A January Menu Planner To Make Meal Planning Easy – 2022

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Inside: Free Printable Menu Planner plus recommended recipes for January 2022

Menu Planning for January of 2022

Watch the video about this menu planner below:

One of the most helpful things for me mentally and financially is to take a few minutes every week to plan our our family meals.

Even though we only have one boy left at home (and he’ll be graduating and leaving for Virginia Tech in a couple of years), meal planning is still one of the most helpful parts of my life!

If I don’t meal plan, things can get hairy fast! I blow our food budget and grasp for dinner last minute creating stress where I didn’t need to.

This is why I create my personal menu planner and share it here on the Bold Abode! There is nothing like knowing you have a plan and the groceries ready to go.

Brainstorming For The Menu Planner

The newest part of my monthly planner includes a brainstorming sheet! If I don’t sit down and look for new recipes, I end up making the same things all the time…and people get bored.

Not me. I could eat the same thing every day for a month. It’s just how I’m wired.

But my family would balk in loud screeching tones if I tried to do that for them. It would be a revolt of epic proportions.

So, by having this sheet and taking 20 minutes to find a few new recipes, I save myself from a lot of complaining!

Weekly Menu Printables for January 2022

After I’ve brainstormed some family favorites and some new meal ideas, I create my menu for the week. Sometimes I do two weeks of meal planning at a time. Now that is a massive time saver!

The premium January printable collection has dated weekly pages for you to use!

Shopping List Preparation

In the premium version, I’ve also included a shopping list. I’ve tried and tried to create a list on my phone but for me, it’s such a hassle trying to balance my phone and grab the groceries. I get frustrated when the phone turns off and I can’t open it because my face has a mask on it. (yes, I still wear a mask at the grocery store…hopefully not forever tho!)

So I much prefer having a paper list! And this one is so cute it makes me happy.

January Grocery List

Categorizing my groceries by section makes shopping so much easier. If I don’t use categories, I forget one thing is way across the store from where I am and have to backtrack through the aisles of stuff and fellow grocery buyers.

How to get the premium January 2022 meal planner

For January 2022, I’m offering the full, premium meal planner to you for a sum total of FREE!

Just click over to this page to download your planner!

For the following months of the year, I’ll be giving away one free page per month to my email subscribers, but you’ll be able to purchase the entire month’s Menu Planner printable for a real steal of a deal!

Recipe Recommendations For January of 2022

This January I’ve already made some new recipes and here are a couple I’ve loved!

Focaccia Bread – I love making bread and it’s been years since I’ve made Focaccia bread. Sometimes focaccia recipes have a very long first rise, but this recipe is quick and easy. It turned out super yummy!

Creamy Chicken and Pasta Soup – I actually used farfalle pasta and added some spicy sausage to it. It was delish!

And here are some of my personal recipes that we love to eat on the regular!

Quick and Easy Drop Biscuit Recipe

CrockPot Chili Recipe for a Big Crew!

Hot and Spicy Baked Sweet Potatoes

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