Glitter Heart Magnets

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I love being surrounded by hearts.  I may get one tattooed on my face, so when I look in the mirror, I’ll see a heart there.

Just kidding.  Tattoos aren’t my thing, but sometimes I kinda wish they were.  But then I don’t.  It’s a vicious cycle.

Make these glitter heart magnets for yourself or your bff! They are fast, easy and super cute.

So, instead, I just made some sparkly, glittery heart magnets for my Ikea cabinet that holds all my office junk.

Here is what you need to make these Glitter Heart Magnets:

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This project is super quick and so easy… and it pays off big time!  Don’t you love projects that have a lot of bang for your buck?

First, coat each heart with a layer of mod podge.

glitter heart magnets-2

Then smother it with glitter.

glitter heart magnets-4

glitter heart magnets-5

When that layer is dry, go back over the glitter with more mod podge.

glitter heart magnets-6


Then, take your stick on magnets and stick them on.

glitter heart magnets-8

glitter heart magnets-9

My hearts were obviously a bit inebriated from all the glitter and couldn’t keep their magnet-pants on all night. So I had to get all parental on their glittery-backsides and glue them on permanently.

glitter heart magnets-12

It’s all good… they smiled at me all dimply, and I couldn’t resist their girlish charms.

See?  Aren’t you putty in their hands, too?

glitter heart magnets-10

Wouldn’t they be a super cute valentine gift for your teacher or bff?

glitter heart magnets-11

If you want to use them on your refrigerator, you might want to get some stronger magnets than the ones I’m using here.  I’m not sure these would hold paper well, but I am beyond certain you can get better ones.  Maybe ones that do cross-fit.  Check the package.

So, my dear bold one, are you totally smitten with sparkly things, too?

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  1. This might be my favorite line of all time: “My hearts were obviously a bit inebriated from all the glitter and couldn’t keep their magnet-pants on all night.” These glitter magnets and your post just make me smile!

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