How to Make a Gentle Scraper for Your Cast Iron

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When it comes to cleaning cast iron, there are TONS of opinions… just check out my How to Re-Season an Old, Worn Piece of Cast Iron post.

And weigh in, if you want to.  I’m always learning new stuff. It’s cool.

But on this we can agree. {I think.}

You want to be very gentle with your cast iron.  You don’t want to take a brillo pad to it, at least.

So enter, the Gentle Scraper.

How to make a Gentle Scraper for your Cast Iron. This will help you to take good care of your cast iron pots and pans!

You make it out of an old {or new} wooden spoon.  It makes a scraper that’s sturdy enough to help get the bits of stuck on stuff off, but gentle enough not to scratch up your nice seasoning.

Here’s how to make a gentle scraper of your very own:

First, take an old {or, again, new} wooden spoon.

gentle scraper

Mine’s old. If you can’t tell.

Then set your miter saw to 20 degrees.. or maybe a bit more if you want.

gentle scraper-7

Cut the tip off of the spoon.

Be careful. You want to keep the tips of your fingers, yo.

gentle scraper-3

See the angle?  That will help with the gentle part of the scraping action. haha.

gentle scraper-5

Then turn it around on the other end and do the same.

gentle scraper-6


I didn’t want to have just a plain-ole-Jane one. {no offense to all the Jane’s in the world.  I love Janes. Especially this one.}

So I taped off a section and painted it bright pink.

gentle scraper-9

Like so.gentle scraper-10

And now, I have the cutest gentle-est little scraper in the fifty states, if not the world! Hoot-to-your-momma!

gentle scraper-11

Easy to make. Easy to use.

Gotta love that, right?

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  1. What do you do if you a single Senior woman who does not own a saw? I would like to do this but have no access to power tools.

  2. Are you saying you cut off (angled) both ends of the spoon. The “spoon” end and the handle end, thus having a larger & smaller scraping end?

    1. Actually, that is a brilliant idea, Billie! I just cut the spoon end.

      1. The reason I asked is that it said:
        Cut the tip off of the spoon. ………………….
        Then turn it around on the other end and do the same.

        This didn’t make sense to me for cutting only one end. Not really sure what you meant here.

        1. Oh, yes. I had to go back and read it! Yes, cut both ends and you have two sizes to use as a gentle scraper! 🙂

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