Sparkling Margarita Water

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Inside this post: This Sparkling Margarita water recipe is a great alternative to the adult Margarita beverage!  Drink this anytime of day or night and enjoy a refreshing sparkling water that tastes like a Margarita! 

I’ve had a few Margaritas in my day… in fact, it’s probably my most favorite cocktail on the planet. But these days, cocktails and I don’t agree.

Well, we agree that we aren’t friends, so I guess there’s that.

I’ve slowly come to terms with it… almost. But that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy a pretend one. No sireee.

Deliciously Refreshing Sparkling Margarita Water for when you can't have the real thing!

Here’s how to make this Sparkling Margarita Water:

You’ll need some lime and some orange extract. You can use an orange slice, but I had this on hand, yo.

sparkling margherita water Fill a glass with ice… crushed if you have it. Because let’s face it. Crushed ice is the diggity-bom.

sparkling margherita water-2Squeeze a quarter of a lime into the ice.

sparkling margherita water-7 Add a few drops of orange extract.

sparkling margherita water-8 Then pour your sparkling water into your glass.

pouring-the-water LOVE those little fuzzy bubbles.

Here’s the kicker though… Add just a pinch of Sea Salt.  It’s the awesome-train, y’all!

sparkling margherita water-17

It may not be the authentic, adult version, but it’s mighty fine.

Mighty fine.

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