  Man, I with I took a picture of that!

Then, you’re done!  It’s so stinking easy even Curly could do it.

I chose different fabric for each person. I love all of them.

Here’s Dad’s…

Christmas Stockings Gone Bold!


And Morgan cubed’s…

Christmas Stockings Gone Bold!


And this is Brendan’s …

Christmas Stockings Gone Bold!


Christmas Stockings Gone Bold!

You’ll see I gave my stocking a feminine touch with a couple of ruffles.  I just make the boys straight and used a decorative stitch on the hem.

Christmas Stockings Gone Bold!

You can see the stitching a little better here…

Christmas Stockings Gone Bold!

And the names?  I used the Shadow Embroidery technique…which is coming right up tomorrow. 🙂

Christmas Stockings Gone Bold!

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE doing Shadow Embroidery.  It is really easy and goes pretty fast, too.  Yeah, baby!


Christmas Stockings Gone Bold!

I wish I had captured them dancing around on video. You would have laughed till you cried! And… I’d have made a mint, baby!

So, how about your stockings?  Ready to go BOLD?

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    1. Haha! Thank you, Keri! I’m having so much fun. It’s so nice to feel well and be able to get stuff done, baby!

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