10 Ways to Shake Up Your Home and Make It Your Own!

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When I walk into my home, I want to feel at home.  I don’t want to feel like I’m bound by “resale” and “builder grade” options.  I know there may come a time when we will have to move, but I refuse to think like that.  I do sort of keep it in the back of my mind, but at this point, there’s really not much point. I’m ok with that.  I may have to undo some stuff when that time comes, but I think it’s more important to surround myself with a home that speaks to my heart and not the realtors, if you know what I mean.

So, here are ten ways that I have {and YOU CAN!}

Shake Up Your Home and Make It Your Own!

When I walk into my home, I want to feel at home. I don't want to feel like I'm bound by "resale" and "builder grade" options. Here are 10 ways that you can Shake Up Your Home and Make it Your Own!

1. Paint Your Walls

You’re probably saying, DUH, Gwen.  Of course painting the walls is the first and most obvious way to thrust some personality into your home.

But here’s my take.  I find colors that are just a bit off the color.  Like, I don’t paint anything BLUE or whatever.  I like “in-between” colors. I found an amazing color to paint the downstairs called Moody Blue from Sherwin Williams.  Sometimes it looks blue-ish and sometimes it looks green-ish.  It’s, well… moody. Kinda like me in the middle of the you-know-what.  Here it is in my living room:


I’m still not tired of it yet.  It makes me feel warm and cozy.

But you don’t just have to slap paint on the walls!  You can do lots of amazing things, like stencils some stripes like I did in the Master Bedroom.  Shake it up. Make it your own!

Gold Desk on Wall

You can even use a Sharpie and draw on the walls.  It didn’t take too long to do this and it was SUPER cheap… Under $8.00 to do above the board and batten in my office.


You don’t even have to do a geometric pattern.  Just draw some hearts or trace a stenciled sheep or something.  Let you mind wander and come up with something that really reflects who YOU are!

2. Stand Out with a Bright Front Door

I have to say, I love being the only one in the neighborhood with a Blue Mosque Front Door!  It’s very me and it super easy to give directions.

We’re just the second house on the left… yeah, that’s right. The one with the bright blue front door.

When picking out your paint color for your front door, take some time.  Buy several paint samples like I did:

front door paint samples

{BTW… SO glad I didn’t go with the Grape.. so glad.}

Step back and let it sink in before you paint. Then GO FOR IT!

3. Bling Out Your Planters

Anyone can go buy some concrete planters from the Big Box Store.  Why not make yours sparkle and shine?  You can paint them like these:

Paint your concrete planters. They look so much better!

But why stop there?  You can even Gold Leaf them! I show you how to do it in this post.

gold leaf concrete-7

Your front porch is the first impression of your home, so make it ooze personality… just like you do!

4. Make Some Custom Lamp Shades

You can find vintage/retro/old lamps at the thrift store all day long, but they usually need some love.  One way I have given my lamps a new look is by making them Circle Skirt Lamp Shades. You can read this post to see how to make them for your lamps.

circle-skirt-lampshadeIt’s just a fun and funky way infuse some life into something that might otherwise be super boring.  I’m actually thinking about updating these guys with some new fabric soon, but I love the circle skirt. It’s fun and flirty and just plain different!

A great way to show you’re different, too.

5. Get rid of the Boob lights

Oh. My. Word.  We have them every-freaking-where. EVERYWHERE!

And I’ve just started extricating them from my life.  Instead of living with the infamous builder boob, try updating some vintage lighting and adding your own flair!

Color Cord is an amazing company and a great way to add a pop of color to a Vintage Light Restoration.  Here’s what I did in my office:

DIY Vintage Light Restoration-25

Doesn’t that pop of pink just scream “GWEN”!  You can choose your own color and make it scream, YOU!

You can see how I updated this light right here.  It wasn’t as scary as it might seem and once you do it, you’ll be confident to tackle the rest of the boobs in the house.  I know I am!

If you need more DIY Lighting ideas that are totally doable, I’ve collected 28 totally amazing DIY Lighting Ideas in this post right here.

6. Craft Your Decor

Sometimes it’s the little things that give your home a sense of fun and flair.  It doesn’t have to be a big, ole, giant work of art, like this DIY Pixel Art.  It might be something simple but filled with jazz.

Take tissue paper.  What on earth can’t you do with it?  You can create giant flowers or wreaths or maybe some fun colored tissue paper garlands.

tissue paper tassels-9

They are super easy to make and bring life to what might otherwise be a sad and boring room.  You can see my detailed instruction here and make your own.  Use soft pastels or bright vibrant metallics.  Show who you are and make it your own.

Or you might want to make something even smaller.  Something like these little glitter heart magnets.

glitter heart magnets-11

How simple are these guys? They are fun, festive and a great way to make your heart smile. And if you are going to glitter stuff, be sure you know how to do it so the glitter actually stays on.  You an find my tips right here.

