Project Surface Area: Done.

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Day 1: On Shortcuts and Surface Space
Day 2: Finding My Footing 
Day 3: Sleek Ingenuity
Day 4: All about the Scallops
Day 5: Putting It Together
Day 6: The Home Stretch

All Done.

Sort of.

It’s painted, but not sealed.

I’m feelin’ super L.A.Z.Y and for now, it’s good enough…


Glazed the cubbies with Martha Stewart Metallic Glaze in Mercury.

Martha Stewart Living 10 oz. Metallic Glaze Mercury Satin Specialty Finish

It’s sporting an almost iridescent quality, which helps hide the whole “rotten wood” issue…

And the more I dip my big toe into the whole “building” and “carpentry” aspects of DIY, I find that I’m much preferring “new” wood. It’s easier, albeit not cheaper, to work with.

And cleaner…did I mention cleaner?  Yeah.  No bleach and scrub brushes needed.

And as you can see…the orange didn’t make it past it’s audition.


But after a little Martha Stewart Metallic Paint in Golden Pearl,

I’m just gilded giddy over it.


This paint is SO smooth.  After three coats, that is.


{No. That cubby on the left is not leaning…I meant for it to be angled like that…yeah.  That was ON PURPOSE…ha.}

Well, I could’ve switched them out and you’d be none the wiser…but what fun is that actin’ like I’m all perfect.  Someday, I’ll have the skills to make it all come out square and lovely, {i.e. a Table Saw} but for now what you see is what you get.

But I’m still swimming in the creative process with that Truss.  Should I add some wire mesh and make a huge memo board out of it?  But, yo… I don’t want it to become some big, massive paper trash collector that looks like Fred Sanford’s moved in…

Please don’t tell me you think that’s already happened…

Howevah, I’m diggin’ how it looks…especially under the desk.

Brendan 2

But what is Form without Function?


{Interrupting said Function for an expert opinion from one who apparently likes to keep the chocolate syrup around his mouth for a late afternoon snack.}

He’s diggin’ it.  He told me so.


And so am I.

But what the bleep should I do with that monstrous Truss?  I painted it {which did help} so it wouldn’t stick out like a sore thumb and be the THIRD focal point in the room.  I hear you should only have one…and we have

1. The Fireplace

2.  The TV Sideboard thing.

So, do I put the TV above the Fireplace?  Does it work?  I mean, or do you watch for 10 minutes and end up with a crick in your neck? Or is it the best thing you’ve ever done in the history of your home decorating adventures and you’ll never go back to a TV stuck on a piece of Furniture that’s not meant for a TV anyway…whew.


A.  What do you think of my newly acquired surface area?




C.  Should I mount the TV over the Fireplace?

Hep. Me.


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  1. Ok, first, are you seriously burning a fire today in yo fireplace?

    I love my TV mounted above my fireplace (which we never use, BTW, because it never gets cold enough!). The extra room in my living room is fabulous and makes it feel larger. No one gets cricks.

    Your desk is pretty cool. =)

    I have no idea what to do with that truss. It is hu-MUN-go!

    You are too creative, my friend! =)

  2. gwen you are amazing!!!! i think the gold was PERFECT!!!!!

  3. A. neat idea on the "Newly Acquired Surface" you'll love all that open space!

    B. cool truss idea going on there – but, I love how the boards come together UNDER the NAS, which mean I would'a did it the opposite way. But I can see photo frames painted the color of your NAS, with "browned" pics of you and yours (don't know what they call the BROWNish version of Black and White photos?)

    C. I had the very same situation about my L.R. TV… I opted to mount over the fireplace… I had to choose from a slight neck crick area VS a major neck crick area – the lesser of two evils!

    It all looks great!

  4. I love it! I think the wire on the truss would look cool – but it could be cluttered in short order too – and then you have that whole focal point issue again. To me, it looks a bit naked as is. Maybe some pics framed as your friend mentioned above with frames done in that metallic finish of the desk top and I do believe she means "sepia tone" photos of the family. That would be really nice. As for the TV over the fireplace, I think you might be right given the size and seating of your room. You could practice staring up at the wall above it for long stretches of time to see… LOL

  5. Ok, I'm amazed! It turned out great…looks like it's a hit with your mini-me, too!
    The colors work really well in the room.
    I'm not going to strain what's left of my brain on coming up with ideas for your coolio truss, cuz I know you've already been on Pinterest.
    But one thing that came to mind was adding some sconce lights to the truss- it would give you lots more light over your space and clear the NAS for other stuff.
    Nice work. And I know you DID make that thing a little wonky on purpose. You can't help it, it's the Seuss in you!

  6. I am connected with you via FB, thank goodness, otherwise I wouldn't have read this post! You are hilarious …in such a great way! What a cool project – and I just wish I was cool enough to have some super fab idea for how to use that amazing feature in your LR. I LOLed [is LOL a past tense verb?] at your comments about cricks in necks with a TV up high..I have thought the same thing over and over! And the Fred Sanford thing…too much. Happy to have found your blog today! 🙂

  7. Love the desk, love the truss! I think I would leave it (the truss) and move the TV over the fireplace. My dad's is over the fireplace (I have yet to convince the hubs to move ours…but I digress). I have never felt like I was straining my neck or anything. Plus you can angle it slightly downwards which helps!

    Jill @ Create.Craft.Love.

