4 Quick Tips for Making Recovering Dining Room Chairs Easier than Ever. Or Evah if you’re from the South.

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These poor chairs.  They’ve been through it.  This is the third time in their short lives that they’ve been recovered.

But this time, me thinks momma is finally happy.

So, this isn’t a step by step how to recover your dining room chairs post really.  It’s not hard to pop some new fabric on and call it a day, but I have learned a couple of things by doing this so many times, and I thought you might benefit from my vast array of experience.

Gosh, I hope you get the sarcasm I dish out here.  I’m not sure if it comes across in writing or not.


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If you were around when I wrote this post about my epic family room/dining room switcheroo, you got a sneak peak of the fabric I used on these chairs.

I got it from Spoonflower.  They sent me a few yards, so I’m supposed to disclose that here so you know that I got it for free and stuff.

But good night moon, have you been to Spoonflower?  It will literally suck you in.

This fabric is called Doodles and it’s by this really fun designer, Valentina Harper. What a gorgeous name.  It’s like old, Hollywood, isn’t it?

So, here are my 4 tips for the serial dining room chair recoverer:

1. Make sure you have some sort of staple remover.

tips for reupholstering dining room chairs-4

I have this one from Double Rock, and it’s worth it’s weight in Nutella.  It’s saved many, many fingernails along the way.

2. Use your old fabric as a pattern to cut your new fabric.

tips for reupholstering dining room chairs-2

There’s not really much to add here.  Makes sense, right?

3. Clean up as you go.

tips for reupholstering dining room chairs-5

I made sure and threw away all the staples after each chair, and it made life so much easier.  Otherwise, the staple count can get astronomical, and you’ll end up with some sneaking off and wedging themselves in the carpet for unsuspecting sock wearers.

4.  Staple around your screw holes, and then trim the fabric away.

tips for reupholstering dining room chairs-6

If your cushions screw into your chairs, this technique is muy importante. Staple on three sides of the hole and then trim it away so you can screw it back on and won’t be fighting with the fabric.

Ok. That’s all I got.  If I do all of these little things, recovering these chairs is nothing but smooth sailing.

Though I really hope this will be it for a while!

tips for reupholstering dining room chairs-3

Oh, and they make this fabric in wallpaper, too.  You can see it here on my stairs.

tips for reupholstering dining room chairs-13

So… what do you think?  Do you like the fabric? Do you like the rug? Do you like the dining room being in the old family room?

So many questions!



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