7. Paint That Old {Or New} Furniture

Painting furniture is a great way to show your personality off! There are so many amazing furniture paints out there now… Milk paint and Chalk paint to name a few.

Here is a piece I painted with DecoArt’s Chalky Finish {from Home Depot} and some Liquid Gold Leaf {from the craft store}:

chalky paint sunburst console-14

It was just an old sofa table that a friend gave me, but it was drab and scratched up.  The perfect candidate for a makeover. Don’t be afraid to paint wood especially if it’s worn out and old.  For more inspiring furniture painting, you need to visit Cassie at Primitive and Proper.  She is the queen of painting furniture!

8. Have Fun with Your Stairs!

If you don’t have carpet on your stairs, they are fun waiting to happen.  You can paint them, stencil them, draw word art on them or add some removable wall paper to them like I did:

Black and White Wallpaper Stairs

I got my wallpaper from Spoonflower.com.  They have amazing patterns and you can buy samples to get a variety.  I also love these stairs and these and these!

Not many people think of decorating their stairs. I can’t tell you how many people that have visited my house say this is their favorite thing ever. Sprucing up your boring stairs is a fantastic way to shake up your home and make it your own.

9.  Make Your Own Wall Art

Sure, you can go to Pier 1 and buy some canned wall art.  But how personal is that?  It doesn’t take much work or money or raw talent to do this.  Create some abstract art or blow up some photos and hang them on the walls.  My favorite project that I have done to date is my pixel wall art.  It’s just lots of traingles painted in various shades of colors.  You don’t even have to have a template to go by. Just pick a few colors and paint randomly.

diy pixel art-3

Or try string art!  It’s so easy and you can use any word or phrase or shape you want.  If you love owls, string art an owl.  If you love hearts, string that heart art!

I did one with the word SHAZAM and it hangs in my office to remind me that I’m awesome… cuz sometimes, I forget.

shazam string art-21

You can read this post here to see directions and make your own string art.

10.  Make Your Own Printables and Frame Them

One of the best, most economical and fun ways to liven up your home is to create your very own Printables!  I use Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, but if you’re not into learning those beasts, just use a free site like PicMonkey or Canva and go to town.  Just pick your favorite fonts and colors and use a favorite quote or an inside joke!

I have some Gold Foil Printables that I made and hung in my office, and they make me smile everytime I see them.  They aren’t printed on anything fancy… just from my inkjet printer on cardstock.

framed fold foil printables-5

If you don’t want to make your own, just grab these three free printables and frame them!  I’m happy to share.

So, are you ready to Shake Up Your Home and Make it Your Own?

Tell me down in the comments what you are going to try first… or what you’ve already done to give your home personality. I want to hear all about it.

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  1. These are all such wonderful and budget-friendly ideas. I just love your sense of style and your bold pops of color. Your home just makes me smile! 🙂 And those stairs are AMAZING.

  2. i stumbled upon your blog on Pinterest. GIRLFRIEND you are a designer after my own art heart! I adore the ideas you posted here and am Aran for life! I tell my art students all the time how they should develop “their ” style..not copy others. A home is exactly where that should happen first. If we are in a constant state of ” it won’t sell if I do this”. Then sell it now….live with joy…color…and fantastic abandon in your own castle. Way to go! Stay Calm and paint on!

  3. I thought I was the only one who called them boob lights! Enjoyed your article and encouragement to have fun in my house. I’ve made some color mistakes too, but thought off white and yellow whites would offset colorful fabric. Nope. I’m stuck in beige land. I think I’ll paint a wall a fun color and try pixel art with all the paint chips I’ve collected over the last ten years. Thanks for the inspiration.

    1. Haha! You are not alone!

      Thanks so much for your sweet comment, Victoria!

  4. Loved all your budget friendly ideas. Just wondering how you print gold foil from a home printer?

    1. My gold foil printables are all made with the gold foil pattern, so I just print them on a regular printer, Pam. They look like gold foil, but just aren’t shiny. I know there is a machine to apply gold foil, but I can’t remember what it’s called!

      1. Thanks Gwen for your reply. You’ve inspired me to give it ago. I shall try and hunt it down here in Australia. I have only seen sheets to use with a laser printer. Cheers. Pam

        1. I think that is what I’ve seen, too, Pam. I would love to have that machine that does that, but I don’t have a laser printer yet… YET!!!

  5. Hi, I saw this lamp made out of a tree stump and I simply had to have it! Later, I made fabric proteas, that were beautiful on its own, but when I put them together, it just made all the textures stand out. I think that is what you try say on your blog aswell, that you have to experiment to make it YOU. Great ideas!

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