Peace Heart Bleach T-shirt

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collageAt the end of eight grade, way back in 1986, when big hair wasn’t quite big enough, I went to my first, honest-to-goodness boy/girl party.

Or was it my second?DIY-Bleach-Spray-Shirt-3

Nonetheless, there were girls there, and there were boys there.  And I was so wanting to be super cool and hip and trendsetting.

So, I took my coveted Guess jeans… you know the ones with the zippers at the ankles?

I took them, wrapped cotton string all up and down and around them, popped them into the washer and added a TON of bleach.

When I pulled them out, they were cool…like the MTV kinda cool.  I was exhilarated.

bleach t shirt-2

Of course, my mom wasn’t home, so there was that.

But, I wore them to the party… with my pink and white striped, oversized button down and super-sized white V-neck sweater vest.

Remember those?

I thought I was going to make history!  I was going to finally be the coolest girl in the room.

Alas, and alas. The story took a grievous turn.

All the obnoxious eight grade boys laughed and joked saying that my mom must have forgotten how to wash my clothes.

I waited as long as I could stand it, and after about thirty minutes, snuck quietly out and walked the very short distance to my house.

Every step felt like someone was yanking out my pitiful, eigth grade heart. Wiping the tears from my red-rimmed eyes,  I promptly threw them in the trash.

Fast forward a few years, and I’m no longer that starry-eyed little girl.

bleach t shirt-3

I’m a girl who knows what I like and doesn’t care what the boys think.

And I think bleached out T-shirts are super cool.

bleach t shirt-4

Jessi’s Owl Bleach Shirt is super cool.

And so is my Peace Heart Bleach Shirt.

I used my new Cricut to cut out the heart.

bleach t shirt-5

And I used regular vinyl to make the stencil.

It worked really well!

Super quick and super cute way to make a fun t-shirt design!  This DIY Peace Heart Bleat T-shirt is so neato!

This was literally the easiest 10 minute shirt to make.  Easier than my Geometric Heart Stenciled Shirt. {which is also super cool, I must say}

Be sure to pop over to Practically Functional for the detailed instructions! 

Thanks, Jessi for such a cool idea.  I LOVE it!

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