A Chalkboard Desk Makeover, baby!

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Chalkboard-Desk-MakeoverHere she is…

My Chalkboard Desk, baby.

The Desk

What can I possibly say?

Do I tell you that I painted her the same color as the wall?  Rain by Sherwin Williams?

Right Side of Desk

Or that I used Chalkboard paint on the insets?

Slide out shelf that pops up

Or that she has this really cool slide out shelf…

Slid out shelf all popped up

That pops up?

Slide Out Shelf

And an equally cool slide out shelf on the right?

Sock Monkey

Or that I have an obsession with Sock Monkeys…

My boys

And my own two little monkeys?

Newpaper flower

And that I have to have some lovely things to set upon such a lovely creature?

Let me just make this even clearer how much an improvement this is by showing the horror of a desk that sat there before…

My Old Desk


The Desk

Whew.  I never have to look at that before again.

{And yes… I will be adding doodling on those drawers. Thank you for asking…}

And this is just the beginning my Bold Ones…

Some awfully lovely curtains are on their way.  And they are getting really impatient to make their debut.

They told me so just a minute ago.

I plan to put them out of their misery in the very near future.

But, honestly,  doesn’t the Rub ‘n Buff make allllll the difference?

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  1. it looks AMAZING! love those little legs painted and their sexy brass feet! and the color is awesome…. love rain. the color… not always the stuff. and love the interior details! knocked it out of the park!

    1. Thank you, Cassie!!! I’m kind of shocked at how it turned out.

      Much I have learned my master from… {said in the most convincing Yoda voice ever}

      hehe! {I’m talking about you…}

  2. That is one beautiful desk Gwen! Such pretty lines and a great color combination! And quite an upgrade from your old desk!

  3. You must have “wireless” internet like me – aka – cord nightmare behind the desk (referring to your before photo) Love the new two tone desk. Drawers and pull outs are the best! Great redo!

  4. LOVE love LOVE this!! I need to get me some chalkboard paint! That is SO amazing! You’ve inspired me!

  5. Wow – what a gorgeous transformation! Love it! I didn’t know you had a sock monkey obsession! I made one for my son a long time ago – I’ll have to take a photo of him to show you! I love Sherwin Williams paint – it’s top quality!

  6. This is SO great! Love the shape of the desk and that you used chalkboard paint… Very clever. Visiting from HOH!

  7. I just used Rub’n Buff for the very first time (also just posted about it) and I am in LOVE! It makes ALL the difference. I adore your desk, and I have to say, though my desk is not at cool as yours, it needs a makeover and might just get some chalkboard drawer fronts now! Loving your blog – for reals… you have amazing ideas!

  8. Now that’s a desk! I love the chunky, blocky old desks like these and how they perch on little legs. Perfect choice of paint colors – nice job Gwen!

  9. I have a desk so similar to this. I love how you did this in two tones. I am sharing at my party today 🙂

  10. Great job! Forgive me if you already know this … but that pop up shelf was for the heavy old school typewriters 🙂

  11. Which color of rub n buff did you choose for this? And have you had any trouble with it rubbing off when you pull on the drawers to open them? I rub n buffed a mirror last year and i can STILL rub silver off of it with my fingers! (Maybe I used too much?)

    1. Hm… I’m not sure. I know it was the goldy-gold color. And I haven’t had any trouble with it rubbing off on my fingers at all. So I would try using less!



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