6 Holiday Recipes that Will Make You Drool!

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Do you have a napkin handy?

Maybe I should have you sign a waiver releasing me from all liability from damages to your wood floors from possible drool stains from just looking at these amazing Holiday Recipes….


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Ok.  Enough chit-chat.  Let’s get down and get snackin’, baby!

Number 1

berry orange coffee cakes

Berry Orange Coffee Cakes

from On Sutton Place

I can smell it from here!

Number 2


Christmas Mice Cookies

from The Happier Homeamker

{Are these not so cute you want to pinch their sweet little mouse cheeks?}

Number 3

domestic imperfection

Mississippi Mud

from Domestic Imperfection

Melt in yo’ mouf. The End.

Number 4


Family Heirloom Chocolate Pie

from A View Along the Way

Lipsmakin’, baby!

Number 5


PumpkinLayerDessert BLOG

Pumpkin Layer Dessert

from Shaken Together


Number 6



Peanut Butter Balls

from Two Twenty One

Move over Reese’s…

Some of these recipes you can find in the Blogger’s Holiday Heirloom Recipe Book I made last year.

{It’s FREE! Go Get it!}

The Blogger's Holiday Heirloom Recipe Collection.pdf - Adobe Reader 12102012 110359 AM.bmp

I shared my Grandmother’s Caramel Applesauce Cake Recipe. TO DIE FOR!

{And if you’re wondering.. just cuz I’m Gluten Free and I can’t eat any of this now, doesn’t mean I can have Sugar Plum Dreams, yo.}

Do you have any special Heirloom Recipes?  Do tell!

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