Home Sweet Home Tour: The Breakfast Room

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Ahh…  Home Sweet Home…

{See this room with some updated Simple White Curtains!}


They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day…

Oranges on the Breakfast Table

So, if it’s so incredibly important… I mean, if you really, honest-to-goodness need those carbs from that Cinnamon Toast Crunch…

Hand-Painted Table

Then shouldn’t you eat it on a vintage, hand painted table? 

Handpainted Table

One with lots of gorgeous curves… like you?

Pedestal Table

And shouldn’t the chairs be so unique that you would drive around searching in every thrift, antique and vintage store for miles around?

Just to find ones that {hopefully} nobody else has?

Lovely Breakfast Chari

Knowing that with a little care and some new fabric, they’d become a bright spot, awakening your each morning with a happy start?

Breakfast Chair

And with a name like “Disco”, this fabric certainly make you want to ease on down the road and shake that groove thang, huh?

Disco Fabric

The best fabric in the world {apparently} for cat-napping… This one’s a keeper, I tell ya…

Cookie at the Table

And this photo-bombing blue-eyed sunshine is, too…

Brendan Photo Bomb

I think I’ll hang on to this XBox X-pert a little while longer, as well…

Morgan playing Xbox

This mongrel?  Hmmm… I’ll have to think about that for a second…

Monter Dog Photobomb

Some things are functional… but not forever…

Curtain Rod with beaded curtains

Some things are fun… but not very functional…

That’s ok.  These little mirrors may not do anyone any service, but they are a happy trio…

Little Mirrors in the Breakfast Room


And they are right at home perched atop our White-Board Crayon Stenciled Wall…  A fluke, but it too, a keeper!

Inside the pantry,  minus two shelves, add one small freezer…


Pantry Closet

Should I confess that this Breakfast room might actually be my favorite spot here in my Home Sweet Home?

Breakfast Room 4

Or should I confess that rather than eating breakfast here…

It’s really, hands down, by far the best dumping spot we have?

Do you have a spot that is your favorite dumping ground?

UPDATE: See how this space looks with the new, white IKEA Curtains!

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    1. Thanks, Janellie! Now, I just need to work on the chairs so they don’t send us smashing to the ground someday!

    1. Thanks, Cassie! I am glad i kept them…i almost washed it off to start over with paint. But Now, I’m really happy with it!

  1. lovies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My dining/breakfast nook table is the same blue, all over…and my chairs are covered in a verra similar fabric. Funny, no?

  2. Your room looks so peaceful and quiet. Are you laughing?
    Love that wall so much!
    I’ll take a bowl of Frosted Flakes, please. 🙂

    1. um…yes. Nothing is quiet and peaceful in this house!!!

      I’m tots craving a bowl of FF!!! argh.

  3. The curves on that table look better than mine but I do have a chunky center stump like that. And dumping grounds? Any flat surface is fair territory here, but Brawn doesn’t play fair – he also makes high areas a dumping ground, ones over my head because he’s tall. I guess he thinks I won’t see the mess that way.


    1. Oh,Merciness!!! I do, too!!! I hadn’t thought to look up high, but I’m pretty tall, so I don’t think Morgan has that option!

  4. Oh, girl…….this would be my favorite space, too! Freezer in the pantry? BRILLIANT! I remember when you did the walls….still looking for the perfect wall in my house to do….but I don’t remember the table. Did you do that???? How? Where’s the post? INCREDIBLE!

    And by the way….what ever happened to the space behind your closet….where you put the hole in your wall and found? I’m still looking for a wall in my house to do that to, too!!!!!

  5. Gwen, why is your whole home so darn dreamy? I can’t get over every single room! I especially love the secret freezer tucked away in the closet. Sneaky storage is the name of the game around here too!

    1. You are too sweet, Courtenay!!!

      That freezer has been a dream come true! I’m not searching for dinner at the last minute anymore! Secret storage is awesome, yo.

  6. Love your table and chairs and the drapes. Cookie looks happy with everything. How about hotshot? You are amazing! Mom and Dad

    1. Hehehe! Oh, Hot Shot is always happy! I’ve finally figured out how to keep him off the bed! I put the vacuum in front of the door and he won’t go near it!!! 🙂

    1. Thank you, Ali! I hope to jazz it up a little more, soon!

      Have you seen the blog, A Beautiful Mess? OMG…

  7. Very pretty. Yes, we too have a dumping ground. When I add the leaf to our kitchen table to enlarge it for guests, it immediately takes on an additional role of dumping ground. Not enough horizontal space in our home!!! OY.

  8. Gren, I just found your site. I love your wall, and table. Will definitely try this one day. One of the comments mentioned something about a secret wall in a coat closet…I would like to see that. How do I find it and anything else you have down?
    Thank you, Ruth

    1. I do have secret in my coat closet! I don’t think I’ve ever posted about it. Maybe I should!

      I just cut out the drywall in the closet under my stairs and have been able to store a lot of stuff there. One day, I hope to really open it up and finish it out. there would be so much more storage space if I could!

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