DIY Pendant Light {and bulletin board combo}

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Do you remember back a few months ago when I shared How to rewire and hang a vintage light and I used that amazing pink color cord?

No? Go see it.  I’m not going anywhere.

Thanks to the Color Cord company for sending me this pendant light cord, too.  It’s incredible, is it not?  Again.  Not going anywhere.

So, I used it to create this DIY Pendant Light/Bulletin Board Combo.

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Make your own DIY Pendant Light and bulletin board with


I spent forever thinking about what I was going to do with this pendant.  Oh, the possibilities are endless!  Just take a look at their pins.

Did you get lost in all of that dreamy-ness?  I could just nestle down with a cup of hot sweet cinnamon spice tea and forget my need to pluck the whiskers from my aging chin.

{don’t sit there and tell me you don’t know what I’m talking about.}

I finally decided I needed a light above my desk, but I also wanted to be able to tape cool stuff up there as well. Ergo, the bulletin board light was born.

How to make this DIY Color Cord Light {and bulletin board combo}

What you’ll need:

First measure how long you want your dowel to be.  I cut mine about 15.5 inches long.  It wasn’t any kind of exact science… I just eye-balled it.

Then, using your miter saw, cut one end of the dowel at about a 30 degree angle so it will point upwards.

diy cord light-2

First, I tried drilling a hole perpendicular to the dowel.  I’m not going to lie… this was a bit tricky.

diy cord light-4

Then I tried to drill a hole at the same angle the your dowel.  Again… a bit tricky.

diy cord light-3

I thought I could screw the dowel in from the back, but I just couldn’t get it to work.

Enter my salvation.

Loctite Clear Power Grab.

diy cord light-6

I had no idea how seriously amazing this was going to be. I just glued it on and left it to dry propped up against my drill.

diy cord light-7

After a couple of hours, I went back and I’m dead serious when I say it wouldn’t budge.  It wouldn’t budge even a midge of a smidge.

I did drive a couple of nails through the back with this incredible cordless brad nailer from Ryobi, but I know it wasn’t needed.

diy cord light-8

To hang it, I just used some screw on hangers and some picture wire.

diy cord light-10

diy cord light-11

diy cord light-9

diy cord light-12

diy cord light-13

diy cord light-14

Then I just wrapped the pendant cord around the dowel.

diy cord light-15

diy cord light-16

And added a vintage inspired light bulb.

diy cord light-17

I haven’t quite finished adding things to it.

I have a couple of my own original printables: My hand-lettered printable about successful people and one that says Dance Like There’s not tomorrow. You never know when the zombies might be here.

diy cord light-18

I love sitting at my desk and looking up everyday.  It’s fun and inspiring.  Exactly what I was hoping it would be!

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  1. The color is AMAZING, but seriously, it’s so much more than just a light. I love all the little quotes and sayings. It’s so cute.

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