Stress Free Lime Water Recipe

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Using lime or lemon to flavor water doesn’t just give your water some fresh taste, it’s also great for your digestion. But you might not always have a fresh lime or lemon at your fingertips.  In this article, you’ll find the easy, stress free way to drink lime water with this Stress Free Lime Water Recipe!

Hey guys!  Today, I have a ridiculous discovery that I want to share with you.

Lately, I’ve fallen off the wagon and started drinking Diet soda again.  I know… yikes!  It’s not good for you, and I know I need to curtail this bad habit as soon as possible.

So I was looking for an easy way to make something to replace it.  I love all of my sparkling water recipes.. no doubt!  But sometimes you just need something quick and on the fly that you can chug without having to cut and smash fruit.

As I was shopping this afternoon, I made an amazing discovery!  And now I can make great Lime Water in 2 seconds flat.

The Easiest Lime Water Recipe ever!

When you don’t have time to cut and squeeze a lime, use these amazing True Lime Packets! (This post is not an ad. I’m sharing my personal love of this brand.)

All you have to do is keep some packets with you at all times and add them to your water bottles!

Why should you drink lime (or lemon) water?

Dr. Axe has a great article on the benefits of lemon water.  In it, he says the following:

  • A lemon water detox can help promote liver function and regularity. It also detoxifies your body by acting as a diuretic to flush out potential toxins.
  • Lemon water may also enhance immunity, increase weight loss, prevent kidney stones, improve skin health and boost energy levels and mood.

Are Lemon and Limes the same?

Pretty much.  They have many of the same qualities and nutritional make-up.  Healthline says:

Lemons and limes are similar in their nutritional makeup. They also contain many of the same plant compounds that may play a role in reducing inflammation and preventing certain diseases.

So whether you prefer lemon or lime, you can easily get it on the go with these packets from True Citrus!

What’s so great about using these packets from True Citrus?

  • No waste for one.
    • You don’t have to waste an entire lemon just for one glass. Not that you would, but in my experience, sometimes I’ll cut up a Lime and then forget that it’s there.
  • No mess.
    • You don’t have to get out the knife and cutting board.
  • There’s nothing extra in it.
    • From the True Citrus website: NO sugar, NO artificial sweeteners (like Acesulfame Potassium, Aspartame, Saccharin, Sucralose), NO artificial flavors, NOartificial preservatives (like Sodium Benzoate, Sodium Nitrate, Sodium Sulfite, BHA + BHT), NO colors from artificial sources (like Blue #1 or #2, Red #3 or #40, Yellow #5 or #6), NO soy, NO MSG, NOgluten, NO sodium, NO GMOs.

You can get the great taste of citrus for your water in the following flavors:

The even have some blends too: Lemon Strawberry, Lemon Raspberry, Lemon Cucumber and Lemon Mint.

I love mint, so I think that might be my next purchase!  Or maybe the Lemon Strawberry.  Yum.

Need a great water bottle?  I just bought this Takeya water bottle and it’s great.

It’s a 14oz water bottle that fits in the slot of my favortie ellitical at the gym. lol

I hope you love True Lime as much as I do.  I just put some in my soda water from Chipotle. It was gooood.





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