How to Make A Vintage Inspired Apron Pattern

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Vintage Apron PatternChild birth is nothing short of a miracle, and I’ve been blessed with the experience twice.

With my firstborn, Morgan, I was so lucky to have my friend, Karen, from Jackson, MS graciously volunteer her time as a Doula.

I was able to stay at home very comfortably for several hours before we made our short mile trip to our local Women’s center.  She was there all night long coaching and encouraging me. When I got stuck at 9cm, she prayed with me and guided me through it.  It was a long night, and I didn’t expect to stay so close to labor for 2 hours stuck like that!

Fortunately, with a little time and a smidge of Staidol, Little Morgan arrived safely and strong as an ox!

Little Morgans birth

This Vintage Inspired Apron Series has been just a tad like that.

When I birthed this series, I swear I didn’t plan to take two months off.  Life happened and I was on the short end of the stick.  I know you have been there, right?

Maybe I need a Blog Doula….

But once I finally finished my dining room update, I started to feel like my old, bold self again.  Rock on.

So today, we’re going to get rollin’ on our Vintage Inspired Apron.  And wouldn’t these aprons would be awesome Holiday gifts?  Your apronee would just love you!

The first step to making your very own Vintage Inspired Apron is to:

Make your pattern.

I like to use this dotted pattern paper to make sure I get all my lines straight, but feel free to use tissue paper or any other paper you have lying around.

Apron Pattern

I’ve even used bulletin board paper when I ran out!

The Vintage Inspired Apron Pattern has 4 parts:

  1. The Apron
  2. The Waistband
  3. The Ties
  4. The Ruffle

To make the Apron piece:

  • Measure from the left side of your wait around the font of your waist to the opposite side. 3 inches for box 2 box pleats and add 1 inch for side hems.
  • Then measure from your waist to where you it to hang on your thigh.  I’d say a little more than halfway to your knee…  Nothing wrong with guestimating here. And remember, you’ll have the bottom ruffle which will add some length.

To make the Waistband:

  • Use the measurement of your waist and add 1 inch for seams.  Cut a rectangle the length of your measurement plus seam allowance with a width of 5″.

To make the Ties:

  • Cut a rectangle 25.5″ by 5″.  You will need 2 of these.

To make the Ruffle:

  • On the fold, cut a rectangle 23″ by 4.5″

Easy peasy.  But if your are not sure about measuring yourself and making your own pattern, I’ve created a pdf of my measurements for you!  Feel free to download and make your pattern from it.

Diclaimer:  I’m 5’11” so it might be a little big if you’re 4’7″.  Just warnin’ ya.

Apron Pattern

You can click on the link above or the image below and the pdf will open in a new tab.

Or you can right click on the link above or the image below, select “Save link as” and you can download it and save it to your computer.

Vintage Apron Pattern

If you have any problems downloading the pdf, just Holla at Me and I can send it to you via email.

Once we get our pattern cut out, we’ll learn how to make a ruffle and add it to our Apron Skirt.  It’s not hard, I pinky-promise!

So let’s move on to Part 2: How to make a Ruffle!


Miss the beginning?

Read more about this project in the Introduction!




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  1. So cute Gwen!

    I love, love, love kitchen aprons and I really ought to make some since I practically live in the kitchen in our home. 🙂

  2. Awh, what a sweet story to start off a post! I’m such a sucker for birth stories. 🙂

    Love love love this apron!

  3. I love this! However, I’m in the middle of making it and haven’t found where you listed how to do the apron portion. Can you link to it please?

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