5 Simple Tips to Boost Your Energy Level

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In November of 2012, I woke up one day and realized that I was flat out EXHAUSTED. I felt as if I were walking through life with my arms and legs strapped with 10lb weights.

Life was not easy. Everything little thing, from dishes to laundry to just being with my family was such a struggle.

Today, I’m a totally different person. I’m energetic and move through life as if I had wings instead of those darn leg weights! I could never have fathomed life could be so light and joyful.

What happened?

That day that I realized how exhausted I was, I made a simple choice. That choice was to take charge of my life.

Here are the 5 simple tips I used to boost my energy level… and you can, too!

Are you tired?  Here are 5 ways to boost your energy level so you can feel refreshed and ready to go!

1. Protect your dream time!

I realized that marrying a night owl had been a HUGE influence on my bedtime. I’m so not a night owl. My owl is tired at night.

So, I told my husband that I love him, but our midnight {or later} bed time wasn’t doing it for me.

I have to have my head on the pillow by 10:30 at the latest. 10-ish? Even bettah.

2. Ban caffeine from your life.

Yes. All caffeine.

This wasn’t child’s play, yo. I was drinking massive amounts of diet soda. If I told you how much, you’d probably loose your eyeballs to the street.

And if I didn’t have it in the house when I woke up, I’d drive to Sonic and get it.

I quit cold turkey. Let me tell you now… this wasn’t fun. I had some headaches and the cravings were pretty ridiculous.

But, I held on and every time I passed Sonic, I’d just look the other way.

Now? I have WAY more energy than I ever had when I was mainlining caffeine. I’m more even keeled and my family couldn’t be more thankful.

3. Get out of that chair for at least 10 minutes everyday.

I exercise pretty much everyday. In the past, I’d go for a few months determined to get in shape, and then once I got there, I’d let the business of life talk me into skipping it.

Last year, that all changed. I’ve noticed a huge improvement in my energy, my body and my self-confidence.

I quit telling myself I couldn’t and started telling myself, I can.

I’m my biggest cheerleader and it feels amazing to love myself that way. Boojah!

4. Put a microscope to the foods you let in your body.

I eat and drink only what leaves me feeling good. Notice, I didn’t say that I eat what “makes me feel good”.

A snickers bar will make me feel good for all of about 10 seconds… and then leave me hating myself the rest of the day.

Instead, I eat loads of veggies and proteins. I don’t eat anything that has refined sugar.

I don’t eat really any carbs because they make me itchy and give me brain fog.

I don’t eat or drink dairy. Cheese doesn’t bother me terribly, but to drink a glass of milk? Headache city!

Instead, I use Silk Soymilk. I use it in breakfast shakes and in my vanilla steamed “milk”. Yum!

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5. Surround yourself with positive, energetic people.

You’ve heard it. You become like those you surround yourself with, right?

So, I’ve made a point of seeking out people that are health conscious, energetic, and positive. I want to be around people that are striving to be be a part of the solution instead of only finding the problems.

I’m thankful to have great friends that encourage me to stay healthy and life a positive lifestyle.

I can’t say how important this is!

Your mind is SO powerful and the thoughts you think are the key to peace and happiness.

Be positive, watch your thoughts like a mother hen, and you’ll attract positive people in your life. And yes, it will give you great, powerful, positive, mind-blowing energy!

If you really want more energy… you can do it! Just make the decision and don’t ever, ever, ever, ever change your mind again.

What are your favorite ways to boost your energy? I’m all ears!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Silk. The opinions and text are all mine.

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