A Bold Bat Wreath



The Bold Abode has gone batty… but let me tell you… it didn’t take much.



It wasn’t long ago, that Spring was here and new wreaths sprung up like daisies…

Bat and Daisies

Where has all the time gone, my bleeps?

Bat Wreath Angle

It has literally flown by…

Bat Wreath Close Up

Flapped it’s graceful wings and transformed itself into the glittery past…

Front Porch and Bat Wreath

But, here in the crisp, cool air of the Fall,  I guess  there will be no need for adding any faux webs this year.  Apparently, we’ve got that covered over here…

Spider webs


Is there such a thing as “Fall Cleaning”?  Because I think we might need a little of that…

Click over to see the nitty gritty of how the Daisy Wreath went batty…

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What the BOLD ones say:

    • says

      Hehe…those dern spiders! I have to get my rear out there and give the porch a once over!

      Thanks so much!

  1. says

    Oh Yay! We have matching frames on our doors – I think I may have got that idea from you. We also have matching spider webs —eeew! Happy Fall! (is it as muggy at your house as it is at mine?)

    • says

      Oh, yay! I’m thrilled to have something like you do… cuz your taste is SO amazing!!! Whoooo-hoooo!!!!

      It’s so gross over here… foggy and mucky! I’m totally hating it!

  2. says

    Awesomely cute wreath Gwen! It’s still cute, but a little bit spooky too. And I’m feeling your pain with all the webs? I knock em down and the next night, they’re back! Yuk!

    • says

      Thanks, Jill! I need to get out there tomorrow and knock them down. But, you are right, they come right back!!!

  3. says

    Very cool on that blue door, Gwen.
    Spiderwebs…we keep them out of harm’s way all summer just for Halloween.
    That’s my lame-o story, anyway.
    I must say that I want to make a bat signal now and put it high in the sky.

    • says

      Haha! That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it!

      And that is exactly what my boys said when I put that wreath up!

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