10 Cinnamon Roll Recipes

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Tired of the same old canned cinnamon roll? Try out one of these 10 Creative Recipes using Cinnamon Rolls! Breakfast will never be the same!

Here at The Bold Abode, we do love some cinnamon rolls.  Yes, we have in the past been gluten free. Now that my oldest has flown the nest, we don’t have to be so crazy about it. Ergo, Cinnamon Rolls.  

I love to make them from scratch, but sometimes a can of cinnamon rolls can really surprise you! There are some very creative people out there and today, I’m sharing 10 very creative cinnamon roll recipes, most of which use canned cinnamon rolls.

collage using 5 cinnamon roll recipes

Take some time and visit each site to see the recipe and enjoy the beautiful photographs.  If you’re like me, photographs of food can be just as enjoyable as the actual food itself. 

10 Creative Cinnamon Roll Recipes

Cinnamon Rolls are one of my favorite treats! Check out these deliciously inspiring recipes inspired by the Cinnamon Roll!

Let’s talk about Pre-Made Cinnamon Rolls

The Benefits of Using Pre-Made Rolls

Obviously, time.  Saving time is the biggest benefit of using the pre-made rolls. Plus, most of these recipes call for pre-made rolls, so trying to make your own dough might not be the easiest idea.  But if you love to make bread, I say, go for it! 

What are the Best Pre-Made Cinnamon Rolls?

My favorite rolls are the Grands from Pillsbury.  I love them because they are closer to homemade, and they have different flavors throughout the year. 

This summer, we tried the Strawberry.  They were actually pretty good.  I’ve seen Hot Cocoa and Pumpkin Spice as well, but for an everyday cinnamon roll, I lurve the Extra Rich Buttercream Icing.  If I could find some pre-made rolls in the freezer section, I’d use those.  Frozen bread dough is always the next best thing to using homemade, IMHO. (This post is NOT sponsored by Pillsbury or anyone else. I don’t work with brands anymore for any reason.  I always felt kind of icky when I had to add their “talking points”.)

What do you think?  Do you have a great idea for a recipe using cinnamon rolls? 

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