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I’m cursed.

I’m cursed with the “Forget to Mail Birthday Cards and Presents and Thank You Notes” curse…

And obviously Pay it Forward Packages, too.

Oh, and add procrastinating the writing of blog posts about said Pay it Forward Packages…yeah. Add that to the list.

Since it has been SO long, let me set the scene.

Early February, I received a knock on my door.  There was a girl standing in the sunlight and handing me some beautiful news that I was to be the recipient of a handmade gift!

As she turned and went on her way, I was overjoyed and humbled.

Ok.  So there was no actual knock on my door…just an email from Cassie.  But I was still overjoyed and humbled, nevertheless.

And she sent me this beautiful hand painted vintage box and her signature fowl…a white owl!

Box and Owl

Oh, Let me not forget the ShazaMusic.  That is super important… I shall enlighten you. shortly.

So… my turn.

Toss and turn and wring hands…

Eat some Oreos.  Drink some Coke Zero.  {J/K about the Oreos…sorta}

And finally make a decision….to award my girl, Jill

My Photo

from Junky Vagabond


with the LIEBSTER BLOG AWARD… now Jill…here are the rules…

Oh. My. Goodness… I’m just kidding.  {If you’ve been blogging for a while, you will get that… sorry non-bloggers…it’s one of those inside jokes that we bloggers aren’t supposed to tell}

No, I decided to make her this:


The quote is from Miles, a Christina Perri song on the CD that Cassie made.  It weaved its way into my heart, wrapped around it, and tied itself into a great, big, BOLD bow and wouldn’t leave.

This was the first instance where I ever felt like some sort of artist. I couldn’t get it out my head to use these lyrics on Jill’s gift.

I searched for something Junky Vagabond-ish…a vintage key… Ok.  that’s all I could think of, but I did look and look and look… but the ones I found… they just didn’t sit right.

And so, I pressed onward.

I bought one ‘a deese…


I used soma dis…


And I gave it a good swathing…


And it looked BO-RING…

So I striped ‘er up and sanded  ‘er down.


And somewhere in between, totally lost the actual pictures of the whole “wax-paper-transfer-glue-and-glitter” process.

But you can go to this great tutorial for the instructions on how to use freezer paper to transfer a print.  Just make sure, if you are transferring onto a wood surface, to dampen it a bit, first.


How could I not bling out that word?  It’s very nature…it’s essence cried out to be blinged…with orange glitter.

I blinged out the sides with turquoise glitter, too, but alas…the curse…

20120329_190022 looks so pretty there…made me want to keep it.  But, moving on…

I sent her this blinged out tape measure that I found “window” shopping a Pier 1

tape measure
Every BOLD DIY Girl needs a purdy tape measure when she’s oot and aboot.  You never know when you’re going to find some trash on the side of the road and you’re gonna wanna make sure it’ll fit in your trunk before you climb into that dumpster to haul it out.  KWIM?

I wanted to make a card…  that said this:


Thank you, Target for saving me from myself.

{OK…lean in…so Jill thinks I picked this tissue paper out especially for her cuz she was working on a Paisley project…which turned out supah cool BTW, but I just freakin’ happened to have this in my stash…and it TOTALLY matched and looked awesome-possum…so, shhhhhhhh….don’t tell, ‘Kay?}

And I wrapped her up…and here she is….finally ready to make her way to my friend, Jill.


I made her a copy of Cassie’s CD…so she would get the musical reference and not think that I was just calling her old…yikes!

Ignore the old and embrace the BOLD.

So, thank you Jill… for being such an incredible person and a beautiful, funny, warm-hearted friend!

I J’Adore you!


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  1. you already know i love it and think it ROCKS!!! and you do, too! and why didn’t you pass the liebster on to me. 🙁 😉

  2. That is one of the purdiest packages I ever did seeeee!

  3. Adorable! Isn’t getting a pressie in the mail so much nicer that the usual bills? C:

  4. Hahaha, laughing the whole way through. Love the gift, love the glitter, love the paisley, so great that you picked it out special for Jill (see, your secret is safe with me!) 😉 And did someone say Liebster?

  5. I was JUST thinkin’ I should send out a pay it forward gift and then clicked on your posting…OH MY WORD!! I guess it’s God’s way of telling me it’s what I’m s’posed to do. Now, on to your BE-YOU-TEEEE-FULLLLL creation….L O V E it!! ‘Specially likin’ the orange glittery stuff…so, so, so…YOU! : ) Totally fab!

  6. hahahaha! Hope Jill likes her Liebster award :). Love your canvas and the blinged out BOLD superlative!

    Have an awesome day!

  7. Much gratitude for being my Bleep and my amazing gift(s)! I just love your creativity, your humor, and am honored you picked me to Pay It Forward! I’ve saved the wrapping because it’s so purdy 🙂 I’m late in doing my own Pay It Forward…goodness, has everyone received the Liebster Award already??? LOL

  8. Been readin’ for a while. Just wanted to let you know that your emails are a high point in my (computer) day. Thanks Gwen.

  9. It’s only okay if you link it up to 49 gazillion linky parties. 50 is just tacky.

  10. That is seriously cool! You were waiting to post it to give all the other bloggers a chance to be in the limelight. Cause you stole it fair and square. And the measuring tape…fun idea! What a great gift! Can’t wait to see what Jill does in return? Something cool!

  11. Very pretty- gorgeous blue.
    And you have such a sweet friend.
    Thanks for linking up!
    Stacey of Embracing Change

  12. I’ve TOTALLY got that gene…working on a birthday chart project thingy to get better about it…It makes me so sad at myself…

    …on a happier note though – that Pier 1 tape measure is off the hook – love!

  13. Hello Gwen, The project looks great & the post totally cracked me up – ESPECIALLY the award joke. {Used to love getting a message like that, now I live in fear of it!} Thanks so much for linking up to Fabulous Friday at Faith, Trust & Pixie Dust.

    Warmly, Michelle

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