DIY Foil Leaf Garland

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foil-leaf-garland-pinI like shiny things…

I guess I’m just a girly girl at heart.

Like ruffles and glitter? They thrill my soul.

So, when I stumbled on a pile of my foil leaves from, ahem.. a few years ago {let’s say about 10}, my insides got all tingly.

I had used them as a foil leaf garland for our little Charlie Brown tree back in the day.

It’s quite easy to do.  You just need to find some heavy gage aluminum foil {aff link} like this at Amazon.


foil garland 1-4

And one of these guys comes in handy. {aff link}

foil garland 1-5

  • Start by creating a leaf template.  You can print and cut one out.  Here I’m just using one of my old leaves.

foil garland 1-6

Here’s the outline…

foil garland-4

  • Then cut it out. I just used regular ole scissors.

foil garland 1-7

  • Then take a small hole punch and punch a hole in the tip.

foil garland 1-2

  • And the stem.

foil garland 1-3

  • Cut a piece of wire between 2-3″ long.

foil garland 1

  • Twirl one end tightly

foil garland 1-10

  • And stick it through the tip of one leaf…

foil garland 1-8


  • And the stem of another…

foil garland 1-9


  • and twirl the open end closed.


foil garland-3

foil garland-6

I hung this foil leaf garland on the Sideboard that Cassie painted for me!

foil garland-7

I used glue dots, but they keep falling down.  So maybe something else would work better.

foil garland-8

foil garland 1-17


Did you see the super quick and easy centerpiece I made?  It’s kinda fun.

foil garland 1-16


And Hot-shot just begged for a blog appearance.  He said it had been awhile…

foil garland 1-14

The cat’s back there sniffing at something.  Who knows!

I still have some more things to show you, so I’ll be back.  I’ve been a Christmas Craft makin’ machine this year!  wowz.

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