Orange Gerbera Daisy Wreath… In less than 30 minutes. {Fer real this time}

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Just how do you make a wreath in 30 minutes or less?

Well, I know I’ve broken the rules multiple times this week…

First with the  Blue Mosque Front Do’  and then with the  Planter Ordeal, and the Chocolate Pudding Ice Cream and don’t forget Dinner in Minutes…   hmmm…

But with this one, I’d say… yeah.  30 minutes will do it.  If you subtract the shopping and having to run back to Home Depot b/c you used all the white spray paint on another project and then subtract drying time and hanging time…

Yeah.  Thirty minutes…give or take.

First, pick up this really neat laser cut plywood frame thingy from Michaels.  Don’t forget your 50% off coupon….this time.


Go get another can of white spray paint and DO NOT use it on that lamp that you see peeking out in the upper right hand corner of the picture below or you’ll never get this post written…

wreath spray painted

And you really, really, don’t want that to happen, do you?

close up of white spray paint


So haul out the finger-burner and fire it up.

glueing daisy

Have a tissue handy to wipe the tears as you take apart your Gerbera Daisies and use them for this project.  Then make a note to go buy some more to put back in the vase on your awesome sideboard that you got from Cassie.

Glueing daisy on wreath

Decide that if one is good, three must be even better…

close up of daisies

Even though they might be a bit wonky and squished…

Finished Wreath on Door

If you forget to buy a non-stick-hook-thingy to hang up your wreath b/c you had your sweet family here and got sidetracked, just go find that fleur de lis hook and screw it in.  It’s just a door.  You can fill the hole if you want to take it down… Don’t ask anyone their opinion, just do it.


I mean, you can paint that screw later.  The DIY police probably won’t get wind of it anyway… you hope.

Close up of Wreath on Door

Then compare your fake orange daisies to your real ones…

Orange Gerbera

And decide not to care that they don’t match.  They are both beautiful in their own ways…just like each of us…

Looking for more easy craft ideas you can do in 30 minutes or less? Just click the image below!


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  1. LOVE your wreath Gwen! Very welcoming – the orange flowers look perfect against the blue door!

    1. I will not tell. I’m a vault. My lips are sealed. You are the best…in the west…

  2. So pretty. I am wreath-impaired. I mean it. I actually hung a STICK with fake flowers stuck to it on my door this spring.

    1. Ha! You are not impaired! I bet it’s cute… and funny…just like you!!!

  3. I am lovin your wreath! For some reason, I am not gifted in the wreath making department, so I linked up my old sweater wreath! Love a party!


    1. Thanks, Jess! I’m not a wreath-queen either! They always turn out wonky and lop-sided! Thanks for linking up to my little party! 2 links, now…WHOPEEE!!!

    1. Simple is my middle name…well, maybe not, but I wish it were. At least I’m not a simpleton. (I think…)

      Thanks girl! Where is yo’ vintage fabric wreath? I’m keeping tabs… (no, I’m not… I’m silly, that’s all)

    1. Thanks, Janel! It’s in there, for sure… I have an aversion to drilling holes in front doors, but alas, I had no bleepin’ choice. Procrastination runs through the very core of my being…

  4. How stinkin cute is that! Love the mix of colors – a bright and happy welcome!

    1. Thank you, Sharon! I just hope the wind doesn’t blow it away! I taped it down to keep it from swinging…ugh!

  5. What a super clever idea!! I love it Gwen! And I linked up my Spring wreath from last year 🙂

  6. Love Gerber daisies and your wreath rocks!!

    Whew, so glad the linky police aren’t after me. I was afraid I’d have to go on the lam in a disguise, color my hair, get a new passport …

    But for you, I’d do it!

    1. I will hold them back just for you, Kelly!!! But maybe we should pretend to go on the lam… I need a new harido and a vacation…ha!

  7. Crumbs! You are GOOD! I never would have thought of it but now copying is likely to happen. C:

    1. Thank you, Jane! I had fun putting it together! Thank you for asking me to be a part of this week! I probably wouldn’t have a wreath on that front door if it weren’t for you. Heck, there’s a good chance the door would still be brown!

  8. Uh oh. I think the DIY Police are headed my way too … I totally cheated! My link may appear to be a wreath, but it’s really a link to my front porch. Haven’t written up that tute. Oh, and it totally took more than 30 minutes … and included paint and rosettes and the glue gun and the sewing machine and staples.



  9. So cute G and it’s perfect for your new door! And it’s also a craft I can do without messing up! woot!!

  10. Okay, love your summery wreath!!! Mine, well, I may put it away until fall. Or forever. But I’m here – partying at your house! Woo hoo!!! ~L

    1. Welcome to my Abode! You are nuts, girl! Thank you so much!!! heading over right now to see what you pulled off!!!

  11. I have my wire wreath form and I don’t yet know what the heck to do with it. I might have to link it up just like that.


  12. Love it!!!! Where did you find it at Michael’s & how long ago did you get it? Really want to make one. 🙂

    1. Hi Julie! I found it in the section with several other wood type projects about a month and a half ago… There were a couple of different sizes and shapes…

      Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment!

  13. Hi Gwen… I have one of those…great idea as a front door wreath. I packed mine away somewhere – I’ll probably never find it. :/

  14. Saw your pretty spring wreath linked up in our linky party It’s a Spring Thing!!! So beautiful – the gerbera’s are perfect!!

  15. Love your sense of humor! I love to make people laugh, too1 Thanks for putting some sunshine in my day!

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