  8. Love those scalloped edges! and the paint you choose! Awesome project!

    @ Creatively Living

  9. What were the questions again?

    1. Love the new surface area (try to keep the junk off of it)
    2. adore the truss. maybe not chicken wire but some sore of pinboard?
    3. We mounted out tv to the wall on a right angle to the fireplace and it swings out for watching (pretty much all the time). Although I'm a fan of it over the fireplace!

    Newest follower, I love your "bloggy voice"


  10. So cute with the scallops and wonky shelves! I like the metallic paint too. I like the idea of filling in the truss area with something useful like pegboard, or chicken wire, or maybe fabric covered metal for magnets? You'll come up with something useful and pretty 🙂

    Not a fan of tv's over fireplaces, but understand the necessity. Maybe let it sit and 'percolate' until just the right thing becomes apparent…that's how I roll 😀

  11. That is beautiful – very cool wall as well :o)
    I would love for you to stop by and link it up to my Creative Inspirations Linky Party happening NOW! I would love to have you!
    Stacey of Embracing Change

  12. Love your glad I found ya. The paint job is awesome, love the combo of colors.

  13. I'd put some screw eyes on the angled pieces of truss and run wire across side to side. They you can clip photos, Christmas cards and kids artwork (do they still do art in school?). It looks kinda naked as it is.
    I'm not a fan of tv's over fireplaces, but that's a personal kind of thing.

  14. I like how the shelves lean-cute and it was obviously planned! Great job, lady.

  15. Super cute and I love the gold. Pumpkins be gone.

    TV over the fireplace will nix one of your focal points and I think the chicken wire is a great idea as long as you keep it from cluttering up. It would make a great inspiration board IMO.

  16. Great job on the desk area, love the scalloped edges and the cute boy with chocolate on his face. 🙂 Put the tv over the fireplace, we had ours there for a while and I didn't mind it at all. That's all I've got, brain is running on empty.

  17. I don't know, if you have three AWESOME things as focal points, I think it's ok! And that desk definitely qualifies 😉 I'm so impressed by anyone who can build anything as complex. My hammer skills are pretty much limited to hanging pictures, if that!

  18. What an awesome project and a totally fab blog. I'm now a happy new follower and I even pinned you C:

    Thanks so much for sharing at our Pin'inspiration Party this week. Hope that you pop by tomorrow to help get ready for spring.

  19. Well…I don't know that I have any advice but I can say: I love the desk area! Looks terrific! Thanks SO much for linking up!
    "Kiss Me I'm Irish" linky party now open!

  20. I love your new desk. I wouldn't mount your tv above the fireplace, looks like your sofa is too close to be a comfortable viewing angle. I would wall mount it above your current cabinet.

  21. LOVE your new desk Gwen – what a fantastic job! As for the truss….sorry no idea – unless you just hang a big picture in front of it!
    and YES put your TV up on the wall. Ours is up there and we love it! Nice to have it out of the way – and you don't get a crick in your neck. SOmetimes our girls lie on the floor with their heads on cushions to watch it!!

    Thanks for linking to a Round Tuit!
    Hope you have a fabulous week!
    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  22. Hi Gwen!
    So glad you came by to link up to my party! I am so glad we found each other – love what you created and I also love how the boards just happen to meet! Awesome project! Thanks for sharing! Please come back this week to link up again!
    STacey of Embracing Change

  23. What on earth? In my crazy week last week I missed this. how? It looks amazing. Like really really. Put it on the wall. yep. And then you can just collect more junk on the surface area. No seriously, it would look nice above the fireplace. And keep that the feature of the room.

  24. Very cool! I say leave it as is and roll with it. Looks like an interesting molding detail to me. I pinned it! 🙂

  25. Lookin good – love the metallic glaze! I don't like tv's over fireplaces – too high and you'll have to crane your neck.

  26. Hey Gwen! The desk looks fab! That metallic paint is a nice effect. I think somebody mentioned sconces for the truss ~ I can picture that. Maybe with a framed photo or even a pinboard in between. I don't have a fireplace or a flat screen, so I can't help there.
    Sanford and Son! That's what I always call my husband when he starts collecting everything for "possible future projects". Too Funny!

  27. Oh my dear Gwen! First, love the desk – it's gorgeous!I'm not a fan of the tv on the mantle, that's prime decorating space anyways. It looks fine on the sideboard, it does! I'll have to think on the truss…

  28. That looks great! I love the scallops. The whole room is looking good! Thanks for sharing at last week's Shine on Fridays party!

  29. Wowza! The desk looks great…scallops, metallic paint! I say put the TV above the fp (maybe you already have, I'm a little late to this discussion). I like the truss as is. You could put some chicken wire in there, but it would be so tempting to mess it all up with loads of paper.

  30. I LOVE your blog! I love DIY/organizational stuff. Very motivational and inspirational! I have so many jobs I have to tackle this summer and I’ll definitely be taking a look through your blog for ideas 🙂 Cheers!

  31. Very late to this party, but! I know it would be more expensive/more work, but what about a slightly upholstered pegboard behind the trusses? So the trusses cut through the pegboard and created its own sort of ~~~tufting? With some cute fabric that works!

    Alternately, pegboard.

  32. Hi Gwen, I came over to take a look at your blog after all the lovely comments and can I say – I am in love!!

    Following you and I would have the tv over the firplace!

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