Simple White Curtains, baby…

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simple-white-curtains-pinOh, yes…

Yes, Yes, Yes!

We went to Ikea.

Your tots jellie, right?

That’s where I’ve been all this time…  basking in my Ikea purchases, of which there were a few.

{K.  Not really.  I’m allowing myself some time to be lazy.  It’s summer, baby!}

But, on the way out of the warehouse, where we were picking up our loot, Morgan poked me in the arm.

At first?  I was irritated… I was, like, ” Stop poking me, dude!”

Then, he pointed.

He pointed to the corner of the warehouse where a small inlet sat…

The bargain corner.

I looked at my knight in shining armor,  and the light shone from his gloriously angelic face.

At first, I was underwhelmed, and I almost passed over them.  But the wind blew through my hair and the dream of understated elegance unfolded.

And what was once this? 



Is now, delightfully, this:


simple white curtains


Who knew that one simple change would make such a huge impact!

And don’t tell anyone, but when the sun goes down…

We dance., these simple white curtains and I.


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    1. Thank you, Tina! Summer finally hit here and it’s HOT! I”m sure you are melting down there, too…

    1. You are welcome to take a twirl anytime! They might leave me for you, though, given the chance…

    1. Thank you, Kelly! And I hear ya! I stood there actually thinking about it… Whazup????

      But when I realized where they should go, my steel grip kicked in, baby!

  1. I never find anything good in the clearance area of the Minneapolis Ikea. I’ll blame my husband for never poking me in that direction.

  2. Gotta live what simple, white curtains can do! So pretty! (I have the same curtains)

  3. Oh wow – cool IKEA find!

    They look lovely Gwen. I haven’t been to one of their stores in years, but I already have plans to stop at the one in Charlotte next week on my way to Atlanta and I will definitely be sure to check out the bargain bin while I’m there.

    And maybe stop back in there on the way home too! 🙂

  4. So pretty! The white curtains are so perfect, and I’m in love with that table! Spending lots of time in your breakfast room seems like a good idea 🙂

    1. Hey girl!!!! How are you? I’m so glad to hear from you. I just released that table into the wild and am now looking for a smaller one that will fit the space better. I struggled with this one, even though I loved it. It was kinda sad to let go of it, but I can’t wait to find the right one to fit the space. How’s your house getting along these days?

  5. Beautiful, unique and inspirational! Thank you for all of your amazing idea’s! You really helped me.

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