100% Natural Sparkling Limeade: Just say Ahhhhhh…..

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Hear the little bubbles fizzing? Hear the children sighing?

Get ready, because you will when you make this refreshing, 100% Natural Sparkling Limeade.

Just what the summer fairies ordered.

Stop drinking that nasty, brown chemical-laden liquid!!!  This 100% Natural Sparkling Limeade tastes SO much better and is SOOOO  much better for you!It’s very, very easy…

What you need:

  • 3-4 limes
  • 2 Liter of plain sparkling water
  • 2/3 Cup  Stevia in the Raw {or other sweetener}

First, take your limes and juice them.

sparkling limeade-2

I peel them and pop them in my Breville Juicer.

Now let’s chat a bit about this juicer.  This is a pretty heavy-duty one.

I bought about a year ago because I decided to go on a 10 day juice fast and wanted to make sure I had a work horse.  This isn’t the most expensive one, but I’ve been very, VERY happy with it.

If you juice and/or know you need a juicer that can pull its weight, then I recommend the one above.  If you just want to juice stuff occasionally, you can go for a less expensive model like this one:

Now, you do have to clean them, but I don’t mind it.

If you don’t have or aren’t interested in buying a juicer, just juice the limes by hand.  That works too!

After you have your limes juiced, measure your Stevia in a glass measuring cup.

sparkling limeade-4

Pour just a bit of sparkling water into the stevia and dissolve it.  As you can plainly see, it will bubble up!  My boys love watching this part.

It’s like a fun science experiment every time.

Once the Stevia is dissolved, place a funnel in the mouth of the 2 Liter and slowly pour in the Stevia mixture.

sparkling limeade-5

I say slowly, because the bubbles might take you by surprise.

sparkling limeade-6

If you are using real sugar or other sweetener, you won’t have this problem.  But then, you’ll miss out on the fun. hehe.

Once all the Stevia mixture is in the 2 Liter, carefully pour in 1/2 of the lime juice.

Then close the lid and GENTLY turn the bottle upside down a couple of times.

Have a paper towel handy and VERY SLOWLY open the cap just a little at a time…. if you forget, be prepared to get sprayed!

sparkling limeade-16

Taste test the Limeade.  Not lime-y enough?  Add more lime juice.

Keep going until you are happy with the balance of sweet and citrus.

Stop drinking that nasty, brown chemical-laden liquid!!!  This 100% Natural Sparkling Limeade tastes SO much better and is SOOOO  much better for you!

This refreshing, 100% Natural Limeade is waaaayyyy better than serving brown chemical-laden liquids to your family!

And when you hear them sighing, you’ll know they agree…

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  1. I prefer lemon to lime but will drink both. I usually just squeeze juice of lemon into my plain or sparkling water. Because of the poor crop of these fruits I cannot afford to buy as many as I want. I finished the last of my lemons earlier today and now must use either bottled lemon juice or fresh limes. Hopefully will find affordable lemons at the market tomorrow.

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