How to Glam Up a Metal Barn Light

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Let’s talk lighting.  Have you seen the prices these days? OUCH.

So, when we did the big family room/dining room switcheroo, I had to come up with a new light for the new family room.

Have you checked how much lights are these days? Good. freaking. grief.

How to glam up a $30 metal barn light.  It's easy and so pretty!

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Fortunately, I don’t mind diy-ing my lighting.  I refurbished this light for my office (LOVE the pink cord!) and this light for the foyer (LOVE the mint cord!).  I did, howevs, really just want to buy something, so I scouted online and fell in love with this:

pendant light


We were in Lowe’s one night and I found a $30 metal barn looking light and figured I could glam it up!

So, I did.  And I love this light because it came with everything pre-wired. (except for to the ceiling, obviously…)

First, I gave it a base coat of white spray paint.

glam up a metal barn light-2

glam up a metal barn light

But that seemed boring, so I painted the inside with this Rustoleum Metallic Gold paint.

glam up a metal barn light-3

I should have put an Edison bulb in there for fun, but I hate how yellow they are. And they aren’t great at shining lots of light, so there’s the regular bulb for you.


I’m happy with my glammed up metal barn light.  For 30 bucks, you just can’t beat it.

Oops.  I didn’t get it screwed in right.  Morgan put it up with the wrong screws, and we still haven’t fixed it. #keepingitrealyo

glam up a metal barn light-5

What do you think?



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