How to Install a Dimmer Switch

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Sooooo….  I bought some new LED lights for the kitchen.  We didn’t really need new lights.  In fact, we had just bought some lights, but as the summer progressed, I felt myself wanted to get back in the kitchen more.  I love to share healthy-ish, gluten free recipes with you guys, but I’d gotten away from it mainly because I’ve really been working improving my photography.  Since photographing recipes just has to happen in the kitchen, I was just getting frustrated with the lack of natural light in there.  I have light coming in from the sides, but there is only one small window above the sink.  You can see it in my kitchen tour here.  It just wasn’t giving me the level of daylight that I really wanted.

I did my best to adjust my settings on my camera and try to use just natural light, but felt as if I couldn’t get things quite right, and my pictures were still less than stellar.

Enter Daylight LED Lights.  Wow.  What a big difference these guys make!  I don’t have a side by side comparison for you.. I wish I did!  But you will see how much cooler the photos from my kitchen are now.   Being able to turn on the lights while I shoot is great.  Before, if I turned on the lights, all my photos had that yellowy tint to them, and now it’s so much better.

BUT…  They are some bright lights.  Almost blindingly so.  Which is why Morgan came up with the idea to install a dimmer.  That way, late at night, the kitchen lights aren’t so horribly bright.

So let’s get to it by starting with a disclaimer:  I’m not an electrician.  Consult a professional before installing a new switch or doing anything to your electrical system in your home.  

Installing a dimmer switch is really pretty easy! See how we did it in this post about how to install a dimmer switch!

How to Install a Dimmer Switch

First, here is what we used:

how to install a dimmer switch

We grabbed one of the lower priced dimmers and a Screwless wall plate.

To instal your new dimmer, first TURN OFF THE ELECTRICITY.  We don’t want any accidents or zapping going on!

Next remove the old switch.

how to install a dimmer switch-2

how to install a dimmer switch-3


Then match up the cords from the switch to what you have in the wall.

Be sure to read the instructions.  Your wires may be different from ours!

Here’s how ours worked:

  1. Green to Copper Ground Wire.
  2. Red to Black.
  3. Red and White to Red.
  4. Then we had an extra black cord from the continuous circuit since our lights have 2 switches in the kitchen. You can see in the photo below how we attached both of those wires to the black wire coming from the dimmer.


how to install a dimmer switch-4

Once you have all the wires twisted together and capped with the wire connectors you can push everything back into the wall and screw the dimmer switch in.

how to install a dimmer switch-5

Now we are ready to attach the Screwless plate.  First you attach the inner section to the screws on the dimmer.

how to install a dimmer switch-7

Then just pop on the cover and you’re done!

how to install a dimmer switch-6

I have to admit, we did have some issues with the lights flashing, but there is an adjustment knob on the switch that you can play with.  Once we got that setting right, the lights stopped flashing.  I love a good dance party, but not first thing in the morning when I’m trying to get to the fridge and grab my kombucha.

Have you ever changed out light switches?

Let me know down in the comments below!


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  1. Thank you so much for posting this! I have been wanting to get a dimmer in the dining room for some time, but was waiting until I could afford to get an electrician. Reading your post, and watching a few youtube videos motivated me to try it myself….and it was so easy! I ended up purchasing the same dimmer you have, at about $22, plus a switchplate for $4. So at $26 and about 20 minutes of time, I have my dimmer installed! It looks great!
    I do have to mention I’m in an older house with no ground wire, but otherwise all the wiring matched up perfect!

    Thanks again!!

    1. Brigit,
      I’m so glad you decided to do it yourself and that it worked out.
      Thanks for sharing your success!

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