Hangin’ with The Girls…Cassie, Jill and Andi

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I made it back in one piece and am alive to say, for certain, that Cassie is indeed NOT a spambot.  Hahaha…

When I started blogging, I had no idea that I would make any friends…much less find such incredible people that spoke my crazy, DIY, funky-jive talkin’, poetry lovin’ language…

Anyway, here’s just a few minutes of the time I spent with Cassie and Jill and Andi.

OHMYLAWD.  Bow-chicka-bow-wow…


K.  Sorry ’bout the camera angle, there, Andi… and duh…that was NOT a chair… and sorry, you couldn’t even see the broken leg…ugh.

And I’ma work on that crazy Accent….perhaps tone it down a bit. Hmmm?


I LOVE those little cups!  I wanted them.  You snooze you lose… especially if you’re shopping with Cassie…



You’ll notice the absence of  wine glasses in that video with the corn on the cob.  That’s b/c we drank it all the night before….ouch.

I can’t wait to show yall what I came home with…  Cassie hooked me up something smashing for my dining room, yo.

Thank you Jill and Andi for meetin’ up with us and hanging out!  It was so much fun to spend the day with yall!

Andi, Me, Jill and Cassie

Sorry, Andi.  I just couldn’t help mysef…

And Thank you so much, Cassie, for having me and sharing your home and family with me… for listening to me and laughing with me…. for being SO real and genuine…even though you’re in the big leagues, yo…

Cheers to you, my friends, and Bottom’s up.

Today just might be the day.
But, you’ll never know if you don’t get out there and



Thank you for reading my blog.
Now, let’s hook up, yo.


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  1. oh my goodness!!! WAY too funny! scary. i crack myself up a little too much i think! 😉 it was SO much fun and i can’t want to do it again. next time maybe you will know to be faster at the thrift shop…..

  2. Yeah we are pretty awesome…and Cassie is hilarious, I’ve taught her well 😉 hehe!! And no worries about the angle, and I actually don’t look or sound like a complete dork on camera!! I had a lot of fun with you ladies just wish I could have hung out longer! Next time!!!

    1. I wondered where that girl got her wacked out sense of humor! Ha! You are so NOT a dork…on or off camera. I look forward to the next time, yo.

  3. Fun stuff! You all look like you had loads of fun. And you even made a haul of thrift store stuff…when did you have time for all that?

    1. It’s all we did. Thrift and run around at yard sales. It was AWESOME. I never get to do that and it’s so much more fun with friends! Except with Cassie…that girl is SERIOUS. And she knows what she’s doing…I’ma sharpen my elbows for next time!!! hahaha…

  4. The videos are just a little slice of how much fun we had! Next time, we’ll be a whole lot more serious when we hit the thrift store though – Cassie can’t get all the good stuff 🙂 Loved spending time with other nuts like me!

    1. A teensy tinsy one! Yup. I’m going to have to do some training for the next go ’round! It was an AWESOME time! I can’t wait to do it again!

  5. Okay….seriously. You guys had waaaaay too much fun! Can’t wait to see all your finds! I don’t know why….but I always want to say, “Yo…..whazzzz….up!” When I stop by here 🙂

    Have an awesome day rock star!


      It was a BLAST! I couldn’t imagine what Haven would be like, dern it! I’m scouting for a ticket, so if you hear of someone that can’t go… let me know, pronto!

      You have an awesome day, my friend!

    1. We did, Melissa! It was a TREAT! First time I’ve had a break in a long time… much needed, I must say!

    1. I’m writing in my post, so I have to reply to you again so it doesn’t look like I left you out! haha…

      Someday, my friend, we shall meet… someday.

  6. Wow…you gals had way too much fun and glad you gave us a glimpse of it! Thanks for sharing the fun videos..and love the accent by the way! 🙂

    1. Yo. Thanks.

      We did have so much fun! It was just fantastic!!! I wish I had taken more video… ha!

  7. Oh! Everyone needs a road trip to Canada! I’ll kick the family out and we’ll drink the wine storage dry C:

    1. Oh, yeah! Let me get my bidness going and I’ll be rolling in it and can afford a trip across the border… ha! Now, THAT would be fun!!!

  8. How fun! I can’t wait to see your fabulous treasures! I am in need of a serious girls get together…my friends are totally not into the same kind of thing as me…next time I wanna tag along!


    1. Workin’ on those pictures! It was so much fun hanging out with “like-minded” girls! And you are welcome anytime! Just hop on dat plane and jet over here!

  9. How wonderful. Your weekend looked like so much fun. I wish I lived in the area, I would have crashed your thrifting, bbqing, wine drinking adventures 🙂

    1. It was! It was! And I say, the more the merrier… but watch out cuz you might get knocked down in Goodwill!!!

  10. This is seriously just too, too fun!!! That is definitely the downside to thrifting with fellow thrifters, you have to be so quick on the uptake. I can see you training for next time now. 🙂

    1. Tru dat! I will be training… and have some cash! I was too broke to do much fighting anyway!!! Ugh!

    1. Oh, I know yall are going to have a blast! If yall go thrifting, you better bring it and get ready!!! hahaha…

    1. Thanks, Dee! We did have so much fun! It was such a blessing to get to be around those incredible women!

  11. FUN FUN FUN! Blogging has been a real adventure for you. Like, you actually got out from behind the keyboard. You even made it like a good idea.

    1. Made it LOOK like a good idea. But then, everything looks good on you.

      1. Ha! I didn’t know what I was getting into. Fortunately, Cassie didn’t have any dead cats lying around in her basement and her family is real, so all went well! hehehe… it was so awesome, and I had an incredible time! I’m a lucky girl!

  12. Wow! What a good time you guys had!! Reminds me of me and my sisters & friends. Too fun. I was going to tell you not to bother unpacking, but to head down here to FL, but it looks like you’ve got a million other invites. Sooooooooo…guess I’ll head to the back of the line and wait my turn. SO happy you had a great getaway!!

    1. Ooooo…. I do so miss the warm climate down there! We used to live north of Tallahassee and it was great…except for the gnats… yuk!

      Thanks so much, Kristi! I miss my sisters, so it was great fun to be around some nutty girls!!!

  13. Whaah! Why can’t I shop, drink wine and hang with the cool girls on Cassie’s porch?!

    So glad gals had a fabulous time!!

    1. Oh, we did! It was fabulous! Coolio girls all over the place, I’m sayin’! Hopefully, the first of many road-trips… We could have used your help on the wine… ugh!

    1. Thanks, Kara! It was fun, and I was super fortunate to be able to go hang out with such amazing women! Isn’t blogging amazing???

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