Shazam DIY String Art and Video Tutorial

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The other day I showed you guys where I blog.  I received loads of high fives on Instagram and Facebook!  Thank You!

I’m still working in the office. I’d love to get it all done in one fell swoop, but that never happens.  I’m finally starting to be ok with it evolving over time. That’s real life, isn’t it?

But did I say I am making progress? And this project is one of my favorites!  There are a gazillion string art tutorials all over the internet, so I thought I’d give you a few tips in a video.  Do you like video tutorials?  I’m a visual learner, so I love them like a heart-shaped coffee filter wreath.

See how to make this SHAZAM DIY String art in this video from

The video isn’t a complete tutorial, so let me show you what to do before you string it.

Print out your template to the size you want it.

shazam string art-2

Grab some nails… just make sure they aren’t coated with oil.  I can honestly say I’ve never washed nails before.  Here’s my post on Instagram:

Screen Shot 2015-01-24 at 12.58.38 PM

Once your nails are all clean, oy vey…

shazam string art-3

Hammer them into your plywood around the outline of your letters.

shazam string art-4

Like so:

shazam string art-5

So, here, I nailed directly through the paper.  Not the biggest mistake in the world, because I was able to get it out. But I would HIGHLY recommend cutting your letters out and tracing around them instead.

shazam string art-6

Unless you have the patience of Job.  Apparently, I do because I literally took the time to get ALL of this stuck paper off the nails.

shazam string art-7

I think I should get some sort of blogging/crafting medal.  And a big plate of Chocolate Heart Pancakes.

Now it’s time to string.

Here’s how I did it:

Here are some gorgeous photos of the same thing in the video.

shazam string art-8

shazam string art-9

shazam string art-10

shazam string art-11

shazam string art-12

shazam string art-13

At the end, I add a dot of glue.  That’s not in the video. Oops.

shazam string art-14

Here she is all finished up.

shazam string art-15

shazam string art-16

I hung it right above my tissue paper tassel garland with these awesome Ready Screw D-Ring Hangers. <= Amazon affiliate link for easy online ordering!

shazam string art-19

What do you think?

shazam string art-21

Do you think it was worth spending fifteen and a half hours pulling out all those bits of blue paper?

Yeah. Me, too.

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  1. I just love this so much! Shazam is a totally fun word that people don’t use often enough. Awesome project!

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