8 Fabric Markers to Make Sewing Easier!

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In this post: Marking fabric is an important step in sewing.  Here are 8 fabric markers to help make sure you connect seams properly and sew more efficiently!

Have you ever started a sewing project and forgotten to mark your fabric? Sometimes, sewing can be tedious and forgetting to mark important points can be disastrous! Knowing different ways to mark your fabric can make your sewing so much easier.

donut pin cushion with text overlay that says 8 Easy Ways to mark fabric for sewing!

8 Fabric Markers to Use for Sewing

1. Use Disappearing Marking Pens

These are probably the best fabric pens and my go-to way to mark fabric.  I’ve never had a problem washing out the light blue ink from any of my sewing projects, and I’ve used very delicate fabrics like Irish Linen and Silk Dupioni.

I try to keep multiple marking pens on hand because they can dry out.

2. Iron a crease

Sometimes, I just need to quickly line my fabric up by measuring when I’m not using an actual pattern.  Ironing a crease with my Rowenta iron is probably one of the simplest ways for marking cloth.

3. Clip notches

First if you need an incredible pair of sewing scissors, try these. They’ll last forever.

I grew up clipping notches from my patterns. If you’re marking pen is out of ink, and you’re marking fabric from a pattern, just clip some tiny notches in your fabric!

4. Use a bar of soap

If you have a sliver of soap leftover, put it in a plastic bag and save it for marking fabric.  Ivory soap works best, I think.  Just be careful not to use it on silks or any fabric that is dry clean only.  Soap comes out best with washing, so just be aware!

5. Use quilting pens

I love using these long quilting pens for marking fabric.  If I need to mark something that doesn’t have to be super exact, I’ll just throw and pin there and go with it!

Plus if you forget and leave one in the fabric when you iron, the flat head won’t damage your fabric.

6. Try Tailor’s Chalk

Tailor’s chalk is great for marking fabrics. You can get a very precise line and it usually just brushes right off the fabric.

These generally require some pressure to mark your fabric, so avoid using it on stretchy or delicate fabrics.

7. Tracing Wheel and Tracing Paper

If you need to mark two layers of fabric at once, this is the best way to ensure a precise marking method.  By placing the paper in between the layers, you’ll have perfect alignment.

8. Baste with thread

Good ole needle and thread is our last way to mark your fabric!  It doesn’t leave any residue and is easy to remove! So if you are out of all of the above, just baste your marks with some contrasting thread!

donut sewing cushion with text that says 8 easy ways to mark fabric for sewing

Do you have any other creative ways to mark your fabric when you are sewing? Let me know in the comments over on this FB post!



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