A Number 2 Bathroom Shelf

Organization is NOT my strong suit…

When I was a little, eight year old girl…

8 year old Gwen

My oldest sister bought me a book for my birthday. It was supposed to teach me how to clean my room…

If Flylady had sprouted wings thirty years ago, this would have been her book… A book for all sidetracked-home-executives to be… like me.

But, alas, though I tried, with my boxes for

  • Keep
  • Donate
  • Throw Away

I ever and again failed miserably…

But now… I’m getting there.  I’m getting there one little detail at a time.  And I’m finding that I actually enjoy having things organized…

Notice I said, “having” and not “keeping” or “making”…

I think that is the key… to concentrate on the results of how it makes me feel rather than dwelling on the process..

So, I’m working on NOT thinking so much.  How that is a good idea goes against all that is true and holy, but actually, it’s working.

Now, I don’t mean discerning, I mean dwelling and anticipating and stressing.  Get the difference?

Anyway, there I go again, digressing from the entire point of this crazy post…

Life often throws unexpected things our way, doesn’t it?

So, when life threw a mini-shelf at me, I embraced it…

Shelf Before

Claimed it..

Number 2

And named it..

Number 2 transfer

Numbered it…

Trace over the transfer with a Sharpie

And colored it…

No 2 Shelf 2

Hung it in a quiet place for “organizational” purposes…

No 2 Bathroom Shelf

I just needed a little Number 2 Bathroom Shelf, because, let’s face it… with multiple toiletry choices, things can quickly get out of hand in there.


Life threw this one at me, too.

Big White Shelf

So if you know of any Giants that need their own number 2 shelf to house their gargantuan toiletries, just give me a holler…

P.S.  To imprint that Number 2,  all I did was print (on best quality) a mirror image of that cool number ‘2’, laid it directly on the surface of the soon-to-be-Number-2-shelf, and rubbed it on.  Yup.  That’s all it took.  No freezer paper transfer method used in this project.

Of course, then I had to trace over it with a Sharpie so you could actually see it.  I thought about pulling out the black paint, but let’s get real…  It’s a shelf.  For the bathroom. Of which only 2 people ever use.

Yes, Mr. Lazy partied with me today, and I gave him some snacks in the process.  :)

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  1. says

    All shelves should have a number. That would make it so much simpler to tell your family where to put things. “Put that on the number #4 shelf”. And can I ask…did you pick #2 on purpose for the bathroom?? Or is it just me that finds the humor in that?

    • says

      Oh, yes. Yes it would!

      And no, you just get me without my having to explicitly state it! And, oh, how glad I am that you do!

  2. says

    HA! It’s so subtle, but it’s hilarious. And beautiful of course. I bet you’ll be seeing a few copies of this one out there soon!

  3. says

    What??? No Suessical rhyme for No. 2 in the loo?
    This is hilarious!
    At my house it would used for the iPad. TMI? haha

    • says


      No, no Suessical rhymes this time… but I’ve got one cooking in my brain somewhere, I’m certain!

      Oh, y-y-you make me smile!

    • says

      You are too awesomesauce for your own good…

      Boys would love this, wouldn’t they? Even Morgan thought it was funny. A little sense of humor goes a long way, doesn’t it? Even in the bathroom…ha!

  4. says

    Oh Gwen, only you would have such a use for the number Two :) It’s hysterical! Thanks for the laugh and good luck with the rest of your organizational activities :)

  5. says

    That is just where number two should be. In the middle of the shelf. What did you think I meant, number two should be in the bathroom?


    • says

      I, too, had to refrain myself from blatantly spelling it out! I’m glad you got it… makes me feel not so alone over here..haha!

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