March 2020 Bullet Journal Layout

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In this post, you’ll see my March Bullet Journal layout for 2020.  There’s a cover page, a monthly overview and a weekly layout, plus a free printable that you can trace right into your BUJO!

Happy rainbow for March

I just started bullet journaling in January, so this is only my third attempt at a bullet journal layout. Let’s take a look at my cover page, my month at a glance, in my weekly spread.

March bullet journal pages

March bullet journal cover page

This month I decided that I wanted something happy but also very March. I thought about doing traditional shamrocks, but I couldn’t quite get inspired. Then I thought about the pot of gold and the rainbow. But I wasn’t very stoked about drawing pots of gold.

However, I love the idea of decorating the month with pastel colored rainbows. Now that was something I could get behind!  That’s when I decided that I needed all the pastel colors, but I wanted my rainbow to smile. So I came up with this cute march cover page below.

Happy rainbow over the word March

If you would like to use this happy rainbow, feel free to download and print this happy rainbow template. The first page is a full-size rainbow, and the second page has a medium size rainbow and a small rainbow. That will give you options as to what size you would like to use in your journal.

Pastel colored rainbow with a :-)

March bullet journal monthly overview

I’ve found that I really like the more traditional monthly overview, so that’s what I went with for March.  I created a small calendar, a little bit bigger than the one I used in Feb so I could color in the days we have swim meets.

Then on the opposite page, I numbered the days down the left hand side and added my monthly notes.

March calendar

I used the same font for “March”, but I just drew it freehand this time.  On the cover page, I actually traced it.  Nothing wrong with tracing!!!

You can see what my friend, who has a degree in graphic design, said about tracing in this instagram post! (It’s in the comments)

March weekly spread

I’m sticking with my horizontal spread like I had in February.  It really worked well for me.  I also have the “weekly tasks” column on the far right side.  I have a lot of repetitive things to do during the week, so instead of putting them all on Monday, I log them on the appropriate day when I finish them.

March weekly spread

I really like the large boxes with the dates in them, but I think I could have made the names of the days a little bit smaller. They get bigger as you go down the page and are taking up a little too much room. Oh well! I’ll do better next month.

My favorite bullet journal supplies

  • Dotted notebook journal
    • The dotted notebook makes is so easy to grid out calendars and days!  You really can use any notebook, and I would love to use a blank sketchbook, but I would really miss the dots that help me grid everything out.
  • Tombow pastel dual brush pens
    • I made the mistake of trying to use regular Crayola markers, then once I went back to my Tombo brush pens, the difference was astounding. The colors were more even, and went on more like watercolor paint. I’ll never use anything other than a Tombow brush pen again.
  • Micron pens
    • You can use any regular pen for your bullet journal, but if you’re going to be doodling at all, highly recommend a set of micron pens. They come in many different thicknesses, which is great when you need to outline or doodle.

If you have never kept a bullet journal, I highly recommend checking out You can see exactly how the system works! It has really helped me be more productive and keep my tasks prioritized.

I hope you like my march bullet journal pages, and find inspiration in the happy rainbow printable.

Let me know what you think down in the comments below!






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