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Digital Christmas Wallpaper: Glittery Christmas Tree Pink Fantasia

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Yay!  It’s the very first Digital Day here at The Bold Abode.  I’ve been wanting to do this for a very, very long time and am super excited to be making it come true!

I love to dress my tech and have done so quite often.  I’ve only designed a few of them for myself, so I’m challenging myself to learn more about digital design and Adobe Illustrator.  Ai is a powerful graphics design program of which I’ve only scratched the surface.  I’m not the most gifted illustrator or anything.  In fact, I used the glittery tree from a stock vector, though with my iPad Pro and Apple Pencil, I could have easily drawn this simple tree from scratch. Everything else is my custom design, which I’m feeling a little bit nervous, but so thrilled to share.

Our first Digital Christmas Wallpaper design is full on girl mode.  Loads of pink with a gold glittery tree. Add in some strings of white lights and we’re ready to get our digital party on!

Deck out your Devices with this Free Glittery Tree Pink Fantasia Wallpaper! For Desktop, laptop, Ipad, Iphone X, Iphone and apple watch #christmas #digitalwallpaper #dressyourtech #imac #ipad #iphone #iphonex


Notes about the Wallpapers:

The laptop and desktop versions have a December Calendar.  I almost added the calendar to the ipad, but hesitated.  Would you like it on the ipad?  Let me know so in the future I can add it there!

I just got the iPhone X, so I made one specifically for it.  I have to say, the face unlock feature for the iPhone X is pretty darn awesome.  That and the talking emojis.  Yes, they’re so not necessary, but I confess, they are super fun.

How to Download

Just click the link below to download whichever size you need.  Once it loads in a new tab, just right click => save image as => then save it to your pictures folder.  From there you can go into your settings and change your wallpaper!

If you are on a mobile device, just force press until you see “save image” and it will add it to your photo gallery.

I hope you enjoy this super pink, super girly Digital Christmas Wallpaper!

Download the Glittery Christmas Tree Pink Fantasia Wallpaper

Desktop | Laptop

iPad Lock ScreeniPad Home Screen

iPhone X Lock ScreeniPhone X Home Screen

iPhone Lock Screen | iPhone Home Screen

Apple Watch 

downloads are for personal use only

Fonts used in this design: Adellove

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