My Apron and a Promise

In Love with My Apron

If you just have to feed your kids every. single. day…

My Apron

You might as well look pretty, right?

I mean, some ripped up strips of fabric, all ruffley and stuff, sure is nice…


And some decorative stitching will make you feel all super-special-cakes, no?


And if you use this awesome-sauce pattern paper….


To make your pattern and cut out some really, cool, Anthro-esque fabrics that you find at aThrift Shop for $1.50/yd…

pattern pieces_thumb[2]

It’ll make the horror of a broken, magnetic pin-cushion recede into the background…


And you’ll totally forget that you are constantly stabbing yourself in the fingers when you make the pleats…


And, when you take such lovely Photos with your cell-phone, {hahaha} you’ll remember that you’ve never even posted about the Armoire that your pretty Apron is hanging from…

Apron (2)_thumb

And you’ll make a solemn promise to yourself to get the unused piles of glass ornaments from the Evil Christmas Tree Debacle cleaned up so you can show it off…

So you put that on your list for tomorrow…or the day after…or the day after that… or….


But, nevertheless… my apron is done.  For that I am certainly thankful!


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What the BOLD ones say:

    • admin says

      Yo. Hate-girl… did you get this reply to your comment in your email? I installed a new plugin and I hope it’s working!

  1. Kristi Powell says

    For reals…you made this with your own two hands??? Cute! I didn’t know the G-Dawg could sew. I stopped wearing aprons…my husband found them attractive! (I think he just said that so I’d cook more!)

    • admin says

      Ha! My very own (monster-sized) hands… I’m mean, seriously…super long fingers to match my toes… Thanks, girl!!!

  2. says

    that is adorable! i love the colors! do you have to cook to wear it? can you wear it and… say…. drink wine while microwaving something?

  3. says

    Super adorable :0) I LOVE the colors, so fun and very chic.. I want one : ))).. It’s time for a new apron in my kitchen.. YOU just inspired me.. xoxoxo.. Wishing you a perfect Monday..

    • admin says

      Might as well be honest and authentic, no? Hahaha… I only have one pair of jeans that fit me right now, so I gots to protect them… ugh!

  4. says


    I love the pattern and color combo. You better get ready because Anthro is going to be calling.

    Absolutely adore :)


    • admin says

      Why, thank you my friend! I gag a little every time I go in Anthro… It’s like a war within… Pretty things, ugly price-tags…

  5. says

    Very cute! And let’s hurry up and see that armoire!
    How are those pesky tonsils treating you?

  6. says

    Yo. What the heck… you can sew, too? That’s too much talent for one girl. Surely there’s something you REALLY stink at. If so, I need to know about it. Cutest apron ever!! Love that red fabric along the bottom!!! ~L

    • admin says

      Ha! Yes, Mama… but there’s plenty I stink at…like CAT BOX LITTER stinky…

      Thanks so much, girl!

  7. says

    I was in Anthro this morning and I could totally see this beauty hanging in there with a $58 price tag on it. And you mean to tell me that when I have kids one day that I’ll be expected to feed them? Kids can live on fruit roll-ups, right?

    • admin says

      Oh, totally! Fruit-roll ups and gummies and lunchables… so there’s time to blog. Sometimes I throw in some actual fruit, but it’s usually from a can…

      I drool over those Anthro Aprons every time I go in there…ugh!

  8. says

    so pretty! that fabric is to die for. But…I wouldn’t wear an apron cuz 1) I don’t cook, and 2) I wouldn’t want to give my hubs any naughty ideas (TMI?), so I’m gonna rip off this idea for something…non-apronish :)

    • admin says

      I don’t cook… Ok. I do, but I don’t like it… No, I like to cook, I don’t like to clean it up… ugh!

      But I do LOVE a purdy apron…

  9. says

    Hello!! So I learned something from this post….you’re supposed to feed your kids EVERYDAY???!! 😉 Pretty, pretty, pretty apron! See you Friday!! :)

    • G-Dawg says

      Thanks so much, Vanessa! I’m pretty sure I email you already… I keep forgetting I can do this from the blog post…

  10. says

    You are a partying fool rocking a fabulous apron! Why oh why didn’t I ever learn to sew?!

    You are killing me here – showing how to make this awesomeness and there’s nothing I can do about but sit here and go green with envy over your mad (although you draw blood) sewing skills!

    I guess I will be dirtying up my jeans instead of waiting by the door in my frilly apron for the hubs to come home from work – martini in hand – asking him how his day went …

    Oh wait, that would never happen – apron or not!

    • G-Dawg says

      Did I reply to this already? Oh do so forgive me! I keep forgetting that I can do this on my post!!! ha.

      Thanks, Kelly! You da Bomb.

  11. says

    your apron is so pretty! I don’t know if you have time, but I am making an apron or two to give to Craft Hope to be sent to Haitian women. You can find them on FB they are redoing there site. any how, found you via a hop. drop by for a visit sometime. 😉 glad to meet you.

    • G-Dawg says

      I did, Shiloh! Thanks! I gave it to my MIL, so I hope I have enough fabric left to make me another one. It was hard to give it away!

  12. says

    GORGEOUS apron Gwen! And such a fun post in your usual entertaining style!! I’m curious now to see what these glass ornaments are…

    Thanks for linking to a Round Tuit!
    Hope you have a fabulous week!
    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

    • G-Dawg says

      Thanks, Jill! They’re just clear, round balls, but I was going to do something with them…but I forgot what, now! hahaha… I must go clean them up. I’m such a mess!

    • G-Dawg says

      Thanks, Christine! It is nice to feel pretty when slaving over a hot stove! hahaha…

  13. says

    So cute. I love your style and the apron and the fabric it’s made of is perfect! I found this post at cure for the common Monday. Stop and see me at Quirky Vistas sometime.

  14. says

    Looks pretty. I love your humor and writing style.
    Found you through Artsy Girl Connections Linky Party :)

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